LPHUMEX Glam Easy Install Bath Mirror Lighting

Last updated date: May 20, 2022

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LPHUMEX Glam Easy Install Bath Mirror Lighting

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We looked at the top Bath Mirror Lighting and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Bath Mirror Lighting you should buy.

Update as May 20, 2022:
Checkout The Best Bath Mirror Lighting for a detailed review of all the top bath mirror lighting.

Overall Take

Place this bath mirror lighting set anywhere, thanks to their waterproof construction. The adjustable strips can be applied to most mirror frames or directly to the mirror itself. The smart touch dimmer makes adjusting the brightness easy.

In our analysis of 25 expert reviews, the LPHUMEX Glam Easy Install Bath Mirror Lighting placed 3rd when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Are you worry about the color difference when do makeup? Doing your makeup in front of your normal yellowish light and then using these blueish lights is such a game changer. You can actually see and apply your makeup perfectly instead of thinking it looks good and leaving the house and seeing too much blush or your eyeshadow is too dark. You can’t believe how you went your entire makeup life without led vanity mirror lights like these. Do you want to own a Hollywood makeup mirror and dragged your feet because you didn’t want to deal with wiring something like that or the high cost? If you were to buy such a big mirror with lights on, it would have cost you easily too much. but buying a less than one 65” mirror with 1 or 2 sets of these Led vanity mirror lights, you now have such a glamorous Hollywood led mirror. You will love love the lights which are also dimmable. Makes you feel like a star! Led Vanity Mirror Lights Feature: Power:1.2W/3led (60 Led beads(20 x 3LED) ) Output Voltage:DC 12V 6000K Up to 1200lm brightness MIRROR LIGHTS led vanity mirror lights kit: Multiple uses led vanity mirror lights is easy to install, it can be stick on mirror, frame or wall directly. You can adjust the brightness of your led vanity mirror lights with a smart touch dimmer. It is soft and not dazzling, so your eyes won’t be hurt and it’s no problem to makeup for a long time. Perfectly engineered with low flicker frequency and a working voltage of 12V. Very safe for children. Led vanity mirror lights: 1 x 118inch Hollywood LED light kit 1 x smart touch dimmer 1 x high quality adapter 1 x instruction manual Some extra adhensive pads Ceiling Fan Remote Control kit Main Technical Parameters Peel off and stick; Plug and play. Cut the extra length(at the end) if too long Fits any shape of mirrors, Attach on any flat surface. Easy to remove and re-position with the included extra stickers. High quality adhesive backing, and it comes with extras if you need to replace! Dimmer touch to adjust brightness Super Stick,won’t drop down off easily IP65 Waterproof, indoor use only, or use in the bathroom mirror Cautions: They are not a replacement for your bedroom light, please do not leave lights on for very long periods of time. They are vanity lights meant to be on for 1, maybe 2 hours while you do makeup, hair, etc. NOT ALL DAY. Any light can get really hot if left on for a very long time which may cause some of them to melt the stickiness and fall. Just be patient when installing. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take the time to wipe the mirror with alcohol and press them on well. The sticky part of the back of the bulbs really stick to the mirror so be careful when placing them on it. They are indoor use mirror lights. Can not be submerged in water. The bulbs may fall off if they’re not secure. Please make sure they are fixed on a flat surface. If not you may personally be using a bit of glue on these, but if you’re putting them in a flat surface they will be fine.

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What experts liked

It comes with smart touch dimmer key for adjusting the brightness. You can use this light anywhere as it is waterproof.
- The Home Digs
There is no assembly required with this mirror. All you need to do is stick it on the wall or the frame and you are good. You can place it in the bathroom or the living room with the assurance that it is waterproof.
- Top Ten Products
Fits any shape of mirrors. Attachable on any flat surface. Waterproof & safe for children. Great for home use. Easy to install. Bright & chic. Engineered with low flicker frequency and a working voltage of 12V.
- Need For Home

What experts didn't like

Gets really hot if on for a long time.
- Need For Home

An Overview On Bath Mirror Lighting

If there is one room in your house where you really want to get the lighting right, it’s your bathroom.  Other rooms might have decor you want to accent (or hide) and different moods you want to set. But bad lighting in the bathroom won’t just highlight any mess in that relatively small space. It can also leave you looking worse for the rest of the day.

Specifically, we’re talking about the lighting around your bathroom mirror, the space where we get our first look at the face we want to show to the rest of the world. As such, it’s the place where we need focused lighting that minimizes shadows, with just the right amount of brightness and not too much heat. It’s a tall order, especially when you can expect your face to be so close to the lighting fixtures themselves.

There are a lot of options for the placing of those lights. If you already find the ceiling-mounted lights in your bathroom to be bright enough for general use, you might go with a simple, single light strip or bank of bulbs positioned horizontally above the vanity mirror. This will save space, and work perfectly fine as long as it’s not much brighter than the lighting in the rest of the room. For best results, you’ll want to mount those lights about 75 to 80 inches above the floor.

If you have the space and the funds, you might consider a better option no matter what the ambient light in the room is. That’s a pair of mounted scone lights on either side of the mirror. With or without an additional light overhead, these lights will combine to illuminate your face and cancel out shadows. These work especially well with taller or more rounded mirrors, and should be mounted at least 28 inches apart, 60 to 70 inches off the floor.

Don’t have a separate vanity mirror? There are plenty of lighting kits that can turn any mirror into a makeup nook fit for a Hollywood starlet. They typically consist of individual LED bulbs or lighting strips that attach by way of adhesive. They’re usually connected by thin wiring (hopefully transparent) and are sometimes powered by batteries. Whatever the shape of your mirror, you can attach them to the frame or just arrange them around the section of it that you’d like to use as a vanity. Just keep the same distance guidelines in mind that you’d use for an overhead light or wall sconces.

The next thing you’ll want to take into consideration is the type of bulb. The choice is more crucial than when deciding on a bulb for the closet or even the kitchen, because your face will be up close and personal with these lights most every day. Brightness is a major factor. You’ll want vanity lights that produce about 1600 lumens — enough to clearly illuminate your pores without giving you eyestrain. Mind you, that’s 1600 lumens total, not per bulb. As a general rule, a single incandescent 60 W light bulb produces 800 lumens, while a much more efficient LED bulb can generate that much light with 12 W. If you’d rather not do the math on a lighting rig with several bulbs, just make sure that it has a dimmer. You can always adjust it to suit your needs.

Brightness is an easily definable trait for a bulb, but for vanity lighting there’s an equally important one that’s harder to pin down: The CRI. That stands for Color Rendering Index, and it’s a measure of how well a light bulb reveals the color of the objects that it illuminates. That’s in comparison to natural sunlight in ideal conditions, which would have a perfect CRI score of 100. Light that distorts color relative to that would have a lower score: Fluorescents measure around 60-80, incandescent bulbs can be a 50 or below, down to a score of 10 or less for candlelight. LED lights can carry a CRI of 90 or better, making them perfect for vanity mirrors.

There is also a color temperature rating, which is a number that reflects how warm or cool your light appears. Fittingly, it’s measured on the Kelvin scale — the lower the number, the “hotter” it appears. You’ll want to look for LED bulbs or incandescents that come in somewhere between 2800 and 3200K, which is on the warm end of the scale but not enough to over-accentuate reddish hues.

Finally, give a thought to the actual temperature of your light bulbs. Remember that you’ll be up close and personal with this mirror pretty frequently. No matter how cozy warm lights make your vanity feel, it’s hardly worth it if they’re causing you to sweat through your makeup. Once again, cool-running LED bulbs are a good choice in this regard.

The Bath Mirror Lighting Buying Guide

Maybe you’ve found a perfect light kit to turn you mirror into a vanity, but make a last check on the box before you buy. Are they specified as bathroom lighting? Some lights aren’t made to endure moisture on a long term basis, and that can spell disaster pretty quickly. Look for lights that are “wet listed” or have a “wet location” designation from UL or ETL. Those are independent testing laboratories certified with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and you can be reasonably sure they’ll stand up to your daily shower steam bath.