Baratza Virtuoso LED Backlit Coffee Grinder

Last updated: December 2, 2022

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Product Details

In our analysis of 114 expert reviews, the Baratza Virtuoso LED Backlit Coffee Grinder placed 21st when we looked at the top 23 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

With the Virtuoso, the look goes beyond merely functional. A sculptured metal top and base give this grinder an expensive, elegant image that adds a sense of class and quality to kitchen counters and coffee shop workspaces alike. When you want it all, the Virtuoso is the grinder that will get you there with function, elegance, and style.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Makes a great cup, sleek aesthetic, simple interface.
The Baratza Virtuoso is a great grinder with a speedy, durable burr set and consistent grinding performance
The Virtuoso has a powerful motor that works together with steel conical burrs to deliver a uniform grind. Whether you're going for fine, coarse, medium-coarse or something else entirely, the Virtuoso will deliver your grounds in a very consistent way. The machine is user-friendly. There are some advanced options if you're able and interested in adjusting the details of your grind, but if you'd prefer to leave everything with its factory settings, you can grind your beans with just one button.
To start, the 40mm burrs are very high quality, and we were able to make our coffee grounds come out as fine or as coarse as we wanted. In terms of storage capacity, the hopper hold up to eight ounces of beans and the bin at the bottom holds up to five ounces of coffee grounds.
The Virtuoso has 40mm conical burrs that help produce uniform particle sizes in your coffee grounds and it has up to 40 grind settings with 0 being an extremely fine grind (good for espressos) and 40 being the coarsest (for French press).
Very attractive design, Quiet operation, Consistent grind settings, Small kitchen footprint, Grinds fine enough for espresso machines, Easy learning curve, Reasonable price, Easy maintenance, 40 different grind settings, Excellent customer service, Very easy to clean, High-quality burrs, Powerful motor.
Burrs grind to a uniform size with ruthless efficiency and consistency. Slow speed means an optimum grind with none of the noise that can blight many grinders. Thermal safety device prevents any overheating. Designed so you can grind directly into an espresso basket fuss-free. Works equally well with fine and coarse grinds for maximum flexibility. Exceptional aesthetics so the Virtuoso sets off any kitchen in style
Simple, clean design that makes it easy to use and store.Grind settings that range from fine to coarse, able to meet any and all of your coffee needs.Preventative measures for overheating the coffee beans, locking in essential oils.Affordable price tag
One of the key features of the Virtuoso is its motor: the DC motor turns slowly in order to grind quietly and prevent the beans from being overheated. This grinder is a good choice for every brewing method from Espresso to French press, and produces an exceptionally even grind at all settings.

What reviewers didn't like

Expensive, minimal features, messy.
You can't see inside the catch container for the coffee grounds. The walls are opaque. This might get annoying if you're experimenting with different volumes of coffee beans and aren't sure when the catch container is getting full.
Other Baratza grinders would be better if you’re only planning to make espresso
The lack of any indicators on the timer knob means you’ll have to use trial and error and may waste a bit of coffee before you find your preference.
Grind times are a little longer than some other machines,, Timer knob sometimes falls off, Some problems with static charge, Some spillage of grinds, Hopper is not removable, which is sometimes inconvenient, Smaller coffee ground container is not great for bulk grinding
Too much plastic means the grinder is not as durable as we’d like. Cleaning this grinder can be awkward as you need to invert the machine to empty out the hopper
Smaller range of settings than other grinders on this list.Coffee ground bin shape and location can cause some minor spilling
Parts prone to break
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