Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 5 Qt

Last updated date: November 17, 2021

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Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 5 Qt

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We looked at the top Cast Iron Cookware and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Cast Iron Cookware you should buy.

Update as November 17, 2021:
Checkout The Best Cast Iron Cookware for a detailed review of all the top cast iron cookware.

Overall Take

The Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 5 Qt is a great product for cooking large quantities of set-it-and-forget-it dishes, like chili or casseroles. The lid is just as thick as the sides and bottom, which allows food to cook evenly after the pan heats up in the oven or fire. You'll be thankful for the handles, as this dutch oven is very solid and can become quite heavy when filled with all that delicious food.

In our analysis of 113 expert reviews, the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 5 Qt placed 7th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Lodge L8DD3 Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven, 5-Quart is sturdy, integral, and features ovenproof loop handles for lifting and handling convenience. Tightly controlled metal chemistry and exacting mold tolerances deliver consistent product for even heating and superior cooking performance. The High Dome lid offers greater capacity and also works double duty as a skillet. Electro statically coated with a proprietary vegetable oil, and cured at high temperatures to allow the oil to deeply penetrate the surface of the cast iron. Measures 12.62″ x 10.38″ x 6.3″ with lid. The item is sealed with a pre-seasoning oil which leads to a drop that can appear like rust which will burn off with 1-2 cookings.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Yesterday was my first time using the full Dutch with the top and my whole chicken came out awesome! I have used the lid-skillet several times and it’s great for side dishes like veggies or if you are making something for a few people.
- New York Mag
This is a very unique Dutch oven because the lid has another purpose which is using it as a skillet. This indeed does enlarge your kitchen tools and gives you extra space in cooking with different style.
- Food Shark Marfa
The lid of this Dutch oven doubles as a skillet with two side handles, so you get two pots in one for an incredibly low price.
- The Spruce Eats
I also like the fact that this is a solid cast iron piece. This will make it easier for you to have a great piece that is going to last you for years to come and will make it quite a bit easier for you to have a piece that will cook the food properly.
- News to Review
The Lodge Logic can be heated up to a maximum of 500 degree F and still going strong. Due to the 100% cast iron material, it can really handle extreme high heat.
- Think Cook
The L8DD3 Lodge oven is a sturdy choice that comes with integrated handles on the base of the lid and top of the oven for secure transport of the oven.
- The Z8
This is a most versatile pot that performs great on flexible heat sources—from braising on stovetops, baking bread in the oven, making barbecue on the grill stove to roasting chicken at a campfire.
- All Cookware Find
It is sturdy and can be used with its side handles so that it can be transported securely without spilling any food.
- All Top Guide
The Lodge’s construction is one of the best. Because it’s made of cast iron, it’s one of only two metals that can work with induction stovetops, and it provides more even, consistent heat for your dishes.
- ratingle
It can be utilized on electric induction, gas thus making it ideal for your prestigious cooking Lodge seasons it’s with pure vegetable oil; no chemicals or synthetic coatings chemicals. The more you make use of your iron, the great the seasoning will obtain.
- Top Best Product Review
The oven has plenty of fantastic features that are hard to find elsewhere on the internet. One of these is the innovative lid.The lid that sits on top of the Dutch oven can be used in many different ways. One way is to use it as a deep fat fryer or a skillet, maybe for frying eggs, for example. The lid only has to be taken off to perform as a skillet, no hassle, no stress.
- Stuffoholics
It is compatible with induction ranges.
- Wiki EZ Vid
The best part is the double-duty lid that can transfer to 10.25-inch skillet, for occasional preparing side dishes or searing steaks.
- The Juzz
One of the notable features of this oven is that the lid of this oven can be used as a skillet. The lid is also tight-fitting and does not allow heat and moisture to escape the oven.
- Review Unbox
It has ovenproof loop handles for easier handling
- Stone Frying Pans
Two major advantages over other similar ovens is a deep 1.5” lid, and the fact that it can be used as a skillet – excellent value! In addition, integrated handles on both the lid and base are a good size, so you can easily lift it without worries.
- Love & Lavender
With this Double Dutch oven, you have the perfect tool to sear, sauté, simmer, braise, bake, roast, and fry. Use on the grill, any stove top, inside your oven, with an outdoor fire, or over coals and charcoal. This is truly an exceptional and incredibly versatile piece of cookware.
- My Dutch Ovens
This Dutch oven comes pre seasoned with vegetable oils and the product is designed in such a way that the pre seasoning does not vanish soon.
- Cookware Stuffs
To ease handling and using the pot, it comes with side handles that are sturdy.
- All Kitchen Pro
It has a very large capacity, coming in at 5 quarts. This means that it will hold enough food to feed 8 people. This makes it great for a large family, a Cub Scout den, Boy Scout Patrol, or small division of a commune! The lid will double as a skillet.
- Best Cookware Guide
You can use it on any cooktop type including induction and on an open flame. Again this one comes pre seasoned and ready to use as soon as you get it.
- Cook Logic
Can be used on all cooking surfaces, grills and campfires.
- Desired Cuisine

What experts didn't like

The downside of the skillet feature is that the lid doesn’t have a top handle for lifting.
- The Spruce Eats
I have to say that the one thing that I did not really care for with this dutch oven cookware was the fact that it is going to have a lid that does not secure down on the top of the dutch oven as well as what I would like. This is mainly because this is an item that is going to turn into a skillet. However, at the same time, I really want to have the lid that is going to fit snuggly on the dutch oven.
- News to Review
However do take note if you are using the L8DD3 to bake cakes or bread for the first time. Though it arrives pre-seasoned, it is recommended that you fry it with some food that will generate natural oil such as bacon or ham.
- Think Cook
You have to be careful about cleaning. You can’t use the dishwasher or even just soap, because the soap eats away the oil that makes up that cast-iron seasoning.
- ratingle
A bit heavy.
- Top Best Product Review
The large design might not suit some kitchens.
- Stuffoholics
Some customers reviewed the product as the pre-seasoning wears off after a few uses.
- Review Unbox
Despite being entirely made of cast iron and the manufacturer recommending it as suitable for outdoor cooking, it lacks the legs and the large handle that let you manipulate it easy even when very hot.
- Stone Frying Pans
Do not use harsh detergents,hand wash only.
- My Dutch Ovens
While cleaning it does not require too much effort, it is recommended that you only hand wash it.
- All Kitchen Pro
The downside is that the convenience of that capacity will cost you in terms of weight, so if you were planning on throwing this bad boy in your hiking pack and hitting the trail, make sure to plan accordingly.
- Best Cookware Guide
This one doesn’t come packaged with silicon handle covers so you might want to think about buying them at the same time.
- Cook Logic
Constant re-seasoning and hand washing are recommended to help it stay in shape and look good
- Desired Cuisine

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Culinary Expert

Julie Chernoff is a long-time member of Les Dames d’Escoffier (past president of the Chicago Chapter, and current co-chair of the LDEI Legacy Awards Committee), the Association of Food Journalists (AFJ) and the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Chernoff is the dining editor of Better, a lifestyle website and print magazine. Her journalism started in the test kitchens of Weight Watchers Magazine. She holds a BA in English from Yale University and is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy. She has spent the last few decades styling, photographing, teaching, developing recipes, editing, thinking and writing about food.

An Overview On Cast Iron Cookware

When you find yourself needing a new pot or pan to step up your cooking game, the cookware options in your favorite store will offer quite a number of potential solutions. There are white ceramic pans or thin pans that heat up instantly and claim to dissipate your heat perfectly for your needs. But keep browsing this pan selection and you’ll end up staring at a section of heavy-duty black pots and pans that you swear you’ve seen at your grandparent’s house before. Cast iron cookware is one of the most loved and longest-standing nonstick cooking options that exist. There are numerous reasons why they are regarded so highly, so we will break down some of the key points for you and help guide you towards the best style for your needs.

“There’s a good reason that these pans have been around so long — they work beautifully,” says our resident culinary expert Julie Chernoff, member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, dining editor of Better magazine and food journalist. “They are heavy enough to heat evenly and retain heat, they’re reasonably priced, and they are virtually indestructible.”

The construction of cast iron cookware is very sturdy as it is made as one solid piece of the metal and generally has no other material bolted onto it. Pick one up, and you’ll notice it’s heavier than most other pans due to this thick iron makeup. The thickness of the iron captures the heat coming from the flame or stovetop and slowly passes it on o the other side where the food is. If you were to place a thick skillet on the stove, crank the heat up to high and place a couple of eggs into the pan, the pan would slowly heat up and start firming the egg whites — but without burning them, as would likely happen in a thinner pan. That’s because the cast iron makeup is much more efficient with using and retaining heat.

If a skillet is too shallow for the big pot of chili you might be making for an autumn tailgate, try using something with more depth. Look for one that comes with a lid that helps keep the heat and steam in while the food simmers so all the flavors get to know each other in the pot.

But what about scorching and having food get stuck to the pan? As mentioned above, cast iron really is a non-stick cooking surface — once it is seasoned.

“Look for pre-seasoned pans as a timesaver, because the seasoning process can take a while,” Chernoff says.

All Lodge brand cast iron cookware comes with a coating of 100% vegetable oil on them. This oil is referred to as “seasoning” for cast iron. The oil creates a barrier between your food and the iron and creates a non-stick atmosphere while you’re cooking. The seasoning is a crucial part of getting the best results out of your cast iron cookware.

Cast iron cookware will last for many generations and often gets passed down as a rite of passage to the new cooks in the family. The stories that surround this cookware throughout its lifetime are surely some of the biggest selling points on using cast iron, and it’s something you’ll have to experience for yourself to fully understand. But you still have a big decision to make when you see that there are multiple sizes and shapes of cast iron cookware.

One category is a skillet that is used mainly as a frying pan. It has a deep enough profile to hold a healthy portion of vegetables, rice, pasta or meats that you want to sautee while still being shallow enough to let you get the spatula in for a clean flip on your over-easy eggs. It boasts a multifunctional size and shape that becomes a daily workhorse in most kitchens.

If you’re working on large stews or even roasting whole chickens, a 7-quart Dutch oven holds the largest volume of anything. When filled up with delicious ingredients, it can be the perfect size for feeding large families or meal prepping on Sunday to make the week a little easier for those of us on the go.

As you’re shopping for cast iron cookware, definitely consider the handles.

“Cast iron is heavy, so the handles are especially important, especially in the larger skillets,” Chernoff explains. “One long handle will be unwieldy. Having the ‘helper handle’ opposite the long handle allows the weight to be evenly distributed when carried.”

Cast iron cookware is not dishwasher-safe, so if that is important to you, you’ll want to consider other options. Also, these pots and pans should not air dry, as they may rust. Do not use metal scouring pads on them; once they are cleaned, they should be dried and oiled immediately. Although you must be careful of these elements, cast iron is great for home cooks.

“These pans really are incredibly versatile, from pancakes to deep frying and everything in between, and can easily go from stovetop to oven, as they are safe at almost any temperature,” Chernoff points out. “And unlike non-stick cookware, you can use metal utensils on the surface, as they will not damage it.”

Simply take care of your cast iron cookware, and it’ll perform for you!

The Cast Iron Cookware Buying Guide

  • Clean your cast iron cookware with warm water and a fairly rough sponge or brush. There’s no need to use soap when cleaning these pots and pans, and it’s recommended that you do not.
  • After you clean all the residue from your cast iron cookware, dry it off and drizzle a little bit of vegetable oil into it before storing it. For convenience, use a paper towel to wipe the vegetable oil all over the surface of the pot or pan to form a light and even coat.
  • You now have a properly cleaned and seasoned cast iron pan. Keep up with these two simple tasks each time you use the cookware and you’ll be able to use this non-stick cookware for life.
  • Cast iron cookware can be used on more than cooktops. Campfires around the country are a place where delicious meals can be made and eaten under the open sky. Cast iron cookware can be placed directly into an open fire, set on a cooking-rack above the heat and even hung from a tripod so it dangles over the flame. Either way, the heat of the direct flames is tempered down by the thickness of the iron. It allows the camp chef to make meals equally as good as they would in their home.
  • Ovens and cast iron also work beautifully together. Make a homemade pizza, and bake it in your cast iron skillet for a deep-dish style pan pizza. Fill your cast iron Dutch oven with a good recipe, where anything from pasta dishes to whole chickens can be oven roasted.
  • Lastly, you might find yourself in love with how beautiful this cast iron cookware can be. Share that beauty with your guests by hanging them up in your kitchen for all to see. This can add a rustic farmhouse feel while still being a functional part of your kitchen.