Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine with Syrup

Last updated date: February 7, 2020

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Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine with Syrup

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 79 expert reviews, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine with Syrup placed 6th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note March 3, 2020:
Checkout The Best Snow Cone Maker for a detailed review of all the top snow cone makers.

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8 expert reviews
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1,450 user reviews
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What experts liked
This package gives you a selection of 3 pint-sized syrups (flavors: Grape, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry), 3 bottle pouring attachments (these screw onto open syrups so that they can be squirted in a controlled way), 25 conical paper snow cone cups (all are mostly green with blue and white detail—festive-looking), and 25 colorful spoon straws.
- Plumbing Lab
The machine is very simple to operate as all you need to do is place ice in the top, put on the cover and press the button. And the blades can be adjusted to shave the ice into your desired texture of snow.
- The Z8
Make the small get-together and parties more fun and energizing with this electric snow cone machine from Hawaiian that comes in a complete package that includes everything you would want to have. From having cups to straws to ice moulds and even black bottle pourers, this is what you would love to have to make the event more happening.
- All Listings
Our number 1 best shaved ice machine is here. It is Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine which is popular for home use. One important thing that you have to notice is that if you purchase this one, you will not only get an ice crushing machine but also a package of snow cone making stuff. The package includes 3 bottles of syrup with different flavors, spoons, 25 paper cone cups, and 3 bottle pourers.
- A Top Daily
Because all accessories come with this machine, you don’t have to delay in starting your party proceedings.
- The 9 Best
Like any other top-end ice maker, this unit provides you with clean fluffy shaved ice for any kind of ice – thanks to its efficient stainless steel blades. In addition to its easy usage and maintenance, it is also equipped with two round ice molds which makes it even more convenient.
- Kitchen Rated
It comes with some useful accessories such as snow cups, spoon straws, double round ice mold, etc. And the instructions are straightforward, and if followed, you can be sure of the best results.
- Chef's Resource
The stainless blade is sharp and cuts cylindrical ice blocks come into fluffy and beautiful snow. You will have two ice mold blocks with the purchase of this machine. There is also a non-skid mat to put on the tray. You can use it to shave any texture you want.
- ReviewAir
What experts didn't like
Not fast machine—not for large groups. Cannot put snow directly into the cup. Some users find cups and spoons flimsy.
- Plumbing Lab
Only makes enough for two cones. The ice is too chunky. It overheats.
- The 9 Best
A little noisy operation. May take longer to crush ice cubes,
- Kitchen Rated
Ice is usually leftover after use.
- Chef's Resource
The only case against it is that there is a chunk of leftover ice after the operation, and it can’t take a glass under it.
- ReviewAir

From The Manufacturer

Bring Hawaii to your house with this Shaved Ice Party Package by Hawaiian Shaved Ice. This kit features all the essentials including an S900 electric shaved ice machine, 25 snow cone cups, 25 spoon straws, 3 black bottle pourers, 2 round ice molds, and 3 ready-to-use pints featuring- Cherry, Grape, and Blue Raspberry. Give the coolest birthday gift with this fun shaved ice kit. It is ideal for small parties, family game night, sleepovers, and countless other small group gatherings. Concerned about allergens? Our syrups do not contain dairy, eggs, or soy. For additional flavors, try the 10 flavor package of pints featuring the top 10 snow cone flavors!

Overall Product Rankings

Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker
1. Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 9
Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine
2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 11
ZENY Snow Cone Shaved Ice Maker
3. ZENY Snow Cone Shaved Ice Maker
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 6
SNOWIE Ice Shaver & Snow Cone Machine
4. SNOWIE Ice Shaver & Snow Cone Machine
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 8
Nostalgia Vintage Snow Cone Maker
5. Nostalgia Vintage Snow Cone Maker
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 8
Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine with Syrup
6. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine with Syrup
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 8
West Bend Electric Snow Cone Maker
7. West Bend Electric Snow Cone Maker
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 2
Time for Treats Small Snow Cone Maker
8. Time for Treats Small Snow Cone Maker
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 4
BLIZZY Snow Cone Maker & Syrup Set
9. BLIZZY Snow Cone Maker & Syrup Set
Overall Score: 8.0
Expert Reviews: 7
Time for Treats Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker
10. Time for Treats Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker
Overall Score: 7.9
Expert Reviews: 8

An Overview On Snow Cone Makers

The snow cone machine was first patented back in 1920. At that time, it was used commercially to sell snow cones to customers at big events. Today, we have the luxury of purchasing a home model to enjoy a refreshing snow cone anytime.

Simplemost Media

As you shop around, consider how often you plan on using the snow cone maker and how many people you need to serve. There are models that can hold enough ice to make 20 snow cones at a time, as well as units that can prepare the ice in as little as 3 seconds. Single-serve snow cones makers are better for home or office use but wouldn’t work well in a party setting.

Simplemost Media

Check to see if the snow cone maker uses traditional ice cubes from your refrigerator. Many do, however, there are models that require you to use specially shaped ice drums.

Simplemost Media

Keep safety in mind as you browse the available snow cone makers. If you have children at home, you may want to go with a model that has a safety switch to keep your hands from coming in contact with the snow cone maker’s blade.

Simplemost Media

Look for any extras that put one snow cone maker ahead of another. For example, there are models with a built-in shelf for holding up to two snow cones. Other units provide complimentary serving scoops, sample flavorings and party spoons.

DWYM Fun Fact

A version of snow cones has been around since 27 B.C. when the citizens of the Roman Empire added syrup to mountain snow to consume as a dessert. Of course, this method meant you could only have a snow cone during the cold and snowy winter months.

It wasn’t until 1919 that snow cones became popular in the United States. They were served by Samuel Bert at the State Fair in Texas. It was summertime, so this dessert was a welcome treat, as it helped to keep fair-goers nice and cool.

The Snow Cone Maker Buying Guide

  • Some snow cone makers have extremely loud motors and make a great deal of noise while shaving ice. Keep this in mind as you browse the available models.
  • Not every snow cone maker provides a powdered texture. Some are coarser.
  • Check the running time of the snow cone maker if you plan on using it to serve a large number of people. Some overheat if they are used for an extended period of time. Those models aren’t recommended for commercial purposes.
  • Snowcone makers can be heavy and a bit bulky. This may be a concern if you need to transport the unit to the office or to a party.
  • Some models also have the option of adding a party kit. The kit would include snow cone cups, syrups for flavoring and straws with a spoon on the end.
  • Speed and quality are the biggest factors that affect the price of snow cone makers. The Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker, Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine and the Nostalgia Vintage Snow Cone Maker are pretty evenly priced; however, the SNOWIE Ice Shaver & Snow Cone Machine commands a higher price tag because it has a professional-grade motor that can prepare one snow cone every three seconds.