Lovevery The Play Gym, Stage-Based Baby Play Mat

Last updated: August 4, 2022

Not only does this baby play mat encourage your little one to stay active, but it also provides opportunities to learn. It's made with five developmental zones and can be converted into a small fort. The mat is also machine washable, which is handy for accidents and spills.

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Key Takeaway: It takes just two minutes to set up this baby play mat, which is made from a safe and soft organic cotton.

In our analysis of 105 expert reviews, the Lovevery The Play Gym, Stage-Based Baby Play Mat placed 2nd when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Play Gym that Gives You a Whole Year of Play The Play Gym by Lovevery, the creator of The Play Kit Subscription Program, is first play gym for all your baby’s learning stages, providing what your baby wants to see, touch, and do as their little self starts to emerge. It includes everything you need–from batting to teething to learning to focus–for your baby’s first year of play. Features: – For ages 0+, from infant to toddler – Sustainably-sourced wooden legs for stability – 2 minute setup and take down, no tools required – Five development zones on the baby Play Mat that reveal or conceal to prevent overstimulation and promote learning: Learning to focus; Making sounds; How things feel; Hiding and finding; Exploring colors – System of Black and White, Body, Object, and Mirror Cards that can be interchanged in the Learn to Focus zone – Baby-tested removable accessories for stage-based motor development: Organic Cotton High Contrast Montessori Ball, sustainably-sourced Wooden Batting Ring, and Organic Cotton Teether with BPA-free Silicone Ring – Converts to play fort with Play Space Cover for imaginative play – Play Guide with inspiration and activities from child development specialists – Learning Cards printed with soy ink – Water-based non-toxic finishes – Teething toys made with 100% organic cotton – Play Mat made with machine-washable polyester materials batch tested to be non-toxic and baby safe – Plastic and silicone components manufactured without BPA and phthalates – Product size (inches): 24h x 38w x 43l with mat zones closed; 24h x 50w x 47l with mat zones open – Patent pending baby play mat

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

This eco-friendly playmat is designed to focus your baby’s attention on what makes the most sense for each developmental stage. There are toys and teething rings and lots of high-contrast pictures to look at, but you can hide sections so your little one won’t be overstimulated. It even comes with a guide that suggests mat activities based on your baby’s age. And although this play mat is pricy, it converts into a fort for older babies so your little one can use it for longer.
This high end wooden and organic cotton play mat offers 24 different activities, plus wooden toys and an organic cotton teether.
My baby loves playing in it. I love the information cards that explain the rationale behind they toys and tips about baby’s development. The mat material catches dog fur very quickly but we just use a lint roller to clean it every once in a while. The toys are durable and keeps my baby busy!
The Lovevery play mat comes with a variety of toys that can be attached to its removable, sustainably-sourced wood legs, like a black and white ball for grasping and rolling, and BPA-free silicone teething rings. “Five different development zones encourage baby to explore sensory activities and strengthen baby’s ability to focus,” said Neuman, “and, thanks to the fold-out flaps, each can be revealed or concealed based on baby’s age — perfect for avoiding overstimulation.”
This best-in-class play mat and baby gym has removable accessories for stage-based learning and five development zones for your baby, to keep him or her curious and engaged.
From tummy time and beyond, this play mat has many uses, with its main purpose being to help your infant develop physical, cognitive, visual and motor learning.
The silicone parts of the toy arches are free from phthalates and BPA and water-based inks are used as well. The playmat is directly converted into a play tent which is particularly useful for older toddlers when a cover goes over the toy arches.
Constructed out of soft materials that are 100% safe for babies, it aids your kids in learning through play. It comes with 5 development zones that the kids to focus, explore colours, sensory exploration and lots more. The mat has sustainably-sourced wooden legs, the accessories that are used for source-based learning are removable and it also includes 4 sets of learning cards that are interchangeable. Also, it is easy to clean, you can store it without any hassle and the mat can be washed in your machine.
It looks so classy in its looks that parents would love to buy one for their kid. Moreover, this is a large baby play mat which is suitable for your newborns till the time they become a toddler. Supporting legs of the frame of a mat are made up of wood which provides perfect stability, with no accidents that may cause harm to your kid. This is a portable baby play mat which does not require any tools to assemble it. Thus, folding up and folding down takes only two minutes and you are ready to go. This play mat can be transformed into a play fort which ensures a comfy space for your grown-up child. This large baby play mat comes with 5 developmental areas which will help your kid in increasing their memory and thereby making physical fit.
The Play Gym by Lovevery is designed to enhance your little one’s visual, physical, cognitive and motor skills. The Play Gym comes with enough accessories to guide your baby through their first year. It features cotton teether, removable accessories, and a play mat. The mat has 5 development zones that promote color exploration, focus and hiding and finding. The accessories included are wooden batting ring and cotton Montessori ball. Also included is a convenient guide to guide you through age-appropriate activities you can do with your tot. This award-winning baby gym is easy to set up and will help develop your baby’s brain.
It has a teether made of organic cotton and teething rings that are BPA free for those days when your little one starts teething. It has a battling ring that the baby can battle and practice to grasp in order to sharpen his/her motor skills.
The play gym is made from only organic and sustainably sourced materials. There are no toxic or harmful chemecals used on or in the development or the play gym. This gym is amazing because it actually grow with your child and can be used from the newborn stage all the way through yhe first year of life. There are 5 learning zones with different activities to provide different stimulation. The play gym also includes a play guide to help parents find ways to play and interact with their child in ways that encourage development.
The Play Gym has a simple look that will complement any room and is made with sturdy material. This best baby play mat isn’t just for infant use, because it actually grows with your child into their toddler years. It features removable accessories, different development activities for different age groups, and can eventually become a fort for an active toddler.
What we really like about The Play Gym by Lovevery is that it uses materials that are completely non toxic to provide an absolutely safe place for baby to play at.
This product comes with numerous toys that can be easily attached to its removable wood legs. It has five development zones that help to encourage the baby to explore the sensory activities, hence strengthening the baby's ability to focus.
Now when we talk about baby’s development, this one has 5 Development Zones which include; Fine, Gross Motor Skills along-with their Sensory Development, Wood Batting Ring, Mirrors, and Organic Teether. In this case, it is not only playful but healthy for your baby. Because of its design, it can be used for babies with all ages. It can be a great for your newborn, let him/her discover the beauty of this play gym along with their development from early age. It can easily setup within minutes without using extra tools.
Designed by a team of experts (including a neuroscience professor, Montessori teacher and occupational therapist), the Lovevery Play Gym has something for each stage of babyhood. The hanging toys are safe for chewing, batting, and grasping. There are hidden pockets, different textures, sounds, and a selection of visually stimulating cards for older babies to explore. It even has a cover that converts it into a fort! Plus, parents get a play guide for a full year’s worth of ideas to keep baby engaged.
This is the best baby play gym which is designed for developing the baby’s brain. This baby play gym promotes visual, motor development as well as cognitive development from the newborn- toddlers. This baby model is safe as well as sustainable it is made up of best-harvested wood, organic accessories and it has water-based non-toxic finishing. It will keep your little ones focused on learning and fun throughout the first year. There are five development zones which prevent overstimulation as well as promote learning. Not only your little ones but their friends can play with them in this play space. With this baby play gym, you get the play guide which will help you know what all activities can be carried out for babies.
It uses 100% baby-safe materials, which mean that you can use it day in and day out. With the help of organic cotton fabric, you can be sure that it is safe for your baby. Also, you can set it up within 2 minutes. The cleaning is not that difficult either. You can easily spot clean it with the help of a cloth. With the help of detachable legs, you can put the entire mat into the washing machine.
As kids grow up, they lose interest in some of the toys, with the Lovevery Play Gym, however, your baby will enjoy a whole year and even beyond of fun activities. What’s more, the play Gym is a flexible tool that grows with your baby from being newborn to toddler. What excites me the most is the fact that Lovevery Gym is designed by child development experts and aims at developing your baby’s cognitive, physical, motor, and visual learning. The Play Gym features five development zones on its mat that promote learning in terms of focusing, color exploration, sound making, hiding and finding, and how things feel as well as inhibiting over-stimulation.
It’s never too early to start playing or learning! Lovevery’s The Play Gym play mat is equal parts stimulating and exciting for babies 0-12 months old. It was designed by early childhood development experts to not only be fun, but teach infants and young toddlers some of the most important early lessons. Its “development zones” help little ones learn how things feel, how to make certain sounds, and about hiding and finding. It’s easy to set up, too! MASSE parents really love it for both the lessons it provides and the fact that they last a full year. And as one parent said, “afterwards, it can be used as a little fort,” so this really is a play mat worth investing in!
This play gym was thoughtfully designed by child development experts and includes a whole year of play in one box. The gym features 5 development zones that reveal or conceal to prevent overstimulation and promote brain and motor skill development. Your little one will learn to focus, make sounds, how things feel, hiding and finding and explore colors. With 24 stage-based play activities, an organic ball and teether, a sustainable wood batting toy, 4 interchangeable learning card sets, and mirrors, your little one will never get bored of this play area! Crafted using 100% baby-safe materials, including FSC-certified wood and organic cotton mouthable accessories. Sustainably-sourced wooden legs for stability, 2 minute setup and take down, no tools required. It even converts to a play fort for toddlers!

What reviewers didn't like

Listened to all the glowing reviews and all the claims of organic this and that. Come to find out cost twice as much as other mats and yet still Made in China. See picture.
An expensive play mat.
Not easy to travel with. Relatively expensive
While negative reviews are few and far between, most of the ones that do exist are about the baby not being interested since there aren’t bright colors, and others complain that they were missing pieces when they received the item.
Only a small number of parents feel the colors were boring for their baby.
Bit bulky.
Slightly expensive compared to other toys.
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