HBCY Creations Free Standing A-Frame Chalkboard

Last updated date: February 22, 2022

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HBCY Creations Free Standing A-Frame Chalkboard

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We looked at the top Chalkboards and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Chalkboard you should buy.

Update as February 22, 2022:
Checkout The Best Chalkboards for a detailed review of all the top chalkboards.

Overall Take

If you're looking for a two-sided option to show an announcement, this standing chalkboard works well. You can choose from six colors to fit your style preferences. It's magnetic and compatible with both chalk sticks and markers.

In our analysis, the HBCY Creations HBCY Creations Free Standing A-Frame Chalkboard placed 1st when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED: Each of our A Frame Magnetic Chalkboards are handcrafted with care and attention to detail and design. Our solid Russian Pine wood guarantees the sturdiness and consistent aesthetic beauty of the design. Our wood is hand selected to guarantee our quality. RELIABLE STURDY DESIGN: Our solid design and construction enables our boards to withstand winds that others can’t. Heavy Duty hinges help your A Frame last longer. The double sided rustic chains enhance stability and authentic rustic style. Our high quality Russian pine wood makes our chalkboard signs sturdier and more durable. MAGNETIC CHALKBOARD SURFACE: Enjoy the added bonus of having a magnetic surface for pictures, menus, notes, and more! Our chalkboards are made of the highest quality Magnetic Porcelain Steel and are 100% non-porous. We guarantee that it will clean up perfectly every time without any ghosting! It works perfectly for liquid chalk markers and regular chalk. WORRY FREE PURCHASE: We pride ourselves with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We are confident in our products and stand behind them. Just reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help! We are also backed by Amazon’s A-Z Money Back Guarantee so your purchase can be worry free. THE PERFECT CHALKBOARD: Great to use for menus or promotional messages outside your store, pub, or cafe. Also great for wedding receptions, birthday parties, baby announcements, family gatherings, sales, and more!

An Overview On Chalkboards

Whether you want to provide a surface for your kids to draw on or you want to display a message or art, a chalkboard gives you the flexibility to erase and create as often as you’d like. You can find chalkboards in a variety of styles and with different surface materials to fit your needs. These writing surfaces have also come a long way so that using plain chalk sticks isn’t always your only option.

Many chalkboards are simple boards you can hang on a wall using hardware that may or may not come with them. These can range from portable chalkboards for kids to use at a table or desk to wall-sized chalkboards you can use to present a lot of information or display big drawings. Smaller boards of this type may have two sides. Often, these will have simple wooden frames.

Other chalkboards look more like foldable signs that you can place inside or outside. These usually have two sides and can work well for advertising an event at your home or business. They can come in a variety of frame styles and colors.

When it comes to surfaces, some chalkboards feature a traditional style with a painted wooden surface. While often easier on the budget, this type can be harder to clean and easier to scratch because of the porous surface. In addition, these chalkboards aren’t suitable for use with chalk markers, so you’d need to use traditional white or colored chalk with them. Therefore, these work well for simple everyday uses.

Due to the popularity of chalk markers, many modern chalkboards feature a nonporous surface made of vinyl, porcelain or a similar material. Such chalkboards make the cleaning process easier and offer better durability than porous chalkboards. You can safely use chalk markers, so these chalkboards are a great choice for making creative designs. However, keep in mind some surfaces may not work well with traditional chalk. Some surfaces may also be magnetic for hanging items.

When choosing any type of chalkboard, make sure you buy the right size for your needs. For example, if you’d like to make several chalk marker drawings to hang around the home, you might want to buy a pack of small chalkboards that more resemble picture frames. On the other hand, you might opt for a chalkboard multiple feet long if you’re using it for teaching your kids or you’re wanting plenty of room to be creative.

The Chalkboard Buying Guide

  • Before you start using a chalkboard with a porous surface, take some time to prime it. The process involves rubbing the entire board with a stick of chalk and then cleaning it all off. This helps fill in any porous spaces so that there’s less of a risk for ghosted marks or images in the future. Sidewalk chalk can help make this step go more quickly if you’ve got a large chalkboard.
  • You can usually clean your chalkboard fine with just a chalkboard eraser or a damp cloth. However, you might need to resort to using a mixture of water and dish soap to remove tougher residue on porous chalkboards. You might also consider professional chalkboard cleaners, but check with the manufacturer to make sure this won’t harm your product.
  • If you ever accidentally write on your chalkboard with a regular marker, you can try using rubbing alcohol to remove the stain. Be sure to rinse the area with water and dry it off after you finish.
  • Before using chalk markers, always check with the manufacturer to make sure your product is compatible. In some cases, the marker may not work on the board, or it might not come off easily if it does work. Also, you might need dry erase spray or wipes to clean these markers off compatible chalkboards.
  • If you buy a chalkboard with a wooden frame, you can have fun customizing it to fit a theme or go along with your room decor. You can simply paint the frame one or more colors, or you can get more creative by gluing on decorations.
  • Be careful if you’re hanging a large chalkboard on the wall. Consider getting some help since the item can be heavy, and you’ll want someone to help you line it up straight as well. Make sure that use the right hardware that will support the weight on the wall.