Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter

Last updated date: February 4, 2020

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Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter

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Overall Take

The Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher is a solid choice for everyday use, thanks to an easy-cleaning design. The filter effectively removes heavy metals from drinking water and is BPA-free. A simple sticker indicator lets you know when to replace the filter, which is a snap to remove. In our analysis of 308 expert reviews, the Brita Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter placed 1st when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note December 19, 2019:
Checkout The Best Water Purifier for a detailed review of all the top water purifiers.

Expert Summarized Score
41 expert reviews
User Summarized Score
4,220 user reviews
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What experts liked
Each filter is made to cleanout chlorine, mercury, copper and other contaminants found in your local tap water.Then, you do not have to worry about replacing g the filter. It comes with its own indicator. This function lets you know when it is time to change the filter. You can always have fresh water.
- All Top Stuffs
The Brita water pitcher’s flip-top lid makes refilling a breeze and just a glance at the sticker filter indicator lets you know when it is time to change the Brita replacement filter.
- All Top Ten Reviews
Stands out for being lightweight and providing good filtering for great tasting water.
- BestReviews
It can be placed on most surfaces and occupies little space. It is also very portable, weighing 2.29 pounds, and has a simple and convenient lid for easy pouring and refilling.
- The Z8
Reduces most water contaminants to the recommended levels.
- A Top Daily
The pitcher, which is BPA Free, has an indicator that lets you know when to change the filter. You can trust this simple water pitcher to protect you from pollutants.
- Top Home Stuff
The BPA-free Brita filter effectively reduces chlorine taste and odor from water. Even, this filtration system helps to remove copper, mercury, and cadmium impurities for water.
- GamingFront
Among Brita’s many pitchers, the iconic 10-cup Everyday is our favorite for its easy-to-clean design.
- New York Times Wirecutter
The pitcher uses the standard Brita filters that can purify about 40 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. Additional filters can be found in most major stores for a rather decent price tag.
- Top Ten The Best
This is very great item that removes copper, mercury as well as cadmium. So, this provides a safe water as the harmful elements may the causes of illness. It has sticker filter indicator that indicates when you need to replace the filter.
- A Best Five
This water pitcher from Brita is BPA-free. It has a status indicator that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter.
- The Consumer Guide
The oval design means the Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher fits snugly into most fridge doors and we also love the soft grip handle for easier pouring.
- Happy Happy Vegan
It will remove the unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine, while combating heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and copper.
- Water Filter Answers
Each filter can purify the equivalent of 300 standard 16.9-ounce plastic bottles, and comes with indicator stickers for tracking when it's time for a replacement.
- Wiki EZ Vid
While it is inexpensive, we found other filter pitchers that offered a markedly better performance and cost less than $10 more.
- Tech Gear Lab
Brita’s system is sufficient to improve taste, and both the NSF and other independent tests show it will remove heavy metals.
- Your Best Digs
When it comes to the filter capacity, it’s around 40 gallons. This should be enough for two months of average use before the filter needs to be replaced.
- Pick Comfort
The jug has a lid that can open completely, making refilling water a bliss. The whole body is a smooth, plain design, which is actually an advantage as it’s easy to clean.
- Healthy Kitchen 101
The pitcher has contaminant removal prowess which separates chemicals such as mercury, chlorine, copper, and zinc aftertastes found in tap water.
- All True Stuff
Its BPA-free Brita filters reduce the amount of copper, mercury, cadmium impurities, chlorine taste, and odor found in your water.
- The Pick
The Brita filter can eradicate – or greatly reduce – the presence of mercury, lead, cadmium, copper and chlorine. All of these are commonly found in tap water. Better still, the pitcher is also free of the chemical Bisphenol A, which is sometimes used for hardening plastics.
- Outlinist
The most unique feature about it is that it can be stored at any place without taking much space. As it holds large quantity of water it is best suited for the large families. The easy to use filter indicator sticker lets you know when it’s the time to change the filter.
- Village Bakery
April 12, 2019 | Full review
It is BPA free pitcher, which will also help prevent onslaught health issues related to plastics products. The Brita 10-Cup daily pitcher filter will continue to be a typical 39 gallons.
- The Taggy
June 13, 2019 | Full review
It reduces the amount of chlorine, copper, mercury, and cadmium commonly found in tap water.
- Family Living Today
February 19, 2019 | Full review
It can store 10 cups of water, and the BPA-free filter inside keeps the water clean from water impurities such as chlorine, copper, mercury, cadmium and their odors.
- All About Water Filters
Certified to reduce mercury, cadmium, and copper, which can leech into water from piping.
- FamilyNano
It is made of BPA-free plastic and is able to replace up to 300 standard 16.9-ounce plastic water bottles with just one filter, something that is having a serious impact on the world we live in.
- DrinkFiltered
It features a compact gravity-fed design, so it won’t take up much space in your refrigerator. The lift-off lid allows for easy filling and access to the upper water reservoir.
- Best Osmosis Systems
Lighter than usual – easy to carry even when full.
- Water Filter Pitcher Reviews
February 4, 2018 | Full review
There is only one filter for this pitcher, but it is effective enough at purifying your water whether for drinking or cooking. It makes the water free from the odor and taste of chlorine. It also reduces the amount of copper, zinc, mercury, and cadmium.
- Best Purification
This water filter is BPA-free and offers you freedom from all kinds of drinking water impurities like mercury, copper, and cadmium. These impurities can cause an adverse effect on your health in the long run.
- My Filter Pitcher
February 6, 2017 | Full review
The Brita 10-Cup Everyday pitcher filter will last you a typical 39 gallons of great tasting water. You can expect to change out the low-cost filter every two months for optimal usage. The filter costs are inexpensive, even when purchasing the filters in packs to get a deal.
- Water Softener Critic
Filter Replacement Indicator – The Brita large water pitcher consists of the filter status indicator which will let you know when to replace the Brita BPA water filter.
- Water Filter Pitcher Guide
Just one Brita water filter saves 300 standard 16 ounce plastic bottles.
- Water Filter Pal
The classic oval design fits easily into most refrigerators and gives you significant savings over buying bottled water as statistically, one water filter can replace up to 300 standard plastic water bottles. Besides, this works to drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste we put out annually.
- Your Green Ability
The device is convenient to hold and pour, wash and refill. It utilizes a powerful BPA free carbon ion-exchange resin filter that removes zinc, mercury and copper, providing with only the freshest, 100% purified drinking water.
- Best Water Softener
Easy to assemble and clear instruction given.
- BrizFeel
It is able to reduce chlorine taste and odor, copper, mercury, and cadmium in order to deliver healthier and great tasting water. The pour-through lid ensures no spills will occur when you pour yourself a glass of water with it.
- My Home Water Filter
This pitcher is first on our list for a variety of reasons including the fact that it holds 10 cups. That’s a great feature which makes it ideal for families as you won’t have to refill the water pitcher lots of times throughout the day.
- Amelie Broadway
Easy to use, clean and maintain.
- Water Softener Guide
What experts didn't like
A bit heavy.
- All Top Ten Reviews
Occassional issues with lids and leakage. Lacks the electronic filter change reminder of other newer models.
- BestReviews
Difficult to properly set the filter for maximum sealing.
- A Top Daily
But its handle is less comfortable than the Pur Classic’s, and filling it means removing the lid entirely, which is a two-hand operation.
- New York Times Wirecutter
May not 100% eliminate chlorine taste.
- Happy Happy Vegan
It doesn’t have the electronic filter monitor or water quality tester of competitors, but it does have a simple sticker that lets you know when it’s time to change filters. This sticker isn’t quite as accurate as some of the digital displays.
- Water Filter Answers
Leaks if poured soon after filling.
- Wiki EZ Vid
Doesn’t impress at removing lead or dissolved salts.
- Tech Gear Lab
The standard Brita filter doesn’t remove the number of contaminants that a filter like ZeroWater does.
- Your Best Digs
The main complaint that users have had is about refilling the pitcher. It can take around a couple of minutes, since the water passes through the filter slowly. In addition, pouring water out of the pitcher and into a glass is a bit slow as well.
- Pick Comfort
Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an indicator to tell you when to change the filter.
- Healthy Kitchen 101
The capacity might be too small for heavy water drinkers: If you’ve got a big family, drink several glasses of water daily, or plan to use the filtered water for plants, hydrating your pets, cooking and more, it might be wise to go for a bigger product.
- Outlinist
Filter requires a replacement after filtering 40 gallons of water or after 2 months of usage.
- All About Water Filters
Customers experience some leakage if they have just filled the upper reservoir and are trying to pour our fresh water. It’s important to wait for the water level to go down before pouring.
- FamilyNano
Although it features seamless surfaces, the upper reservoir turns out to be quite difficult to remove which is inconvenient for cleaning.
- Best Osmosis Systems
Cracks easily – lightweight also means thin. Users need to be careful and not sloppy with this pitcher.
- Water Filter Pitcher Reviews
February 4, 2018 | Full review
The most common issue with this product is the removable lid. Since it is very easy to remove, it also falls off easily. You should hold it in place while you are pouring out fresh water into a glass.
- Best Purification
The lid does not sit on the pitcher correctly sometimes.
- My Filter Pitcher
February 6, 2017 | Full review
Has a sticker filter indicator (which can come off).
- Water Softener Critic
Inefficient lead removal: Unfortunately, I found that the lead removal capabilities of this unit are wanting.
- Water Filter Pal
It takes some effort to take out the reservoir as it’s tight, especially in wet condition.
- BrizFeel
The indicator is a sticker and thus can fall off.
- Water Softener Guide

From The Manufacturer

Drink healthier, great tasting tap water with this BPA free Brita 10 cup water pitcher. With the advanced filter technology, Brita cuts the taste and odor of chlorine to deliver great tasting water, and is certified to reduce copper, cadmium and mercury impurities, which can adversely affect your health over time. The Brita water pitchers flip top lid makes refilling a breeze and just a glance at the sticker filter indicator lets you know when it is time to change the Brita replacement filter. This large water pitcher comes with 1 water filter, which should be changed every 40 gallons or about 2 months for best results. Start drinking healthier, great tasting water with Brita today.

Overall Product Rankings

Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter
1. Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter
Overall Score: 9.5
Expert Reviews: 41
ZeroWater Pitcher with Water Quality Meter, 23 Cup
2. ZeroWater Pitcher with Water Quality Meter, 23 Cup
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 10
Aquagear BPA-Free Water Filter Pitcher
3. Aquagear BPA-Free Water Filter Pitcher
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 74
Brita 5 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter
4. Brita 5 Cup Water Pitcher with Filter
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 22
Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, 3.5 Liters
5. Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, 3.5 Liters
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 1
PUR 18 Cup Ultimate Water Dispenser
6. PUR 18 Cup Ultimate Water Dispenser
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 7
Apex Countertop Water Filter
7. Apex Countertop Water Filter
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 40
Brita Ultra Max 18 Cup Dispenser with Filter
8. Brita Ultra Max 18 Cup Dispenser with Filter
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 20
Waterdrop Long-Lasting Water Filter Pitcher
9. Waterdrop Long-Lasting Water Filter Pitcher
Overall Score: 8.1
Expert Reviews: 17
Brita Tap Water Filter System
10. Brita Tap Water Filter System
Overall Score: 7.8
Expert Reviews: 13
Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration System
11. Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration System
Overall Score: 7.6
Expert Reviews: 22

An Overview On Water Purifiers

For many homes, a water purifier helps keep drinking water safe and can improve the taste of the water. They can come in a couple of different forms: gadgets that attach directly to a faucet or the more popular jug purifiers that incorporate a filter directly into a pitcher or other receptacle. In the latter versions, you simply pour water into the pitcher, and it trickles through a filter into a lower reservoir, cleaner and tastier.

Simplemost Media

How does it do this? In almost every case, personal water purifiers use activated carbon to filter impurities. Carbon is very effective at catching a wide array of particles through the process of adsorption, catching chlorine and other unwanted substances in its pores. You can expect carbon filters to remove particles measuring anywhere from 50 micrometers down to .5 micrometers (a micrometer, also known as a micron, being a mere one-millionth of a meter). You might find that measurement in the specs of a purifier or even in the product blurbs if it’s an especially low number.

Simplemost Media

While carbon filters are great at removing most toxic particles and organic compounds, they’re not so good at catching minerals. Mind you, many of the minerals you’ll find in water are beneficial ones that the body needs, like calcium and magnesium. Even so, some purifiers opt for a secondary filter that can catch bad minerals and leave harmless ones in the mix.

So how do you know what kind of purifier you need? Since even the most thorough jug filtration systems won’t break the bank, it can be easy to just choose the most powerful one. But purifiers with extra layers of filtering can take time to push that water through the system or need more frequent replacements — a big hassle for large families on busy mornings.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

It might be best to find out what contaminants are in your water to begin with, and you can do that by getting a water testing kit. They can be obtained from most state or local health departments. The website of the Environmental Protection Agency has a handy list on its website if you’re not sure who to contact first. Those kits will tell you the kind of substances that might be making your water taste funny (like zinc and chlorine), and raise a red flag for harmful and potentially fatal chemicals like lead.

DWYM Fun Fact

Activated carbon filters sound like a recent advancement dreamed up in the research labs of big companies, but the ancient Egyptians were way ahead of us — as they were with so many things. By 1500 B.C., they had discovered that charcoal was effective in removing unwanted odors from water. The Egyptians used it not only to purify their drinkables, but also as a cure for intestinal diseases and even to preserve their dead. The Hindus and Phoenicians took up this practice by 700 B.C., storing drinking water in charred barrels during long overseas voyages.

The Water Purifier Buying Guide

  • Jug purifiers are super convenient and simple to maintain, and you can even take them on a picnic. It can be easy to forget that they’re even filtering your water, unless that process takes awhile. And with more powerful, multi-stage filters, it typically will. The process of purifying a full jug of water can vary widely between brands and models — anywhere from a minute or so to ten minutes or more. That can be a pain for impatient kids on the way out the door to school, but the trade-off might be worth it if you’re extra health-conscious.
  • One sacrifice for the convenience of a jug purifier is the relatively frequent replacement of the filter. As activated carbon accumulates particles, it reaches a point where it can’t adsorb any more from the water. A filter change will get your filter cleaning again, and how often that should be done can vary. About two or three months is standard for most systems. It’s a good idea to price the filters before you buy, since frequent, pricey replacements can more than offset the savings from a cheap purifier.
  • Space is a big practical concern for purifiers. Most of them are designed to fit snugly on a refrigerator shelf, though some compact models can be small enough to slide into the fridge door. That’s great when there’s not a lot of room, but of course, you can expect to fill it up more frequently.