Click & Grow Energy-Efficient Nursery Herb Hydroponic System, 3-Pod

Last updated date: March 24, 2023

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Click & Grow Energy-Efficient Nursery Herb Hydroponic System, 3-Pod

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We looked at the top Hydroponic System and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Hydroponic Systems you should buy.

Update as March 24, 2023:
Checkout Grow Smarter With The Best Hydroponic System for a detailed review of all the top hydroponic system.

Overall Take

This hydroponic system includes bright LED lights, which help your plants grow regardless of the weather. The water reservoir powers the self-watering function, so you never have to remember to water your herbs. You can choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods.

In our analysis of 6 expert reviews, the Click & Grow Energy-Efficient Nursery Herb Hydroponic System, 3-Pod placed 2nd when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Smart Garden takes care of plants automatically by making sure they have enough water, light and nutrients at all times.

Expert Reviews

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6 expert reviews

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403 user reviews

What experts liked

A self-sustaining garden that can grow your favorite ingredients without your doing much work at all? It's as foolproof as it gets.
- CNN underscored
This electronic garden really can turn anyone’s black thumb into a green one. It was extremely forgiving of all my mishaps and continues to grow a plentiful supply of fresh basil.
- The Kitchn
I'm continually impressed by how quickly the plants are growing, and based on their comments, so are all of my colleagues who pass by the desk and check up on their progress every day.
- Business Insider
We are only a little over two weeks in, but so far, it’s been one of the easiest plant-growing experiences I have ever had.
- The Spoon
George Pisegna, deputy director and chief of horticulture at the Horticulture Society of New York, recommends it because it offers a complete growing system, with a self-watering container and an LED grow light. It comes with the plants, too. Pisegna says both systems are foolproof and would work in any home or apartment.
- New York Mag
You don't need to be blessed with a green thumb to get results with the Click and Grow Smart 3 (around $75), which does all the work for you. Just insert its preloaded seed capsules, fill the reservoir with water, connect it to an electrical outlet, and wait for the magic to happen.
- Wiki EZ Vid

What experts didn't like

The LED light can be pretty bright, especially since the device's timer will keep it on for about 16 hours (and then off for eight).
- CNN underscored
While it does a lot of the work for you, it does not do all of it. You do have to add water (the bigger the plants get, the faster the water needs to be replenished). You also have to add the arms to the light (but there is some wiggle room there in terms of timing).
- The Kitchn
many people point out that the refills themselves are pricey – up to $20 for rosemary and tomatoes. Given that plant seeds are a dollar or two at any garden shop, that price might prove unsustainable.
- The Spoon
Refill pods are expensive
- Wiki EZ Vid

An Overview On Hydroponic System

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants with a growing medium other than soil, water and nutrients. The medium can be vermiculite, perlite, coconut coir or other natural materials.

Believe it or not, hydroponic plants often grow 20% faster than those grown in soil, with higher yields. This is because there are fewer barriers between the plants’ roots and the water, nutrients and oxygen that they need to thrive.

Indoor hydroponic garden systems have become quite popular amongst consumers. These often can use LED lights, which are efficient and do not emit as much heat as other types of bulbs.

Some of these gardens also employ so-called smart technology, so little effort is needed to keep the plants growing after the initial set up. You can find systems that pump the water and nutrients and adjust the light and oxygen levels for you. Other indoor gardens do even more.

The systems are not inexpensive, but the initial investment can really pay off once the garden is in bloom. They are semi-permanent fixtures (though they can be moved), so you will need to allow some space for them in your kitchen or wherever else you want them to be located.

First-timers can start out with a smaller hydroponic garden, as some accommodate fewer growing pods. Some of these systems are expandable, so look for that feature if it interests you.

If you are on the fence about getting an indoor hydroponic garden, here are some more reasons to jump on board. Aside from the faster growth rates, these gardens allow you to grow plants throughout the year instead of only in the spring and summer. In addition, you don’t have to deal with the dirt, insects and fungal infestations that come from growing plants in soil.

The Hydroponic Systems Buying Guide

  • When shopping, look for the garden’s exact dimensions and compare that to the space you have available. Plan for extra height if you want to grow taller plants.
  • Some hydroponic gardens may have timers or reminders to tell you when the plants need to be watered or fed. This is a helpful feature.
  • Certain indoor gardens are easier to set up than others, so see if you can find online instructions before buying.
  • If you want to go all out, some of the systems have voice assistants that you can control through Google Assistant or Alexa. You will have to cough up more money for these, though.