Behrens Recyclable Chemical-Free Steel Outdoor Trash Can, 31-Gallon

Last updated date: August 12, 2022

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Behrens Recyclable Chemical-Free Steel Outdoor Trash Can, 31-Gallon

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We looked at the top Outdoor Trash Cans and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Outdoor Trash Can you should buy.

Update as August 12, 2022:
Checkout The Best Outdoor Trash Can for a detailed review of all the top outdoor trash cans.

Overall Take

Constructed from 100% galvanized steel, this outdoor trash can is perfect for use at home or on the job site. The can comes with a secure lid and a 31-gallon capacity. You can use it to store animal feed, clean up yard waste and much much more.

In our analysis of 34 expert reviews, the Behrens Recyclable Chemical-Free Steel Outdoor Trash Can, 31-Gallon placed 4th when we looked at the top 16 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

These Metalware Classics, heavy-duty garbage/utility cans are Made in the USA by Behrens Manufacturing. The company and its products have stood the test of time. You’ll recognized the true authenticity and unmatched quality melded out of American pride. These cans hold everything and are made to last. Ideal for trash, yard waste, seed, and larger pet food/livestock storage, decorative plants and trees, Christmas tree stands, laundry baskets as well anything else you want to keep to appreciate the industrial look of galvanized steel.Designed with the highest quality material, the galvanized steel trash can is made to be durable and is hard wearing. Contains 0% petroleum and none of Behrens products require a Prop65 warning label. This means nothing toxic will leach into food or seed. These steel trash cans feature an offset bottom to keep the can off the ground and prevent cans from sticking together when stacked, pierced and curled drop-down, solid steel handles for easy portability, also included, a tight-fitting embossed Behrens lid with pierced and curled, galvanized steel handle.Built to last with superior structure and strength, which makes them resistant to rodents, rust and odor. Choose from a selection of sizes, depending on your needs, which includes: 10, 20, and 31 gallon covered cans. These eco-friendly and sustainably manufactured garbage cans are 100% Recyclable and are more durable and longer lasting than plastic.

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An Overview On Outdoor Trash Cans

You likely have garbage cans throughout your home, but if you spend any time outdoors, trash disposal can become a problem. Collecting waste to take inside when you’re grilling out or entertaining is inconvenient. You may even find yourself dedicating time to clean up after every backyard gathering.

A good outdoor trash can will save you loads of time and energy over the years. But there are a few things to consider before you buy one. Patios and decks need different receptacles than the type of garbage can you’d use for your weekly trash collection. You can find cans of all different sizes and designs, each with unique features that work better in some areas than others.

As with indoor receptacles, odor protection is an important feature of any outdoor trash can, especially if it’s in an area where you’ll be entertaining.  Look for one with a lid that seals well enough to lock in odors without being tough to open when you or your guests need access. Critters can also be a concern, especially if you’re in a heavily-forested area prone to bears. In those instances, look for a lid that locks between uses.

If you’re looking for a trash can for an area like a workshop or garage, you can swap features like lid security for convenient access. A swing-top lid will keep odors at a minimum while also ensuring access is easy. Pay close attention to the space you have available for your trash can and shop accordingly.

The appearance of your trash can will undoubtedly serve as a deciding factor as you shop. You can choose between cans made from stainless steel, polypropylene or other materials, as well as selecting from a variety of colors with some cans. As you’re shopping, consider how easy or difficult it will be to clean your trash can. Although it’s not likely to be something you’ll do often, having a removable liner can really come in handy for cleaning.

The Outdoor Trash Can Buying Guide

  • There are a variety of trash can designs, each with its own benefits. Stainless steel finishes can be tempting, but keep in mind they can be prone to showing fingerprints, smudges and dirt more easily than cans of other builds.
  • Cleaning will always be an issue with garbage cans. No matter how careful you are to keep all trash in bags, leaks and spills are unavoidable. Some outdoor cans come with internal liners that you can remove and clean separately from the outer shell.
  • One common issue with garbage cans is bag removal. If you overstuff your bag with trash before removing it, you may find yourself struggling to get the bag out, possibly straining yourself or tearing the bag.
  • Ease of access is another issue, particularly if your trash can is meant for individual item disposal rather than collecting large bags that you bring from inside the house. Look for a lid that provides security while still making it easy to get your trash inside.
  • Many outdoor trash cans have attached lids. There’s a good reason. A lid that can be removed can easily get lost or accidentally tossed in with the week’s garbage, forcing you to track down a replacement. Since lids aren’t always sold separately by manufacturers, you may even find yourself buying a completely new trash can after losing the lid.
  • Water resistance is another valuable feature. Any outdoor trash can will be exposed to the elements 24/7, so make sure your lid keeps water out and that the base of your garbage can will keep it steady through even the most intense windstorms.
  • If you’ll be moving your trash can around every now and then, especially if it’s heavier, make sure you choose one that can be easily relocated. Some have wheels, while others are designed to withstand being dragged across rough surfaces.