E Tronic Edge Waist Packs

Last updated date: December 5, 2019

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E Tronic Edge Waist Packs

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Overall Take

Until the E Tronic Edge Waist Pack went on the market, taking your phone on a run was a hassle. This pack fits all waist sizes and all phone models and is made for running, workouts and cycling. In our analysis of 65 expert reviews, the E Tronic Edge E Tronic Edge Waist Packs placed 4th when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note June 2, 2020:
Checkout The Best Stocking Stuffers For Women for a detailed review of all the top stocking stuffers for women.

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6 expert reviews
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1,320 user reviews
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What experts liked
A one size fits all waist belt and so, users don’t have to keep guessing and finally get a wrong size, return it and wait for a replacement. The belt fits a waist of any size, is stretchy with a big snap buckle and due to its smooth and lightweight material, feels as if it’s not there. And if a user’s shirt is long enough, it hides under it discreetly and not noticed by others.
- Treadmills 101
Very spacious and has a water-resistant zipper pocket. It ensures that it can fit comfortably. It is made up of durable, breathable material for maximum comfort.
- Listamazing
Larger runners will like that this belt because it fits up to a 44-inch waist, but you can also request a free extension strap that will make the belt even bigger if you need it.
- Runner's Goal
My most favorite feature is the water bottle holster, which acts as a good container for water bottles. This proves to be extremely useful during long runs and workout periods – you now have a reliable method to slake your thirst after hours of traveling.
- Best Belt Review
July 9, 2019 | Full review
The waist pack is made of the highest quality soft Neoprene material to flex, twist, and bend but not stretch out of shape.The extremely light fabric is water resistant and sweat proof which keeps your cell phone and other necessities dry.
- Runner Cosmos
December 21, 2017 | Full review
What experts didn't like
Flimsier than depicted.
- Listamazing
If you have a large phone, you’re out of luck––this belt only fits phones up to 6 inches.
- Runner's Goal
Can’t fit an iPhone 6+.
- Runner Cosmos
December 21, 2017 | Full review

From The Manufacturer

premium accessories lightweight phone belt ARE YOU TIRED OF ALL THESE THINGS HAPPENING TO YOU? Not having the right size of pockets or pockets at all to fit your phone in? Exercising at night and worried about not being seen by vehicles? Worried about your phone coming into contact with water or getting scratched while you are engaging in physical activity or working outside? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! SPACIOUS WATER RESISTANT ZIPPER POCKET - Enough room for your phone and personal belongings to fit comfortably in this Water Resistant Neoprene pouch. DURABLE BREATHABLE MATERIAL - Minimize sweat build up and provide maximum comfort. REFLECTIVE STRIP - This reflective strip will provide you with the comfort of knowing you will be seen at night. 40% LIGHTER - than most Waist Packs on the market today. USE AS A TRAVELLING MONEY BELT - This Waist Pack can also be used as a Money Belt, because it is slim enough to sit tight to your body and hide under your shirt. UNIVERSAL FIT - Our Waist Pack can fit almost every smartphone as well as almost every waist size and extensions are available if need be no bounce COMFORTABLE SNUG FIT & NO BOUNCING Our secure ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL running belt can be adjusted to fit all waist sizes from 20 to 51 inches. Adjust the strap and in seconds you will have the waist pack comfortably around your waist. The snug fit keeps the waist pack and your belongings close to your body, so they do not bounce around and annoy you when doing physical activity. If you need a bit more room on your waist pack then contact E Tronic Edge and they will get an extension strap to you. headphones UNIVERSAL HEADPHONE HOLE Enjoy your routine with some music to keep you pushing forward. Attach your headphone cord with full mobility to your phone which will remain securely inside in the large pocket. Works with all phones and all headphone jacks. If you are using wireless earphones, then you can store the charging case inside the waist pack pocket beside the phone. USE FOR A WIDE RANGE OF ACTIVITIES running travel workout leisure Running The E Tronic Edge running belt is preferred by many marathon runners because of it's lightweight feel and comfortable fit that keeps your phone from bouncing around. The outside pocket has a special reflective strip to help you be seen during your evening runs. Travel Stay Safe! Use the fanny pack to keep your valuables (passport, wallet, keys) close by and secure. The water resistant material will help you be prepared for any spontaneous events. Keep all your belongings safe in the secure zipper pocket. Workout Why fumble your phone while you are trying to do your working out? Just place your phone in the safe pocket to focus on your task at hand. You can even connect headphones through the special headphone hole to listen to your pump up playlist. Leisure No matter where you go or what you do, this waist pack will be an extra hand. It is a great accessory to have when walking your dog to hold bags, treats and an extra leash. Comes with an adjustable strap and stretchy material to ensure it will fit your waist perfectly. (Extensions available if need be)

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An Overview On Stocking Stuffers For Women

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means it’s time to hang your stockings with care and spend your days celebrating the season with your loved ones. Holiday celebrations almost always include sweet treats, cozy sweaters and gifts galore. 

Giving is a central theme of the holidays. Throughout the holiday season, festively wrapped presents are placed beneath decorated trees while smaller gifts are tucked inside traditional stockings hung by the fireplace. All of these gifts are to be opened surrounded by loved ones.

Each family member or friend gets their own stocking and they are filled with little trinkets and gifts. It’s a fun tradition loved by many all over the world. If you have kids, the stocking stuffing happens after they go to sleep for the night.

Some families use the legend of Santa Claus to explain the seemingly magical gift placement to children. Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle, has a long history that goes back to the 3rd century when Saint Nick became known as the patron saint of children. 

Now, he’s the symbol of the holidays and gift-giving, and parents often tell their kids that jolly ol’ Santa brings good little boys and girls all over the world presents each December. He gets around by way of a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer and makes his way down each home’s chimney in the night to secretly place presents under the tree.

While some choose to believe in Santa Claus their whole lives, most people do not. As children grow older, they often realize that they are the ones who need to stuff the stockings instead of Saint Nick.

And then comes that big question — what gift should you give your loved one this year? The answer can be tricky. It all depends on what’s popular in the moment as well as your loved one’s personality. 

Consider their hobbies. For example, if they like spa days at home, consider stuffing the Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set or the Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set into their stocking this year. If health and fitness is more their jam, consider the Savvy Infusion water bottles or E Tronic Edge Waist Packs to help them reach their fitness goals.

Small, material objects work well as stocking stuffers. Choose ones that fit inside the stocking (don’t worry, there are large stockings on the market if you’d like more room) and represent your relationship well. Amazon is a treasure trove of stocking stuffers, so start there. You can also head to your loved one’s favorite retailer to get gift ideas.

DWYM Fun Fact

Winter holidays are celebrated all over the world. In parts of Germany, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, a character named Krampus is said to accompany Saint Nicholas in order to punish the children who have been bad while Saint Nicholas rewards good children with gifts. Krampus is a frightening horned monster who wears old, dirty rags as clothes and carries chains. The infamous character has even been portrayed in American feature films and on television. Notably, he appeared in a 2015 comedy horror film called “Krampus” presented by Universal Pictures. Krampus has also been the subject of several novels and even an arcade video game

The Stocking Stuffers For Women Buying Guide

  • For stocking stuffers, opt for small gifts. You want each gift to fit inside a stocking, so keep size in mind as you shop. If you need to, take measurements of the stocking beforehand. Or, to be safe, you can stick to very small gifts like the Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set.
  • Be sure to wrap your gift before you place it in your loved one’s stocking. Any wrapping paper will do, but decorative wrapping paper is ideal. Go above and beyond by adding ribbon and other festive decorations, like fancy bows or paper snowflakes. And if your gift is personal, remember to write who it was from on a gift tag and attach it to the wrapping. You can find gift tags at virtually any retailer or you can make your own for a personal touch.
  • Staying on budget is so important, especially during the holidays when the average family racks up about $1000 in debt. Take a look at our guide and determine which items fall into your price range before you buy. Giving gifts is wonderful, especially when it’s to someone you love, but it’s always the thought that counts! And going into debt to buy presents is not ideal.
  • Typically, stocking stuffers range in cost from $1 to $30. High-cost items are usually larger, so they belong under the tree instead of in a stocking. Stockings are often used to hold small, fun gifts rather than fancy, expensive ones.
  • For the woman in your life, pay attention to things they say they want or need months ahead of the holiday. That might give you ideas for great stocking stuffers. If one comes to you, write it down. Then, you can pull out your notes while you’re shopping.
  • The more personal your stocking stuffer, the better, especially if you’re shopping for your romantic partner. Avoid things like easy-to-find gift cards or generic items as those are generally perceived as inferior gifts. Try to put thought behind your stocking stuffers and opt for something personal.
  • Nonprofit organizations often have gift-wrapping stations at big box stores. If you buy a stocking stuffer but you lack the wrapping skills, head to a gift-wrapping station and they’ll set you up for success ahead of the holiday. Check out which organizations or stores in your area are offering the service and make a point to shop there for gifts.