Ecommersify Rot-Resistant Eternal Wood Lumber Roll Console Porch Swing, 5-Feet

Last updated: June 10, 2020

The highlight of this swing is a flip-down drink holder in the middle. It provides versatility in seating, while the galvanized hardware provides protection from the elements. Slats come pre-screwed to the back and seat for easy assembly.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This chair comes with flip-down drink holders and a secure build.

In our analysis of 75 expert reviews, the Ecommersify Flip-Down Console Porch Swing, 5-Foot placed 5th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Our swings come unfinished and may be left unfinished to weather to a beautiful barn wood grey, or decorate as you choose. Handmade from Louisiana Cypress trees, these Rollback Porch Swings are naturally beautiful and will accent any front porch! Cypress swings are heavily constructed with slats that are 1 inch thick and 1 3/4 inches wide routered (no sharp edges). Each slat is finish sanded on all sides and ends for your safety and comfort. In addition, these swings have 4 supports across the back AND 4 across the bottom. Few porch swings are built with this kind of quality support system! Each purchase includes all necessary hardware for a standard porch installation: S-hooks, chains, bolts, and eyebolts. Cypress wood is nicknamed as the “eternal wood”. Cypress has a strong tolerance to environmental elements and has been known as the world’s ‘wood of choice’ for thousands of years. Very few woods match the properties of cypress when it comes to sturdiness and strength. Cypress wood can be easily identified by its handsome, straight grain that portrays a gorgeous array of colors. This unmatchable beauty is enhanced by life long durability. Cypress contains a naturally occurring chemical called Cypressine that preserves and protects it from decay and insects. Because no harsh chemicals are needed to protect the wood, our products are Eco-Friendly, In addition, cypress has little tendency to warp, twist, or cup. It even matches up to teak wood in outdoor performance, yet cost sometimes 10 times less. Because of its beauty, natural durability, and broad versatility, cypress’ popularity continues today.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The exclusive feature of the swing is the portable cup holder that can be placed on any side of your choice and it is designed in such a way that the cups will not fall even when you are busy swinging.
A portable cup holder is also included on this Patio swing bench. The holder is designed to fit into the seating area and will not slide off. You can remove the holder from the seat and place it on any part of the seat that you want it on.
With the weight capacity of 500 lbs and a length of 56 inches, this high-quality porch swing has enough space and strength to accommodate 3 people.
You only need to connect the back and seat and securing the arms. Rest, the product comes pre-assembled.
The porch has been intelligently designed and is capable of handling 500 lbs.
This product is produced with Eco-Friendly because it is not harsh chemicals needed to protect the wood.
The seat’s 5 feet long, giving enough room for 3 people or more to sit comfortably.
The attractive piece of furniture is also easy to assemble, durable, and comfortable enough for an afternoon of leisure.
These products have four supports across the back and four across the bottom. Few porch swings are built with this kind of quality support system.
The drinking console has been made to make you feel comfortable in that you can flip it up if you are not using it.
​This product can hold up to 800 pounds of weight.

What reviewers didn't like

A bit more complicated to assemble than indicated by the scanty instructions, but still doable with only a little backtracking.
Although due to the center console it loses a bit of structure as it’s apparent in its weight limit of 500 lbs (instead of 800 lbs like in the previous model).
The chain is not of a high quality compared to others.
​Some customers have reported the cup holder breaking easily on this swing.
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