Breville Immersion Blender, 15-Speed

Last updated: January 9, 2020

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In our analysis of 124 expert reviews, the Breville Immersion Blender, 15-Speed placed 0th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Why the Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender? Sometimes, making a simple soup can be hard work. Immersion blenders are supposed to make cooking easier, but they can often create problems instead of solving them: creating splatters, suctioning to the bottom of the bowl, and scratching pots. How can you control the power you need to get the texture you want? The Breville Control Grip immersion blender has a redesigned blade system to address these problems: a bell-shaped base and internal ribbing break suction for greater control and efficient blending. This is how the Breville Control Grip stands apart: whatever you need to blend, the Breville Control Grip has got it under control. New design for excellent performance The Breville Control Grip’s blade system has internal ribs that create turbulence. This unique system makes sure the food falls onto the blades, reducing suction to the bottom of the pot. It also gives you precise control over texture, with 15 variable speeds, while the 8 inch immersion depth for large quantities or tall pots means that you can blend directly in the pot for less mess and more convenience. No more transferring soups from the pot to the food processor and back. The powerful 280 watt motor generates circulation, making sure all the ingredients are blended evenly. These features make the Breville Control Grip excellent for multi-tasking, whether it’s blending, emulsifying, whipping, or pureeing. Use it to make velvety soups, thick mayonnaise, fluffy whipped cream, chunky pesto, dips, and salsa, smoothies, baby food and more. Get a grip on excellent blending The Breville Control Grip features an ergonomically optimized handle designed to fit your hand comfortably. Trigger operation keeps your hand in natural position for more stability and control, and its soft touch finish makes sure it’s easy on your hand, even when it’s hard on your food. Designed with the Consumer in Mind With all of these features, it’s no wonder that the Breville Control Grip has been rated the best immersion blender by a leading consumer magazine, beating out higher priced models. It’s built with high quality materials: both the blending shaft and the ice-crushing blades are made of stainless steel, ensuring durability. A 6 foot extra-long power cord makes the unit portable and convenient, providing the mobility of a cordless immersion blender but making sure that it is always ready to go when you need it (no charging necessary). The bottom of the blender has a non-scratch base to prevent it from scratching your non-stick pots. It also comes with a handy whisk attachment for cream, egg whites, or light batters, as well as a blending jug and chopping bowl. The chopping bowl can be stored compactly in the jug for convenience and the lid of the blending jug can be used as a base to prevent slipping while blending. Easy clean parts can be hand washed and most parts (except motor, chopper lid and whisk gear box) can be washed in the dish washer on the top shelf only, making cleanup quick and easy. Product Features Variable speed: 15 settings for precise control 6’ extra-long cord: for increased portability and movement Ergonomically designed: for reduced hand strain Trigger operation: the hand assumes a more natural position for increased stability and control Soft touch finish: for increased comfort and reduced slipping 280W Motor 8″ immersion depth: for blending large quantities in tall pots and containers Bell-shaped base: revolutionary shape plus internal ribbing reduces suction for greater control and more efficient blending Stainless steel ice crushing blades Non-scratch guard: protect pots and pans from scratching Compact storage: blending jug houses the chopping bowl for easier processing and convenient storage Storage lid: doubles as a non-slip base

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

15 variable speed settings. Six foot power cord.
The blending wand doesn’t spatter as it purees. We also appreciate the extra-large, 42-ounce blending jar, which has a handle, clearly marked measurements, and a rubber grip to keep it firmly in place during blending.
The Breville BSB510XL will help you avoid being shamed by your dad with its non-scratch base. What users appreciate about the BSB510XL is the extras. The blending cups are impeccably designed, and it comes with a whisk attachment that will keep your arm from getting tired.
The Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender handles every tasks like a champ.
Its blade and shaft are made of stainless steel while the rest of the body is made of plastic. The base of the shaft has a special design that prevents it from scratching pots. To make it easy to use the handle has a pistol-like grip while the buttons have been placed in such a way so that they can be reached easily.
It features a non-scratch base so that it does not scratch your pots when in use. Its storage lid allows you to retain your food or drink for a while maintaining hygiene.
One thing that does set the Breville apart from the other blenders on our list is the “pistol grip” style that ergonomically works with your hand for comfortable and easy use. In contrast, the #2 Hamilton Beach was somewhat awkward and took some practice to use properly. But the Breville blender will work with the shape of your hand so that turning it on is as easy as “pulling the trigger.”
This blender also comes with internal ribbing for enhanced performance. An eight-inch immersion depth effortlessly handles larger quantities of food and can fit nicely into taller pots. You won’t have to worry about scratching the base of your favorite pots thanks to this blender’s non-scratch base.
- Heavy
One thing that this model has a clear advantage on is speed settings. There at 15 in total that can be accessed by a conveniently located switch on the top of the handle assembly. The ability to switch between settings on-the-fly is important for any cook who likes to have both hands working at the same time.
People find it most ergonomic option among many other competitive hand blenders in the market. The fact is that it reduces hard strain with the trigger-based operation and soft touch finish.
A feature that makes this model really shine is as many as 15 speed settings in contrast to 3 or 5 speeds found in other similar models. What it gives you in practice is maximum precise blending results allowing you to get exactly the desired consistency and smoothness of blended foods and efficiently beat through some tougher ingredients.
For the cook who is running out of kitchen space but still needs blending, whisking, and chopping capabilities, the Breville Control Grip is a terrific tool. The stacking ability of the included chopper and mixing pitcher help conserve cabinet or counter space, and the 280-watt motor gives it plenty of power to last through extensive use.
- Foodal
We really liked the 8-inch immersion depth, as it allowed us to blend larger quantities in deeper bowls. This actually is pretty handy when blending soups, as you can do it in the pot itself.
Soup puree performance was Excellent. Yogurt blend performance was Excellent.
It’s capable, flexible and accompanies an incredible assortment of connections, reports say. With this unit, you can have the power of blending even the greens smoothly. The entire unit is compatible to be washed in the dishwasher.
Built for optimal comfort and stability, the Breville BSB510XL sports a bell-shaped design with a trigger-like switch. Ribbing inside the flange reduces suction and keeps food moving freely, which helps to deliver consistent results.
With 15 variable speeds, it gives users precise control to get the texture they want, ensuring all the ingredients are blended evenly and thoroughly. All of the attachments are easy to clean which is a plus. They’re also very practical.
The design features an ergonomic, pistol-like control grip with trigger operation. We were impressed by the soft-touch finish, which offers improved comfort and reduced slipping.
While the Breville blender wows on its own, its attachments are impressive bonus items that helped it breeze through our testing. The whisk attachment was perfect for whipping cream, and the food processor attachment quickly chopped pine nuts, garlic, and more for minimal-effort pesto. When it came time to make smoothies in its 42-ounce blending jug, I was pleasantly surprised to escape splatter-free.
The powerhead features 15 different speeds that are controlled by a smooth operating knob on top. But the standout feature of the Breville is the trademarked Control Grip. This pistol-grip design can help those with less hand strength to stabilize the device during blending.
Breville BSB510XL Control Grip immersion blender comes to the rescue with redesigned blades, internal break suction, and bell-shaped base to provide smooth blending and added control. It has Control Grip blade mechanism with ribs to form turbulence. It means your tasty food falls only on the blades.
This blender’s bell-shaped base helps to reduce suction, so you have better control and more efficient blending. Fifteen variable speeds mean you can tailor the blender’s performance to the food that you’re preparing.
The ergonomic control grip offers a stable holding even with wet hands. It has a simple to use trigger function to improve blending operation.
It features stainless steel blades and an exquisite design that constitutes an 8-inch depth for handling large amounts.
The Breville BSB510XL immersion blender is powerful and versatile with multiple speed settings and attachments.
You can easily hand wash, its easy to clean parts under running water.
It has a power of a 280W motor that makes every job fast. No matter what food you make, you can surely clean it easily as well because disassembling them is no hard work.
Very nicely designed mixing container that is made up of plastic and the handle offers secure functioning while blending
The first thing that you’ll notice about this blender is its unique grip system. This blender uses an ergonomic pistol grip for operation, which makes it very easy to use and hand blend.

What reviewers didn't like

Includes no additional blades.
If you’re not careful, the Breville will totally pulverize an onion in its chopper attachment.
It’s a fairly expensive immersion blender.
One disadvantage to the Breville is that, with the higher price, you would expect it to come with more accessories.
Not easy to adjust the 15 speed settings while in operation, since one hand have to hold the mixing bowl while the other need to press the trigger.
The unit is a bit bulky and will need some extra storage space.
Chopper attachment not as robust as it could be.
- Foodal
This model had no discernible flaws in its performance.
My only concern is how very tall the unit is; it is top-heavy, leading to some instability when leaving it in a standing position when pausing during use.
Heavier than other blenders
It's pricey.
Motor is not that powerful.
Weighing 3.8 pounds, this blender is slightly heavier than some of the other models available, so it may not be the best option for someone with arthritis, nerve damage, or other hand or wrist issues.
Takes up a large storage room because of the many attachments
Has flimsy plastic elements.
Heavier than other models.
However, when using dishwasher, always use a top rack of the dishwasher because the excess heat in the bottom shelf can reduce the durability of the parts over time.
Some users may also find it hard to release the mixer.
It requires some seriously hard pressing for releasing mixer from rest of the unit.
The chopping bowl doesn’t have a seal.
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