Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Last updated: November 11, 2022

Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

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Overall Take

With vivid colors and patterns, this baby gym captures a little one's attention. The mesh sides let you turn the mat into a ball pit. A set of 40 colorful balls are included and can be stored in the turtle's head.

In our analysis of 87 expert reviews, the Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit placed 10th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

A ball pit and activity gym all-in-one that grows with your child! With three ways to play, this unique set is sure to be a hit. Infants can use the comfy plush play mat with four link-able adorable sea pals hanging above their head. As they grow and become mobile the pop-up mesh sides will surround them keeping them in a safe zone. Toddlers can sit and play in the sensory stimulating ball pit which features 40 colorful balls that store inside the turtle’s head.

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

This is an action-packed activity gym that comes with a ball pit. Your kids will love playing with gorgeous sea pals and pop-up mesh sides that are filled with small movers and shakers. This makes the kind model that offers your kids with fun, sensory stimulating toys that keep a toddler busy.
Shaped like a sea turtle, this mat leans in to its aquatic theme with toys like a crinkly starfish and rattling octopus. Once your baby is sitting up and getting more mobile, it can also be transformed into a ball pit with 40 colorful balls (stored in the turtle’s head when not in use) and pop-up mesh sides. “It’s a fun way to get more mileage from the play mat, extending it into the toddler stage,” said Gordon.
The Infantino Grow-With-Me is a 2-in-1 playground that will keep your baby stimulated for hours. Not only is it a fully loaded gym, but it also transforms into a fun ball pit, with 40 multicolored balls that can be stored in the turtle's head when not in use.
Some parents feel their newborn baby gets addicted to it even after growing near to a year, which makes it easily great for a long time. The linked toys are lovely having big eyes which are sure to grab your baby’s attention.
It has a turtle head that is filled with 40 colourful balls, this helps in turning your gym into a lovely ball pit. Moreover, they get access to 4 sea pals that are linkable and the balls are even lighted. The kids can lay, sit or spend fun times in the ball pit, the sensory-stimulating ball pit will aid you in better parenting.
The Infantino Grow-with-me Activity Gym & Ball Pit is an activity gym and ball pit in one that comes with 40 colorful balls that store neatly inside the turtle’s head. This activity mat also includes four soft sea turtle toys that dangle from the overhead cross arms, as well as a small mirror for baby’s delight. Baby can enjoy this fun and stimulating activity gym in three different modes: sit-and-play, lay-and-play and ball pit.
- Heavy
If you want a play mat that will definitely grow with your child, then Infantino’s Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball Pit is just the thing. Like the name already states, this play mat is designed to grow with your child. You can use it initially for overhead discovery. Once your baby can sit up, you can easily bring up the mesh sides to create a ball pit for your baby. The balls, by the way, are easily stored on the turtle’s head. Once your baby is too big for the arches, you can unlock them with one hand while leaving the ball pit in place. The mat itself is easy to wipe down. And the sides can also be used to transform this play mat into a mini playpen to keep your baby from rolling out of the mat.
This gym is unique since it converts into a fun sensory-stimulating ball pit which is ideal for busy toddlers. It comes with up to 40 colorful balls and has convenient storage inside the turtle's head.
The colorful play mat contains two arches that feature four linkable sea pals for your little one to explore, including a starfish, a crab, a fish and an octopus. The playpen also features a BPA-free teether.
A play mat is pretty much a staple that any parent needs to provide a safe place for tummy time practice, among many other things, but picking the right mat can be difficult. We like Infantino’s Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball Pit—an Amazon’s Choice product—because it’s the perfect place to build those cognitive skills, but it’s also so multifunctional you’ll be able to get many uses out of it. Use this mat as a comfy spot that’s perfect for tummy time when your kid is young, or help build those cognitive skills with tons of entertaining elements like a mirror, teether, and rattles. You can also pull out the colored balls (which you can keep in a convenient storage area right inside the turtle’s head) and turn the traditional play mat into an action-packed ball pit.
Easy to assemble: putting the activity together literally requires only a few minutes, and transforming the gym for various uses is also really easy. Built-in storage: as mentioned, the gym comes with 40 balls that are conveniently stored in the turtle’s head. Multi-sensory: apart from the toys, the mat itself engages the senses of the baby thanks to the crinkly sounds it makes. Thick padding: you will be able to install the gym directly on the floor without the need of using supplementary support underneath.
This cute little activity gym features a sweet turtle design that converts as your child grows. It starts off as a basic play mat and features removable mesh netting that converts it into a ball pit in just minutes.
- Safety
Educational Factor: This baby play mat includes a collection of toys that inspire curiosity, investigation, and discovery. They also encourage the development of basic and fine motor skills, visual development, color and object recognition, and early language acquisition.
Charming hanging toys. Turtle’s feet have a crinkly sound. Secure and definitive play area for your child. This product can last for more than a year with proper care.

What experts didn't like

Isn't machine washable
Some parents have different complaints about the quality and they feel it was made of cheap material. Few parents think the size was small for their baby.
This activity mat is on the smaller side. It’s not foldable so it’s not highly convenient to travel with or store. It’s also not machine washable, but some consumers say that it wipes down easily with wet wipes or a wet washcloth. This activity mat is not as good for tummy time as some of the other mats.
- Heavy
While there are a lot of things you can do with this play mat, there’s one thing you can’t do which is easily fold it up for storage. It’s also not padded enough so you’ll need to put it on top of a carpeted floor, a rug, or a blanket. And for some babies, the mat is too small.
Unfortunately, the baby activity center is not machine washable and is really tricky to clean.
Putting balls inside the turtle’s head consumes a lot of time, but it is still an excellent product for your child.


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that playtime should begin on the first day a newborn comes home from the hospital. The AAP states that babies should have two to three periods of tummy time spent playing with parents per day. While this playtime only needs to last for three to five minutes for newborns, this amount should increase gradually until a little one spends about an hour per day enjoying time playing on their tummy.

A play gym can help a baby enjoy and look forward to time spent playing on the floor. There are infant activity gyms in dozens of styles and colors with all sorts of different toys and features, so choosing the best one for your child might seem challenging. Knowing what characteristics are the most educational and entertaining might make it easier to make the best selection.

Play gyms that accommodate tummy time are desirable. For instance, a pillow that props up the baby can be beneficial until a little one builds the strength to hold themselves up on their own. Toys available at eye level and a mat with vividly colored graphics are advantageous, as well.

Baby activity gyms with interactive elements are worth considering. Not only are these toys and gadgets fun for your tiny one to use, but they also help them learn about cause and effect. The toys will help them stay busy while increasing their understanding of the world around them and their place in it.

Look for a play gym that includes a variety of playthings to prevent playtime from becoming boring or monotonous. For example, the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym has a musical keyboard along with several toys that can be repositioned, such as a mirror perfect for self-discovery and a teether ideal for oral exploration as well as several sensory toys that make fun noises when squeezed, squished or shaken.

Other factors to consider when browsing baby play gyms include whether they will continue to provide amusement and excitement as your little one develops. Babies grow quickly and could easily outgrow an overly simplistic activity gym. Seek something that can continue to teach and amuse your child as they move from infancy into toddlerhood. If the play gym makes it easy for you to play along with your little one, better still.

Of course, as with anything baby-related, a play gym should be as safe as possible. In addition, it should be easy to store, clean and even sanitize. Fitting your budget is another necessity, so consider how much you are comfortable spending as well as the features that matter most to you before you shop.

Buying Advice

  • When buying any type of plaything for your baby, consider safety above all else. Purchasing new items from a reputable brand and well-known retailer offers protection, as secondhand or off-brand toys could include unsafe pieces, be damaged, have missing parts or even have been subject to safety recalls.
  • Always read labels. Not only will they provide warnings regarding how an item should be used and any potential hazards, such as small parts that a baby could choke on, but they often give information on the best way to clean and care for the item. Following these instructions can help your baby stay safe and prolong the life of the object.
  • Choose a play gym that is appropriate for your baby’s current age and activity level but will also continue to be enjoyable as your little one develops. For a plaything to contribute to your baby’s development, it must engage and entertain them now and be flexible enough to continue interesting and challenging them as they learn and grow.
  • Playing with your baby is a wonderful way to teach them about the world while bonding. Point out interesting parts of the play gym. Say the names of objects and describe them, such as, “Look at the yellow sun. The sun keeps us warm and helps things grow.” Although your little one might not understand everything you say, doing so helps their brain develop. It also teaches about important subjects such as social skills, vocabulary and body language.
  • Try to place your baby in different locations on the play gym or at varying angles. For instance, if the play gym includes a keyboard, place them on their back with their feet on the keys one day and on their tummy facing the keys the next. Doing this can increase mental stimulation and keep playtime fresh and fun for months to come.
  • Watch for signs that your wee one has had enough playtime. Actions such as turning their head away from the gym or toys, hiccuping or fussing, arching their back, crying or falling asleep might be your baby’s way of telling you that they need a break. Of course, every baby is different and learning your child’s unique signals might take some trial and error.
  • Although learning how to play independently is valuable, babies under a year old should never be left completely alone while playing. Make sure to stay close enough to view your baby during playtime and speak to them frequently if they cannot see you to provide security.