Grillbot Automatic Electric Grill Cleaner Robot

Last updated: September 9, 2020

There's no more scrubbing with this grill cleaner. This convenient machine has a rechargeable lithium battery, a heat-resistant casing and a push button for easy operation. There's even a timer, so you can set the device to clean for as long as you think the job will take.

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Key Takeaway: You can remove the brushes and clean them in your dishwasher.

In our analysis of 50 expert reviews, the Grillbot Automatic Electric Grill Cleaner Robot placed 7th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Grillbot – The World’s First Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot! Anticipation of having to clean BBQs and grills takes the enjoyment out of the grilling experience, but with Grillbot you can have your steak and eat it too! Grillbot is an innovative robot that does the scrubbing for you! Grillbot Features & Benefits: Built with high-impact, heat resistant materials. Clean your grill when it is hot or cold (up to 250 degrees). Has three powerful electric motors. Long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery. Custom designed quick-release brushes that are dishwasher safe. Three time settings: 10-, 20-, or 30-minute cleaning cycles. LCD screen shows the cleaning time and also provides an audible alarm. 100% Rust proof. How to Use: Simply place the Grillbot directly onto the hot or cooled grill plate of your BBQ or grill. Press the button to set the running timer and let Grillbot scrub away all of the baked-on residue from grilling! Grillbot is 100% rust proof and has dishwasher safe brushes, making for one less item to hand-wash at the end of the day. Place them directly into the dishwasher and they will be ready to use again! Our mission is to enrich your life by simplifying it. By taking the grunt work out of cleaning your grill, you will be left with more time to enjoy your friends, family, and the party.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

A battery-powered robot with three removable rotating wire brushes that automatically cleans your barbecue grill. You simply place it on the cool or warm grill, push a button, and put the lid on the barbecue. The surface temperature needs to be less than 250 degrees Fahrenheit, but a heat sensor will warn you if it’s too hot. Given how greasy the device got after just a few cleanings, the case is a good investment that will keep the grime isolated to the robot.
The Grillbot is a cool-looking gadget equipped with a CPU, three electric motors, three brass wire brushes, and a rechargeable battery. It's very easy to use and does a good job of cleaning the cooking grate's surface. The three motorized brushes were able to remove baked-on barbecue sauce and grease from my gas grill.
GrillBot’s controls are very simple: you press the button once for a 10-minute clean, twice for a 20-minute clean and three times for 30 minutes. Then there’s a five second pause to give you enough time to close the barbecue lid.
Once it’s charged, using it is very simple. You just press the power button. The display will show how long the Grillbot will run. You can press the power button repeatedly to cycle through 10-minute, 20-minute, or 30-minute sessions, depending on the size and amount of grime on your grill. I did exactly as described above—charged it, set it for 30 minutes, put it on the grill, closed the lid and walked away. When I came back, my grill was nice and clean.
The Brass brushes that come with the Grillbot are best for the majority of grills out there as it isn’t too hard or too soft. They work well for stainless steel or porcelain coated grill surfaces. The brushes are also top-shelf dishwasher safe for easier maintenance. The Grillbot Automatic Grill cleaning robot is a convenient time-saving way to automatically brush off your grill to decrease your pre-grilling and post-grilling cleaning rituals.
The Grillbot was just cleaning my grill, doing its best to clear the surface. It totally exceeded my expectations. While it's a niche purchase, I am convinced that anyone who is willing to consider investing almost $100 in a device to clean their grill will not be disappointed with what they get out of it. If you make regular use of your grill and have been looking for a simpler way to give it the care and attention it needs to keep it clean and running long-term, this device is a solid purchase.
A built-in LCD and alarm allows you to choose a light or deep clean and signals when cleaning is complete. Each Grillbot comes with a rechargeable battery pack, charger and LCD screen. A hanging storage case, extra brushes and extra batteries and chargers are also available.
There was plenty for the Grillbot to clean. We set the Grillbot on the grill and started a 10-minute cleaning cycle. Since we were testing the device, we did open the lid of the grill a couple of times to see its progress and I have to admit that it does a really good job of cleaning the grates. I love the idea that there is a tiny robot doing the dirty work for me so that I can enjoy the fun of grilling again.
We tried the Grillbot on stainless-steel and coated cast-iron grates covered in burnt-on food. After 10 minutes the grates were cleaner, and after an additional 20 minutes of cleaning the grates were much cleaner. The Grillbot beats scrubbing.
The device has a rechargeable battery, three electric motors, and an LCD alarm and timer so you can leave it and walk away while it does its thing. Could be a neat gift for yourself or any lazy griller in your life.
To clean your grill simply place the Grillbot on your grill and press a button. This will activate the electric motors which turn three replaceable brass brushes to clean your grill in less time than you could with a standard brush. Built-in sensors regulate robot speed and direction and an timer allows you to choose a light or deep clean.
The Grillbot is the “world’s first automatic grill-cleaning robot,” and it looks like a Roomba for your grill. The Frizbee-size “robot” has three battery powered wire brush wheels that spin in opposing directions. You plop the Grillbot on the grate of your grill, push a button, and walk away.
I absolutely loved it. After 30 minutes I was very pleased with the results, and even happier with the fact that I didn’t have to use an ounce of elbow grease to get things ready for summer. It did an excellent job, but I think you’d want a bigger barbecue to really take advantage of the amount of work this wee robot takes out of your life.

What reviewers didn't like

The other issue had to do with the thickness of the barbecue’s grates and the length of the bristles on the Grillbot’s brushes: They don’t reach all the way to the bottom, so some charred food residue remained deep between the grates after cleaning.
Pricey. I should note that the Grillbot is anything but quiet. The motors make plenty of noise on their own, but once you place the robot on the grill and close the cover it sounds like a pair of sneakers in a clothes dryer as it bounces off the walls of the barbecue. I wish it did a more thorough cleaning job.
We found this one-trick pony hugely underwhelming and not worth buying unless you really do barbecue every day of the year. We tried it on a series of barbecue grills and immediately found problems. The first was that your barbecue must have a lid, otherwise GrillBot skitters off over the side, lands on the lawn, gets grass tangled in its brushes and generally looks sorry for itself. Then you have to turn it off, which means holding the button down for 10 seconds – hard to do when your robo pal is going nuts.
When you place the Grillbot for a run, it will be clanking around in your grill with an expectedly unpleasant sound. You’ll still want to hand clean the crevices of the grates as the Grillbot won’t get it completely 100%.
I did notice that there was still some muck left in between the grates.
Our biggest beef is the racket it makes when working as it bounces off the inside of the grill’s cover—the directions say the lid should be closed. When we left the lid open to shoot a video the Grillbot almost ran off the edge. Removing the Grillbot’s dishwasher-safe bristles is a bit trick. A regular grill brush and some elbow grease on a warm grill is faster, more through, cheaper, and quieter.
Now here’s the rub. You need to wait until your grill hits a temperature of about 200 degrees before you can start the cleaner. Since normal grill temperatures are around 400 degrees, you’ll have to wait a bit for the grill to cool down before you can start cleaning.
The most expensive grill brush you'll ever buy.
This thing seems over-the-top silly to me. I won’t trade in my simple grill brush, nor stop enjoying the minute or so of wire brushing a heating grill before adding a bit of oil.
It does make a bit of a racket, as it constantly hits the hood and the motors driving the brushes aren’t too quiet, so I wouldn’t put it on while trying to hold a conversation next to the barbecue. The removable brushes can be popped off and put in the dishwasher, but I found them quite stiff and difficult to remove. My only whinge is the cost.
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