LittleHippo Mella All-In-One Kid Alarm Clock

Last updated: June 6, 2023

Use this kid alarm clock as a tool to train your child to go to sleep at bedtime. The clock has an abundance of extra features, including a digital face that smiles when it's time to rise and shine and eyes that shut when its time to settle down and go to sleep. The six colors, three alarm clock sounds, three sound machine noises and built-in countdown timer are all reasons this kid alarm clock continues to rank at the top of the list.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Teach kids when it's time to relax and get to bed and when it's time to wake up with this kid alarm clock.

In our analysis of 52 expert reviews, the LittleHippo Mella All-In-One Kid Alarm Clock placed 3rd when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Can’t keep your kid in bed? Let us help with that. MELLA is the #1 most backed kid’s clock and all-in-one Ready to Rise children’s sleep trainer designed to keep your kid in bed longer. MELLA is a sleep trainer, alarm clock, sleep sounds machine, night light and nap timer rolled into one adorable package. Studies show that children do not fully understand the concept of time until around 8 years old. MELLA uses colors and facial expressions to teach your kid when it’s time for bed and when it’s okay to wake up. With MELLA, your kid can learn to stay in bed longer, giving you more sleep! Parenthood just got easier. SEE WHY THOUSANDS OF PARENTS CHOOSE MELLA. Arctic Blue MELLA ready to rise alarm clock on nightstand in kid’s room, with green light MELLA is a beautifully designed children’s clock, sleep trainer, night light and sound machine WHY CHOOSE MELLA? A step above the rest. Some kid clocks don’t have nearly enough features. Others have feature overload with buttons parents can’t keep track of. Some have nonsensical design choices. None focus on beautiful design. MELLA is a beautiful kid’s clock that strikes a perfect balance between features and usability. Delivered in a beautiful package. MELLA arrives to you in elegantly designed packaging and will bring delight to both parents and children everywhere. Who says children’s products can’t be beautiful? Child safe. Durable. Comprised of child safe ABS and silicone, MELLA is FCC, CE, RoHS, CA65, REACH and CPSIA approved. TECH SPECS Power: Type A A/C Adapter (Input: 100-240 V, Output: 5.0 V) Cable: Detachable 4 ft USB Battery: CR2032 (preserves memory settings ONLY – MELLA must be plugged in for functionality) Dimensions: 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 4.50″ Recommended Age: 0+ for night light/sleep sounds; 3+ for all functions Display: 5 brightness settings; 12 or 24 hour Volume: 5 volume settings Patent: D797,575 HOW MELLA WORKS Bright Purple MELLA Sleep Trainer on Sleep Mode with White Night Light Bright Purple MELLA Sleep Trainer on Play Mode with Yellow Light Bright Purple MELLA Sleep Trainer on Wake Mode with Green Light SLEEP Set the desired sleep time and every night, MELLA will go to sleep with your kid. MELLA sleeps through the night so your kid knows to stay in bed. Set an optional night light to help your child fall asleep peacefully! PLAY Half an hour before the wake time, MELLA will display a playful expression and glow a yellow light. Teach your kid to play quietly until the light turns green! WAKE Set the desired wake time and MELLA will greet your kid with a smile and glow green. It’s time to start the day! MELLA’s green light will stay illuminated for one hour in case your child sleeps in! Alarm clock feature ALARM CLOCK Choose from three child-friendly alarm sounds to start the day. Sleep sounds icon SLEEP SOUNDS Select from three peaceful sleep sound options: white noise, ocean and lullaby. Choose from five volume levels! Night light feature NIGHT LIGHT Create a soft room glow with five night light color options. Nap timer feature NAP TIMER Set a timed countdown for naps, time-outs and other activities – add a sounding or silent alarm! YOUR INTEGRATED SLEEP SOLUTION MELLA sleep trainer kid clock with colorful night light on shelf IN THE BOX One MELLA Ready to Rise Children’s Sleep Trainer, Night Light and Sound Machine One Type A A/C Power Adapter One 4 ft detachable USB cable One CR2032 battery (preserves memory settings ONLY – MELLA must be plugged in for functionality) One instruction manual THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED With an easy-to-use user interface, MELLA is packed with features designed to be your child’s all-in-one sleep gadget. MELLA is a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, baby showers, and more! ABOUT LITTLE HIPPO LittleHippo’s mission is to create beautiful, modern children’s products. LittleHippo designs products that customers wouldn’t necessarily think were children’s products at first glance, yet still bring delight to children everywhere. With LittleHippo products, parenthood just got easier.

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Kate Desmond is a writer and infant safe-sleep expert. She has spent the last eight years working as the marketing director for Charlie’s Kids Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to educate families about SIDS and safe sleep. In that role, she travels around the country learning and educating caregivers and providers on the latest and greatest safe-sleep information to prevent infant death.

As mom to two elementary-aged daughters, she spends hours researching the best and safest products for her own kids. She is quick to get in the weeds with other mamas, and uses humor to cope with parenting woes from potty-training to teaching kids to read.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

It has a built-in sound machine with three settings (rain, white noise, and ocean), a nightlight with five colors, a countdown timer for naps and time-outs, and comes in one of four colors.
MELLA also includes three alert sounds and both an alert and silent countdown for timed tasks for older kids.
It has an appealing face that changes expressions to let kids know when it’s time to get going or wind down.
This night light serves two very important functions: it gives little ones a sense of security when it’s dark out and helps keep them in bed until a (semi) reasonable hour.
The happy face closes its eyes when it’s time to go to sleep. It also has a digital clock display, a built-in sound machine, a night light with five colors and a nap timer.
Coming in a playful spherical design, this clock features three sleep sound options namely white noise, ocean and lullaby to gradually put your child to sleep and you can also choose from three alarm sounds which are child friendly waking up alarm sound.
MELLA also features three sleep sound options and five night light colors to soothe your child to sleep. MELLA also features three alarm sounds and both an alarm and silent countdown for timed activities for older children.
It is possible to keep your children in bed longer and attain more sleep. Basically, MELLA utilizes colors and easy to understand facial expressions to impart the kids about bedtime and wake-up time.
Mella’s night light is a nice feature with several different colors you can choose from amber, Green, Blue/Green, and White. You can set the night light to glow for 10 minutes up to 90 minutes or continuously glow throughout the night.
This adorable designed clock isn't just your typical kids alarm clock, it can also be used features a sound machine, night light and nap timer (that can be used for time out!)
It’s certainly not unique, but it’s nothing short of an awesome feature to help your kids take the clock a little more seriously. However, the execution is what matters here, and the graded LED ring around the inner facing goes a long way toward making this worth the price.
The MELLA is an adorable sleep trainer clock, with a happy little smile, that has a lot of other functions that I care less about because the sleep trainer function is worth its weight in gold.

What reviewers didn't like

The sound coming from the machine could be improved. To us, it sounds like static noise using all three settings.
I think that the time could be larger – it’s hard for me to see from far away. Or at the very least, I’d like an option to have the time read larger for when the kids outgrow the sleep-trainer-smiley-face function.
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