Etekcity Stainless Steel Precise Food Scale

Last updated: January 6, 2022

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scale features a removable bowl for fast and easy measurement. The bowl simplifies pouring and mixing as well. More than simply a scale, it also includes a temperature sensor and alarm timer to further justify the small amount of counter space it requires.

Etekcity Stainless Steel Precise Food Scale

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: The Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scale, Removable Bowl is perfect for limited space, since it includes useful added features.

In our analysis of 267 expert reviews, the Etekcity Stainless Steel Precise Food Scale placed 8th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Your personal sous-chef with a Capacity of up to 11lb (5kg), the scale can take on the role as your assistant chef, so you can enjoy the leisure of refining your kitchen crafts with efficiency and quality. The high precision strain gauge sensors ensure accuracy Each time you add an ingredient to your meals with a low graduation of 0. 1oz (1g). multifunctional freedom get to the dinner table faster with the included Hassle-free Tare and auto-zero functions. Simplify your life and save time for the tasks that matter in your life. Built-in temperature sensor and alarm timer will facilitate your food creations. Get the most out of your investment, and facilitate the most convenient usage. dependable design aesthetics should never compromise quality. The stainless-steel scale promises a long lifetime at a high value while Complimenting the kitchen decor with a modern form. The stainless-steel bowl is detachable not only for easy cleaning and storage, but for the versatility of the scale itself. Use Other bowls and containers within the Capacity to better fit you needs, no matter what your cooking calls for. Simply remove the bowl and calibrate with ease to measure smaller ingredients directly onto the scale. Measure what you want, the way you want. specifications weight Capacity: 11lb (5kg) bowl Capacity: 2. 15 L division: 0. 1oz, 1g package includes 1 x Digital kitchen scale 1 x stainless steel bowl 2 x AAA batteries 1 x user Manual

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

It is a super convenient unit to measure solid and liquid ingredients. You can even build your batter right inside the bowl and continue to tare as you mix your recipe.
Reviewers love the size of the bowl that comes with this scale. “The bowl is very large and can handle a lot of food or liquid,” comments one.
The Etekcity bowl scale is practical, allowing for easy measuring of all kinds of ingredients including the messy,liquid ones.
One of the best features of this scale is the 2.1-liter dishwasher-safe bowl. It’s detachable so you can choose to use the Etekcity as a traditional flat scale, too.
Stainless steel finish provides a durable and an easy to clean surface.
One of the most distinctive features is the removable stainless steel bowl. While the bowl is useful for measuring, you can also mix and even bake ingredients. The bowl features a wide design that lets you stir ingredients and even prep them for a meal.
- Heavy
Etekcity digital kitchen scale has a detachable stainless steel bowl for easy pouring. The display is LCD with a blue backlight and you can use tare and auto-zero to measure with other containers.
Stainless steel construction: It promotes superior durability while complimenting your kitchen décor with its modern appearance.
- Ah Joo
The food scale has a temperature sensor which is highly effective in cooking. There is an additional timer to push you to increase your productivity. The LCD screen is quite large for easy reading, and it looks very sleek.
It has a clear LCD display to provide the opportunity to easily read all of your measurements on a crystal.
Apart from exceptional performance, this scale includes alarm timer and temperature sensor necessary for accomplishing more tasks. In addition, it also features auto-zero and tare functions to make it more compatible with other containers.
The display is quite small, but it is bright and slightly tilted, so you will not have a problem to read the digits even with bigger bowl or dishes.
The removable bowl lets users measure large foods directly on the weighing platform as well. The precise scale not only has metric and standard measuring units, but also a temperature sensor and alarm.
The unit comes with high precise strain gauge sensors that offer you with reliable measurement. Besides offering you with accurate weight measurements, this unit also comes with a temperature sensor as well as alarm.
This scale has an alarm and temperature sensor.
Not only does this scale make it easy to switch from grams, to kilograms, to ounces, to pounds, but it also has a built-in temperature sensor that can tell you the temperature of a liquid you pour inside.
- Bustle
Whenever necessary, it is possible to trigger the 3-minute automobile shut-off, which is perfect for conserving your battery life since you perform other jobs in the kitchen.
Apart from that people are also health conscious, so they look for good quality easy to handle scale that can measure food grains whether it’s liquid or solid.
We also greatly appreciate the design focusing on advanced features, such as temperature reading and a dedicated alarm. These make it easy to remove excess appliances from the kitchen counter to make more room for the ingredients and recipe books you need to cook the perfect dinner.
The kitchen scale has been incorporated into a liquid volume temperature sensor. An alarm timer is also included in it, which will make you work even more efficiently
I love the look of this scale—sleek and modern but with a nod to antique-looking mechanical scales.
Made out of tough stainless steel, it’s as durable as any kitchen scale you’re going to find.
This kitchen scale features a timer and a temperature monitor. It can measure weight or volume, depending on whether you are measuring a liquid or solid.
The scale is made from a stainless steel material which is highly durable and very easy to clean. In addition, it has a vivid blue backlit display on the measurements which can be easily seen.
- The Z9
The company offers a free of cost detachable bowl which can be used for mixing, pouring, stirring and performing various other tasks as well. There is a clear display which shows results in a vivid blue light thereby giving clear results in various different lighting situations.
The digital scale is made of vivid blue backlit with LCD display to read out measurement displayed easily in any type of light.
This scale is durable with its stainless steel material. It is versatile as it works as a temperature sensor and has an alarm timer. This way, you can avoid clutter in your kitchen.
This Etekcity digital kitchen scale is constructed of stainless steel, and it comes with a detachable bowl that allows food preparers to mix ingredients while they weigh them. This scale also includes an automated tare function.
Durability is enhanced by the stainless steel material. The design looks charming, sleek and sturdy.
The multifunctional design comprises of a unique temperature sensor and alarm timer to help you accomplish your health goals with ease.
It is equipped with high precision strain gauge sensors that deliver accurate results each and every time you weigh your food.This scale is multifunctional in that it includes a helpful temperature sensor and alarm timer so you can accomplish more tasks with less clutter in your kitchen!
With a capacity of up to 11lb (5kg), this scale can take on the role as your assistant chef, so you can enjoy the leisure of refining your kitchen crafts with efficiency and quality. The high precision strain gauge sensors ensure accuracy.
This scale is easy to clean and to use.
Backlit LCD display accommodates easy readability in any lighting setting.
You will never need measuring cups and spoons again, these scales replace them, with the tare reset feature which allows you to measure as you’re going along – in any units. You just put your bowl on the scale and add your first ingredient for your recipe, then zero the scale and you can add your next ingredient. No need to measure anything any longer!

What reviewers didn't like

The main complaint was that the on-off-tare button is a bit sensitive.
Some wish the bowl was attached.
- Heavy
The auto off function may also occur a little too quickly when weighing out, so you may want to have all of your food ready to weigh before starting.
Slightly heavy.
Doesn't measure liquid ounces.
Loud alarm.
While the design is great and the capacity high, a lack of total precision does hold this product back from being an immediate frontrunner.
Some people find the platform is a bit small. Others have had issues with this scale malfunctioning.
Beeps a little too loudly for some.
The small surface area may limit the types of items weighed.
Takes up a lot of counter space.
- The Z9
Some complaints about the temperature feature not being accurate.
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