Dymatize Scientifically Formulated Whey Protein Powder

Last updated: May 9, 2023

Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder is formulated to be easy on the digestive system. It's gluten-free with less than half a gram of lactose and less than a gram of both fat and sugar. Each serving delivers 25 grams of protein, which aids in muscle recovery after an intense workout. In our testing, we found the flavor to be super coconut-forward, which paired well with the chocolate. It was easy to shake and mix this powder.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Designed to be easy to digest, this whey protein concentrate is a good choice for individuals who have a gluten intolerance.

In our analysis of 116 expert reviews, the Dymatize Scientifically Formulated Whey Protein Powder placed 13th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The difference between striving for your goals and crushing them is ISO100. Fast-digesting, hydrolyzed, 100% whey protein isolate, available in tons of flavors and developed with the proven amounts of protein and BCAAs per serving. Use ISO100 before your workouts, after workouts or anytime you need to up your high-quality protein intake. Crush your goals with ISO100.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

This product has a high protein yield and bioavailability, it comes with a number of recipes you can make to enhance it's flavor.
I know these things inside and out. So when I tell you this protein powder is pretty darn good, I really mean it. The flavors are bold, sweet, and true to their name.
It has clean and pure formula.
There are a lot of different flavors to suit almost anyone's taste buds, and almost all flavors have excellent reviews. Orange dreamsicle seems to have the best reviews.
It mixes very well. It’s just a little frothy, but it dissolves incredibly quickly and easily, probably because of the soy lecithin.
A complete nutritional profile features just enough carbohydrates to help your body get through the first few minutes of a workout without depleting your protein pools.
Contains 2.7 grams of Leucine and 5.5 grams of BCAAs per serving.
If you’re looking to maximize cost savings, Dymatize is the cheapest of our contenders at $0.05 per gram of protein.
The manufacturers developed Dymatize ISO 100 to give you everything you need to adequately support the growth of muscle. The whey protein isolate is fast-absorbing and easily digested.
You will love its fast absorbing whey isolates. They do not irritate nor upset the stomach.
While taking Dymatize ISO100 Protein Powder, I didn’t see any negative side effects or symptoms.This is awesome and I was very happy.I felt great and wasn’t sluggish or bloated after drinking it.
Bursting with hydrolysed whey protein, Dymatize ISO provides an incredibly fast rate of digestion. In turn, this allows your muscles to quickly absorb the supplement.
Dymatize ISO Protein powder is a continual favorite because it is made from easy to digest, hydrolyzed pure whey isolate, it is very low in sugar and fat, is free of lactose and gluten which can cause tummy issues, and has 71 servings in each 5 lb tub.
The best part is that it is 100% free of lactose and filled with pure whey protein. It also happens to be gluten-free.
If you're someone who's gluten and lactose free, this is the whey protein power for you.
Loved by professional members of the fitness community, it delivers a clean and high protein yield and bioavailability, and is low in calories but high in taste.
Of all the powders we have tried, ISO100 would be up there with the best when it comes to mixability. It mixes really well into both milk and water with a smooth texture. This is probably one of the few protein powders we think mixes pretty well in water when generally we find they only really mix well into milk.

What reviewers didn't like

At least one user found bugs crawling in the powder, while others found variance in the flavoring,making it more bitter.
Some flavors are really sweet.
Besides a small amount of calcium, Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder Isolate doesn't provide any other vitamins or minerals.
it is not 100% hydrolyzed whey.
Tastes pretty bitter because of the process of hydrolysis.
Contains modified soy oil.
Did not delivers a great-tasting chocolate flavor.
This product mixes quite well, with no clumps. The taste, however, may be one of the chemical sweeteners. Some users cannot drink the product straight. They mix it with unflavored whey isolate or natural fruits.
It has soy and milk, so just be careful if you’re allergic those either.
Uses sucralose artificial sweetener.
The Dymatize ISO 100% whey protein powder isolate is sweetened with sucralose.
The only reason ISO 100 is 2nd in our list is protein content.
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