Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother

Last updated date: November 19, 2020

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Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother

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We looked at the top Milk Frothers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Milk Frother you should buy.

Editor's Note July 6, 2020:
Checkout The Best Milk Frother for a detailed review of all the top milk frothers.

Overall Take

Heading to your local coffee shop or café and ordering your favorite beverage for a delicious treat is the perfect activity when you’re craving something warm and luxurious. A lovely espresso, mocha, cappuccino or even a hot chocolate has a creamy mouthfeel that is almost impossible to recreate at home. You can buy a fancy coffee maker and the most expensive beans, but it just won’t taste the same without the foamy and bubbly milk that goes on top. The Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother changes everything. You can make professional-tasting drinks by frothing your own milk at home.

The Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother is a handy gadget that uses induction heating and a spinning motion to create hundreds of tiny bubbles within your milk. These bubbles are what give the milk that luxurious, silky and foamy texture we love so much in drinks like cappuccinos and mochas.

The induction heating ensures that all of the milk is heated evenly throughout, so you don’t end up burning your tongue on one sip while cooling it down on the other. Your frothed milk will be heated to an even temperature. The Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother has an auto shut-off so the gadget will turn off when the milk has reached your desired temperature.

When using a milk frother, you’re not just limited to the usual dairy milks. You can also use oat milk, cashew milk, almost milk, soy milk and other varieties in the frother. Each kind of milk will develop a slightly different texture and impart a unique flavor to your beverage.

Not a fan of coffee-based drinks? No problem. You can use the Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother to whip up delicious foamy hot chocolates by adding a scoop of hot chocolate powder directly to the milk. If you want something a little different, try making a warm flavored milk instead. Consider adding in a few squirts of maple syrup or a drop of vanilla for a tasty decaffeinated treat.

If you’re thinking about making a cold drink and want to add on a little bit of foam, the Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother also has a cold-stir option. This way, you can use this to create a cool foam to top an iced coffee or tea.

This milk frother is the frother for a true beverage aficionado. It can handle large capacities of milk and quickly froth it to your preferred temperature and thickness. We love that, even with the impressive technology, it remains dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.


  • Ideal for hot or cold beverages
  • 3-cup capacity
  • Uses induction heating
  • Auto-shut off
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Includes cappuccino disc for thick and creamy foam
  • Includes latte disc for smooth and silky milk
  • Can add hot chocolate powder directly to milk in jug
  • Discs can be stored on the rear of the frothing base
  • Jug is dishwasher safe




In our analysis of 118 expert reviews, the Breville Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother placed 2nd when we looked at the top 8 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Creamy milk and hot chocolate maker. Hot milk drinks are best when made with the smallest bubbles. Rather than a bubble bath, it's that creamy consistency that creates a rich hot chocolate or a smooth latte or cappuccino. The Milk Café uses induction heating and spinning to make those small bubbles. Simply choose the appropriate frothing disc -- latte for a creamy result, the cappuccino disc for more froth -- fill with enough milk for one or up to three cups, select your temperature, and start. The Milk Café will froth and turn itself off when the desired temperature is achieved ... NOTE: Kindly refer to the user manual for any trouble shooting or guidelines regarding the item. Voltage: 110–120 Volts

Expert Reviews

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1,372 user reviews

What experts liked

Customizes cold or hot froth for various beverages. Gorgeous stainless steel design large capacity (up to 3 cups) and fast operation.
- BestReviews
It’s dishwasher-safe too, and the parts are easy to dissemble. If you don’t own a dishwasher, then you can still wash it by hand without a hassle as the parts need only a rinse or two to be cleaned.
- Dripped Coffee
I love the temperature control on this model. No other frother on this list gives you the flexibility to foam milk at any temperature from 120°F to 160°F, and even a little cooler/hotter.
- The Coffee Maven
First off the Breville is the only milk frother that allows you to set both the temperature of your milk and the amount of foam you wish to create. Simply use the circular dial to set your milk temperature anywhere from cold stir to 160 degrees (70C).
- Latte Art Guide
Perhaps the best feature of the Milk Cafe is its two frothing discs: a smooth one for making smoother froths and one with slits for making thicker foam like in cappuccinos.
- Home Grounds
The most popular feature of the Breville Milk Cafe is that you can customize the exact temperature, type of foam, and amount of foam you want to create. Its circular dial lets you easily set the milk temperature from cold to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. A spinning magnetized disk creates the foam and induction heating warms the milk.
- Business Insider
Can be used to make many different types of beverages, like coffee, hot chocolate, etc.Adjustable temperature.
- Coffee Lounge
This milk frother has a large capacity that allows you to make a large amount of milk froths.
- Kitchen Lola
The ability to control the temperature makes for a superior coffee experience. I can get the milk hotter and create a TON of foam with the frothing disc.
- New York Mag
To ensure that you get more brew specific froth, this machine comes with both latte and cappuccino frothing discs. And you will not need to worry about storing these discs as it has handy on-board disc storage.
- Coffee Gear X
The adjustable temperature wins over many that are eager to get the best tasting hot beverage they can at home, and it just takes about 3 or 4 minutes for the perfect type of froth to form.
- Nonna Box
t’s dishwasher safe and has a pour spout. It’s pretty much the everything-you-could-want-in-a-milk-frother milk frother.
- Coffee or Bust
This milk frother defines versatility. It has a latte frothing disc which makes silky smooth milk. It also has the cappuccino frothing disc which makes thick and creamy froth just as you love it. It also features a hot chocolate maker.
- Tasty Kitchenn
This milk frother is ideal for making hot chocolate along with creamy, delicious milk. The secret to its creamy consistency is combined induction heating and a spinning disc, which work in tandem to create small bubbles. There’s one disc for making lattes and another for creating cappuccinos.
- Heavy
Other luxe features include a stainless-steel pitcher that’s both dishwasher safe and easy to hand wash. In the lid there’s a measuring cup to use for adding mix-ins.
- Reviewed
In case you’re wondering, the model won’t take an eternity to provide froth. Instead, as we found out during our testing, it only requires between one and two minutes to have the frothed milk ready.
- Devices For Home
Breville milk frother and carafe got a much higher capacity than any other machine on our list, being able to steam and froth three times the amount of milk than our other finalists.
- Coffee Dino
Customization options for temperature and foam density.
- Coffee Urban
One of the greatest features is that allows you to select the milk temperature (from cold to 160ºF or even more if desired). This gives you more control over the process.
- Little Coffee Place
The Breville BMF600XL comes with 2 frothing discs, each of them is designed for its purpose. As it goes from its name, the latte frothing disc makes great foam for latte; it's soft and 'silky'. The cappuccino frothing disc makes much denser and creamy foam, the one required for cappuccinos.
- Best Advisor
It produces a nice thick creamy froth for use with chocolate, coffee, lattes, cappuccino and other drinks. The jug is based on induction heating which is energy efficient and produces good results. It’s made of a hygienic material to safeguard your health and has an easy-clean surface.
- Top Review Pro
With the automated frothing system, this countertop appliance knows exactly how long to froth your milk for a smooth, bubbly consistency.
- Cozzy
This milk frother will provide you with three cups of frothed milk at a single time. The best feature provided by this milk frother is the adjustable temperature property so that you can choose the different temperature for your milk beverage.
- Village Bakery
This is my best milk frother and a favorite among many users with a latte frothing disc to create silky and smooth milk. It also features a cappuccino frothing disc that helps create some very creamy and thick froth that you and your family will enjoy.
- The Z8
It has interchangeable disks let you control the foam density, and its adjustable heating element brings your milk to the perfect temperature.
- The Coffee Chronicler
It has a great temperature control dial that starts at a cold stir and goes up to 160 degrees. Once it reaches the temperature you choose, the frothing automatically stops. It'll also do cold frothing and holds up to 3 cups of liquid.
- Chew The World
The clever working mechanism heats up milk very fast. You can control the process of heating with four settings: hot, optimum temperature, warm, and cold stir. Fans of cold drinks can get cold frothed milk.
- Milk Frother Top
I love this milk frother. There are plenty of new drinks I’m going to try with it. But probably the biggest benefit for me is the temperature control when I’m frothing milk for a latte or cappuccino.
- Coffee Detective
This one gets the milk right every time, but it can do so much more than just frothing milk for lattes and cappuccinos. You can make drinks right in the carafe if it’s something that has to be mixed, and the carafe is dishwasher safe.
- Espresso Gusto
Makes hot or cold milk or frothed milk for specialty coffee or sweet hot chocolate or chai tea.
- Baristapy
The frother sits on a base which is the induction unit and detaches from the induction base. Because there is no internal electrical components, the stainless steel frothing jug, lid, cap, and discs are dishwasher safe. However, the induction base is not dishwasher-safe and should simply be wiped down with a damp sponge and toweled dry.
- Our Kitchen Reviews
It has two frothing discs for frothing milk for Cappuccino or Latte.
- Your Best Coffee Machine
This frother as well boasts of on-board disc storage. It comes with two discs. One is for cappuccino and the other one for latte.
- Milk Frothers Lab
The unit is very efficient working really fast, taking just seconds with the press on a single button to make the perfect foam. Another useful feature is that you don’t need to know which temperatures are best for creating the ideal foam for cappuccino; the frother highlights it for your convenience.
- Bean Pick Coffee Reviews
You can control the temperature precisely via the dial on the front of the unit, which is the chief reason that if you’ve read some electric milk frother reviews, the Breville winds up at or near the top of the lists. The element heats quickly too, only taking about 90 seconds from start to finish.
- Consumer Flies
It uses induction heating, so you can take the part that holds your milk, remove it, and easily wash it in the dishwasher or even just give it a quick rinse by hand. Either way, very easy to clean and you don’t need an extra pot or pan to heat the milk up first.
- Tea Perspective
Features include a latte frothing disc for smooth and silky milk and a cappuccino frothing disk for thick and creamy froth. You can also make hot chocolate by adding chocolate powder, flakes or syrup to the milk.
- Wired Coffee Guide

What experts didn't like

It's expensive and a bit loud.
- BestReviews
On the expensive side.
- Dripped Coffee
However, super picky latte drinkers may find the foam doesn’t get super smooth.
- The Coffee Maven
On the negative side there really isn’t anything wrong with it, my only complaint is that the frothing disk can get loose when the jug is not clean as its held on by magnetisation.
- Latte Art Guide
It's expensive!
- Home Grounds
It's very expensive!
- Business Insider
Whisks are magnetically powered and should be cleaned after every use to function properly
- Coffee Lounge
Designed to spin using a magnetic field, the plastic disks have to be kept exclusively clean at all times.
- Kitchen Lola
When compared to other milk frothers on our list, this is a more expensive product.
- Coffee Gear X
There are some bad reviews of this BMP00XL milk frother that claim that after 2-3 years of use, you try to start it up and just get a blinking light and no full juice; that disappointed user was able to send the product back and get a satisfactory replacement.
- Nonna Box
For best result, must clean the frothing disc after each use.
- Tasty Kitchenn
Some complain of an initial learning curve.
- Heavy
Unfortunately, in our tests the temperatures we recorded were about 10 degrees lower than the ones featured on the control. There’s also a cold stir setting that stirs or froths without heating.
- Reviewed
The magnetic hook needs excessive cleaning.
- Devices For Home
Having said that, it’s also the most expensive electric milk steamer and frother on our list of finalists and may be more money than some people are willing to spend.
- Coffee Dino
Big footprint on the counter space.
- Coffee Urban
The Breville is the most expensive milk steamer in the list.
- Little Coffee Place
The minimal froth amount might be too much for an avarage cup of coffee.
- Best Advisor
This milk frother is meant to be a countertop appliance. You won’t be able to easily store it out of sight in a cupboard or drawer.
- Cozzy
Won’t froth nondairy milks such as coconut and almond milk.
- Chew The World
Requires minimum one full cup of milk for proper functioning.
- Milk Frother Top
Disks must be kept absolutely clean of dust or powder to spin right via magnetic field.
- Baristapy
This unit is over $100, making it the priciest of the top-reviewed milk frothers.
- Our Kitchen Reviews
You cannot store it in a drawer or cupboard.
- Milk Frothers Lab
A few minor complaints that were mentioned by the reviewers include the fact that a minimum of 8 ounces of milk must be added to the jug for it to work properly.
- Bean Pick Coffee Reviews
The only real downside to this unit is its price. Right now, you can find it on sale for $129.95.
- Consumer Flies

An Overview On Milk Frothers

Anyone who doubts the appeal of the mighty latte should try to drive a couple of miles in just about any town and avoid seeing a Starbucks. It’s not just marketing that made the latte (and its airier sibling, the cappuccino) a hit among post-1980s American coffee drinkers. The sublime layering of espresso, milk and froth makes a tasty team that can appeal to almost anyone, even on hot days.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Of course, the novel ingredient in that mix is froth. It adds a crucial bit of lightness and hint of bubbly texture to the drink, and it’s a big reason why most of us keep dropping by the local coffee shop. After all, who has time to foam up their own milk?

Apologies to our favorite barista, but the answer is just about anybody can if they want to. There are milk frothers on the market to suit nearly every need, budget and level of beverage obsession. And with a bit of practice, you can use them to make your own lattes and cappuccinos just like the ones at your favorite café.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Frothing milk does not involve any complex chemical transformation. Agitate the milk to add air bubbles and voila: You’ve got froth. This can be done while the milk is hot or cold, and there are a few basic types of frothers that can accomplish it.

Handheld frothers are the simplest in design and also generally some of the cheapest. They include a whisk attached to a long handle and a motor to vibrate the whisk. They’re mostly battery-operated, which allows for plenty of mobility and control over the whole process.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Manual frothers look a lot like a French press but use the filter mechanism in a completely different way. To froth milk, you pour it into a carafe, then plunge a specially-designed filter down through the liquid, then up and down again, as many times as is necessary. With each plunge, the filter pushes and stirs more air into the milk while a lid keeps the entire process from spilling onto your counter.

Some manual frothers might incorporate a heating mechanism, but you’ll usually have to warm things up yourself — either at the beginning or end of the process, depending on instructions. This can seem like a chore, but it’s a great way to work up a nice, thick head of long-lasting foam. And since there’s typically no electrical components to worry about, the cleanup is super easy. Manual frothers tend to be roughly the same price as handheld frothers, though fancier models with sturdier materials might run a few dollars more.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

The third type of frother is referred to as automatic or electric. As the name implies, they’re tailor-made for busy latte lovers. Just pour the milk into the frother, push a button and wait. Thanks to a high-speed whisk inside, you typically won’t need to wait long, and most models will heat your milk at the same time. Though convenient to use, certain parts on these items may be harder to clean. Still, for on-the-spot drinks, they’re hard to beat.

No matter what type of frother you choose, they’re all bound to make your morning cup of joe a lot more luxurious — and they’re just as great at whipping up hot chocolate, too.

The Milk Frother Buying Guide

  • The first thing that health-conscious or allergy-prone latte drinkers will notice about frothing milk at home is that it requires a bit more work. Whole or 2% milk usually foams up quickly and stays thick well after the pour, if done correctly. Non-fat or skim milk might bubble up quickly, but the froth won’t be as thick. Soy milk, almond milk or other non-dairy alternatives will heat up fine, but just don’t hold the bubbles as well. Those beautiful hearts, birds and other mini-paintings you see baristas making in their latte art? Chances are good they were drawn in whole milk. Until science gets around to finding a solution, the healthier milk options aren’t as ideal for froth — though some high-powered frothers can make the most of them.
  • Those in the market for a frother will probably know this already, but the difference between a latte and a cappuccino is in the foam. Lattes are chiefly espresso and steamed milk, with a bit of foam on top. Cappuccinos are equal parts of all three. If you’re going to make the latter, get a frother that can deliver plenty of thickness. (And if you’re able to digest it, use whole milk.)
  • For some, fresh cappuccino at home is a luxury to enjoy solo, maybe on weekends. For others, it’ll be a joy to be shared with the entire family or a gaggle of friends at parties. If you’re making drinks for others regularly, consider capacity. Handheld frothers can be great for individual cups but will take a lot longer for a large pot of milk. Latte parties are a job for manual frothers or larger electric models.
  • Another area where handheld frothers really shine is the cleanup process. With fewer parts and (usually) no delicate electrical components to worry about, they will rinse right off in soapy water after use. Automatic models are largely at the other end of the spectrum, though some well-designed types include removable electronics that make the process easier. Whatever the routine, it’s best to make sure they’re cleaned off relatively quickly. Caked-on traces of milk can spoil, affecting the taste of your next batch of froth.