Greater Goods Irregular Heartbeat Detector Blood Pressure Monitor

Last updated: August 18, 2023

Greater Goods Irregular Heartbeat Detector Blood Pressure Monitor

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We looked at the top Blood Pressure Monitors and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Blood Pressure Monitor you should buy.

Overall Take

You won't have any trouble reading your results with this blood pressure monitor, as it comes with a large display screen. The unit can be powered via an electrical outlet or by a set of batteries, which is handy during power outages. Included with your purchase is a handy carrying case.

In our analysis of 59 expert reviews, the Greater Goods Irregular Heartbeat Detector Blood Pressure Monitor placed 3rd when we looked at the top 24 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The tools you use to keep track of your health should give you peace of mind, which is why we made sure our upper arm monitor is accurate and comes with everything you need. It’s easy to use, easy to read, and the professional kit gives you the versatility of two power options and a travel case. From video tutorials to extended phone hours, our team in St. Louis wants to provide support in the way that works best for you. We love our products, so we love talking about them. We’ll treat you like a friend, which means no scripts or loopholes—just genuine answers, and if something goes wrong, we’ll make it right. The impact of your purchase doesn’t stop once your package arrives, because we collect a piece of each purchase to give to our charity partners.

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

Large screen is easy-to-read and the soft fabric of the arm band is comfortable. Comes with storage case, batteries, and a wall plug.
This compact monitor provides consistently accurate readings. Many users tested it at their doctor’s office and found the two readings to be similar. It also provides an in-depth view of your health as it marks each recording with the date and time.
Irregular heartbeat detection, a 2 year warranty, blood pressure averaging, and the ability to charge with an AC adapter are all features you'll find.
Accurate, versatile, and easy to use. We especially like its large, backlit display that’s easier to read than the screens on most other blood pressure monitors.
Designed to meet the needs of people who hate spending a lot of time learning how to use an electronic device. Once you turn it on, all you have to do is put your arm in the cuff and press a button to get started.
This incredible blood pressure cuff monitor kit is quite easy to use, thanks to the cuff, which bears visual instructions on how to wear cuff, connect it to the BP meter through the tubing, and read blood pressure. No technical jargon that you do not understand when it comes to user guide.
The monitor additionally features an irregular heartbeat sensor that alerts you in case of any problem. The upper arm cuff is adjustable, affording comfort when taking readings. The LCD is large and comes with a backlight and oversized numbers for easy visibility. The device also comes with an in-built memory that stores up to 60 measurements at a time.
This monitor measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse. The hypertension indicator bar and irregular heartbeat sensor will alert you to any issues you might have. You will not lose your data when you change the batteries.
Overall, this is an easy to operate monitor with a simple press on/off button. You can buy with confidence as it comes with excellent customer support to help you all the way. The monitor is easy to use.
The device can operate from batteries as well as the mains. Both the DC power cord and 4 AAA batteries are included in the package, so you can use the monitor right after unpacking.
Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor’s Irregular Heartbeat Detector (IHB) feature checks for any irregularities in your pulse while taking your pressure. During each measurement, this equipment records the heartbeat intervals and works out the standard deviation. If the calculated value is larger than or equal to 15, this equipment will light up the IHB symbol on the screen when displaying the results.
The Balance Blood Pressure Monitor from Greater Goods shows your blood pressure and pulse rate and warns you if it detects an irregular heartbeat.
The company has improved the feel and design of the cuff with a new soft fabric. This extra comfort can make a difference. The new kit also includes the wall plug adaptor, batteries and a storage case. This improves the potential for transporting the device to other locations.

What experts didn't like

Some complaints about accuracy when compared to doctor's office readings.
Battery life. A few users report that the battery drains quickly even with infrequent use.
Many of the lower ratings were related to cuff size not fitting their arms, so be sure to check your arm is larger than the 8.75″ minimum velcro setting. However, Greater Goods do have a smaller cuff that they can send you, if you contact them directly they should be able to mail it out.
The only real downside is low memory storage compared to other monitors on the market.
There’s no way to export your results. If you want to use this device with a health app, you have to manually type or write down your results and enter them yourself.
Potential for slightly varying readings.
Resets to default date when the battery is changed.
The cuff is slightly difficult to adjust.
The cuff size is big.
One of the issues that have been mentioned about this product is that you may have to reset the date and time on the system once you change the batteries.

Our Expert Consultant

Dr. Niket Sonpal   
Gastroenterologist and adjunct assistant professor at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Niket Sonpal is an adjunct assistant professor at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine and clinical instructor at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn, who specializes in gastroenterology.

He is a graduate of the Medical University of Silesia-Hope Medical Institute in Poland. After completing his residency in internal medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, he was selected to be the 2013‐2014 Chief Resident at Lenox Hill Hospital–Northshore LIJ Health System. Dr. Sonpal completed his fellowship in gastroenterology and hepatology at Lenox Hill Hospital and continues his work in the field of medical-student and resident-test preparation. He now serves as the associate program director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Brookdale University medical center.

He is also the co‐author of several medical test prep books and serves as the chief operating officer for Medquest Test Prep and director of medical education for Picmonic Test Prep.

Blood Pressure Monitor Rankings


High blood pressure affects one in three Americans, yet many don’t even realize they have it. Known as the silent killer, it can cause a sudden heart attack or stroke without any symptoms at all beforehand. If you have regular medical checkups, you’ll likely be tested before every visit. But for some people, at-home checks are critical to keeping it under control.

For that reason, home blood pressure monitors have become increasingly popular in recent years. As technology evolves, these monitors have grown far more sophisticated, interacting with smartphones and even allowing multiple people in the same household to store their own information.

“BP monitors at home are to help give you feedback on your blood pressure and response to starting hypertension medications. However, the more important role is for you to keep a log of your pressures so that your doctor can get a sense of your BP control over several days,” says Dr. Niket Sonpal, a gastroenterologist based in New York City.

There are more than bells and whistles to a blood pressure monitor. Accuracy is a top priority, but it can get confusing since many devices promise accurate results. One method some devices use is averaging, which takes multiple readings and gives you the average of all. Some monitors also use AM/PM averaging to help you keep an eye on your overall daily blood pressure readings. Dr. Sonpal also recommends getting it calibrated for accuracy at your doctor’s office.

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Ease of use is another factor when you’re choosing a blood pressure monitor. You’ll need to consider how easy it is to slip the blood pressure cuff on and off your arm, as well as the screen that comes with the device. Some monitors have large, easily readable digital screens that clearly reveal your reading to take away the guesswork.

Once you’ve seen the reading, though, you’ll probably also want to save it. Some blood pressure monitors store your readings to let you check back later. This makes it easy to compare from one day to the next. Newer blood pressure monitors also connect to apps that will break down the information for you in a more useful manner than a couple of numbers on a screen.

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If there’s more than one person in your household, you also may want to consider blood pressure monitors that store multiple readings. Instead of buying separate devices for everyone in your home who has high blood pressure, you’ll be able to consolidate everything in one place. Some monitors handle this more easily than others, though. So you may want to watch for one that makes it easy to capture multiple readings without having to always make sure you’re under the right username.

Although many blood pressure monitors are automatic, you’ll find some that require you to press on a bulb repeatedly to manually inflate the cuff. You can save money by opting for one of these models, and you’ll likely also find they’re more durable than their mechanically inclined counterparts. They also tend to be less expensive, although blood pressure monitors are fairly inexpensive to begin with, so you might find it’s worth it to pay a little more for an automatic device.

When shopping for a blood pressure monitor, It’s also important to remember that not all arms are the same size. Use a tape measure to check the size of your bicep, and then look for the size listing on any monitor you’re considering. Although there is some wiggle room in cuff sizes, making sure it handles your arm size can boost the monitor’s accuracy, as well as your comfort level.

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