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Last updated date: August 19, 2019

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Disney – Pixar Monsters Inc

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We looked at the top Children's Movies and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Children's Movis you should buy.

Update as August 20, 2019:
Checkout The Best Children’s Movie for a detailed review of all the top children's movies.

Overall Take

This movie is several years old, but it's still engaging for kids and adults alike. It's quick, lively entertainment that promotes friendship and teamwork. A scene with a scary monster coming after Sulley and Mike might not be appropriate for very young children, but older kids will probably love this flick.

In our analysis of 74 expert reviews, the Disney - Pixar Monsters Inc placed 4th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Lovable Sulley and Mike Wazowski are the top scare team at MONSTERS, INC., the scream-processing factory in Monstropolis. When a little girl named Boo wanders into their world, monsters are scared silly, and it’s up to Sulley and Mike to get her back home.

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What experts liked

'Monsters, Inc.'' is cheerful, high-energy fun, and like the other Pixar movies, has a running supply of gags and references aimed at grownups (I liked the restaurant named Harryhausen's, after the animation pioneer). I also enjoyed the sly way that the monster world mirrors our own, right down to production quotas and sales slogans. ''We Scare,'' they assure us, ''Because We Care.''
- Roger Ebert
November 2, 2001 | Full review
This movie has a delicious premise, sumptuous animation and a mouth-watering voice cast.
- Empire
October 10, 2015 | Full review
- Common Sense Media
Monsters, Inc. - this is the kind of movie that works on multiple levels - as fast-moving, lively fun for children and as slyly written, visually impressive entertainment for adults. Monsters, Inc. is one of those rare family films that parents can enjoy (rather than endure) along with their kids. And childless individuals venturing into a theater showing this picture need not worry that they'll be viewed as deviants - Monsters, Inc. is capable of drawing audience members from across the age spectrum.
- Reel Views
- Rotten Tomatoes
3D gives an extra frisson to the thrillingly detailed design of Monsters, Inc, but the real kick is seeing this quasi-surrealist masterpiece back on the big screen.
- The Guardian
January 17, 2013 | Full review
Mike and Sulley are great buds, and their comradeship is reflected in the song lyric, "I wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have you." Sulley's growing affection for Boo is also very sweet and touching. Indeed, he begins to take care of her even before he realizes he doesn't have to be scared of her.
- Plugged In
The movie will bring tears to many eyes when Sulley realizes what terrible things fear can actually do and how awful the face of fear truly looks. Again, parents are the critical factor in helping their children understand this issue. They are the best ones to lovingly explain truth and reality to their children.
- Movie Guide
When I saw this movie as a little girl I could not stop laughing in the theater. If you’re ever having a bad day I suggest that you watch Monsters Inc. It’s a creative movie filled with the funniest one-liners, a very unique world, and the best bloopers in the credits.
- Geeks
Monstropolis is a world so imaginative and fully detailed that, despite the complexity and originality of the concept, it also happens to be simple enough for a child to grasp.
- Deep Focus Review
June 16, 2013 | Full review
Monsters, Inc. portrays the softer side of big scary monsters while showing that even they must solve life’s problems and face their fears. Like its Toy Story predecessors, this film has enough savvy to engage most adult viewers while capturing the interest of the younger set.
- Parent Previews
July 17, 2017 | Full review
MI's concept and pacing improves dramatically in its last half, escalating to a rousing (and even emotionally affecting) finale. If the rest of the film had been as solid as its final forty minutes, MI would have rocked hard & been an instant classic. As is, Monsters, Inc. will probably become a VHS / DVD fave for the little ones. Nonetheless, Monsters, Inc. is fun enough and, chances are, you will find payoff if you take your kids to see this movie.
November 2, 2001 | Full review

What experts didn't like

And, despite the monster menagerie on show, Mike and Sulley lack the fully-realised supporting characters — the something-for-everyone approach — that so ably assisted Woody and Buzz.
- Empire
October 10, 2015 | Full review
One scene in particular that will alarm some children has one fearsome monster battering down a door to attack Sulley and Mike. It's a noisy scene, designed to raise the hair on the back of your neck. Additionally, a nightmarish machine built to "extract screams" is tried out more than once. We see the fear in the eyes of those facing it. And we see the red and puffy lips of a monster who has been dazed and damaged (not quite killed) by the force of its menacing nozzle. Boo whimpers and cries when confronting it.
- Plugged In
Thus, MONSTERS, INC. may not be appropriate for every child age 2-5. Children of that age may not be ready to fully understand, or fully enjoy, the movie at that stage, anyway.
- Movie Guide
However, parents of young children will need to be sensitive to this movie’s scare factor. (Some portrayals of growling monsters with bared teeth and loud explosions set by the detox unit were too much for the preschooler sitting behind me).
- Parent Previews
July 17, 2017 | Full review
When creating any new "universe", backstory and rules need to be established in order to give the place character and personality. This doesn't happen in Monsters, Inc. The movie's setting and monsters are entertaining enough, but it's a hollow freakshow...a puppet show...and little more...for way too long.
November 2, 2001 | Full review

An Overview On Children's Movies

As a parent, you’ve got tons of choices to make about what your child listens to, watches and reads. Are they old enough to handle the language of that song? Will they get something worthwhile out of that book? Is this movie’s message something they’ll pick up on?

That’s enough to make anyone exhausted, especially in a time when you’ve got endless content to choose from. Luckily, a great movie can teach them a lot (and give you a little time to put your feet up).

Storytelling is inherently valuable. A great story teaches your children how to tell their own stories. It also encourages them to empathize with characters who are different from them and shows them that there are many different ways to look at and experience the world. Finding that perfect movie for this moment in your kid’s life is a gift for both you and your child. 

The best children’s movies combine a compelling plot with relatable characters and exciting visuals. We’ve done the research for you and picked the best kid flicks around. Take a look at our Tips & Advice for specific info on these fantastic films. 

The Children's Movis Buying Guide

  • The most obvious feature you’ll want in a children’s movie is an engaging story. There are plenty of kids’ movies that are just slapped together, but even young children can tell the difference between a movie with heart and a storyline that falls apart. “Room on the Broom” is only 30 minutes long, but the story about a generous witch who teams up with her friends to fight a dragon is bewitching. The movie was even nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 2014 Academy Awards.
  • Many kids’ movies are animated, and the best animated flicks are thoughtful about the medium and how it relates to the movie’s story. Great visuals add oomph to any kids’ movie. “The Gruffalo” uses a combination of Claymation and CGI to bring its story to life. It’s based on the children’s book of the same title, and the animation matches the book’s illustrations to help the story translate to the big screen. Pixar favorite “Monsters, Inc.” uses digital animation to capture every strand of Sulley’s teal fur. 
  • You can find a film with a great story and breathtaking animation, but it won’t matter if it’s not age-friendly for your kid. The length of the film, the complexity of the plot and the movie’s themes all play a role in determining whether it’s appropriate for your child’s age group. “Room on the Broom” and “The Gruffalo” are both ideal for the youngest viewers. They both have a runtime of 40 minutes or less, and the stories combine simple themes with novel animation to keep very young children (ages 5 and under) interested. Pixar’s “Brave” runs for an hour and 40 minutes. It has more complex themes, like promoting independence and standing up for your beliefs. (It’s also Pixar’s first film starring a female protagonist.) It’s rated PG, and it’s probably best for children ages 8 and up. 
  • Speaking of themes, movies can be a fun way to emphasize lessons you’re trying to teach your children in real life. It never hurts to have a fun movie with a great message in your home. “Room on the Broom”  speaks to the power of friendship in the face of adversity. “Monsters, Inc.” demonstrates how teamwork can get the job done, and it encourages the audience to give new people a chance. Seeing life lessons play out with fun characters can help kids connect with new ideas more easily.
  • No one knows your kid’s interests better than you. Many children love repetition, and they’ll watch the same film over and over again. If you’re going to invest in a movie to watch at home, you may as well get the most out of your money and make sure it’s something your little one will enjoy watching on repeat. “Monsters, Inc.” has a multilayered story with plenty of Pixar Easter eggs that make every viewing a little bit different. 
  • Obviously, your child will be the one watching their movie, but you’ll be around the house when the TV is on. It doesn’t hurt to pick a children’s film that you’ll also enjoy. You can watch it together for some family bonding time, and the movie won’t drive you crazy if you’re just trying to work at home. Pixar’s films, like “Brave” and “Monsters, Inc.” both include sly jokes for adults that will fly over younger children’s heads. “Room on the Broom” and “The Gruffalo” are both beautifully animated — it will feel like you’re watching art, not patiently waiting through a movie for kids. Plus, both of those films have famous adult actors as part of the cast (Helena Bonham Carter narrates “The Gruffalo” and Gillian Anderson’s voice makes a cameo in “Room on the Broom”).