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Last updated date: April 8, 2021

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Amazon Meal Kits

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We looked at the top Meal Delivery Kits and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Meal Delivery Kit you should buy.

Update as March 23, 2021:
Checkout The Best Meal Delivery Kit for a detailed review of all the top meal delivery kits.

Overall Take

Amazon Prime members can get these meal kits as part of their Amazon Fresh delivery service. Most ingredients arrive already chopped and ready to cook, keeping prep time to a minimum. You'll get fresh meats and veggies and easy-to-follow instructions that make dinnertime a breeze.

In our analysis of 185 expert reviews, the Amazon Meal Kits placed 23rd when we looked at the top 25 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

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What experts liked

Amazon’s meals kits are flavorful, fast to prepare and cost about the same as other services, but they don’t require a subscription, so it's a very low commitment. Since most of the ingredients were already prepped, we found the Amazon meal kits were really quick to make. Even the tofu for the Thai Yellow Curry was already cubed
- The Spruce Eats
Unlike most meal kit subscription boxes, this service isn’t pre-scheduled, pre-fixed, or heavily packaged. That’s because AmazonFresh subscribers can schedule delivery of their products whenever they’d like, down to the hour, thanks to the company’s partnership with Whole Foods.
- Reviewed
I loved that they included parchment paper in the kit, because that’s something that not everyone has on hand. And there was a lot of sauce
- The Kitchn
With Amazon’s meal kits, I ordered that morning before 10 AM, and it was on my porch before 5 PM. For those of us who often don’t plan that far in advance, this is a nice feature. It also gives me more flexibility since I can order one meal or five meals in a given week.
- The Spoon
The ground chicken, pork loin and salmon were all exceedingly fresh and high-quality cuts. I also was tickled to find a pair of gloves to wear while mixing the ground chicken, which is a sticky and slimy ingredient.
- iMore
First thing I noticed was the prepackaged guacamole and prepped ingredients like already-shucked corn on the cob and sliced jalapenos. 30 minutes after unpacking the box, I had a full meal ready to serve to my hungry producers. They ate -- and enjoyed -- everything. As for my experience as chef? It felt more like “putting together” tacos than actually cooking a meal, but I appreciated the ease and speed of Amazon’s kit.
All this took less than 30 minutes, as promised. After about 10 minutes of washing veggies, chopping and opening packets, the cook time was minimal, just 13 minutes.
- Detroit Free Press
My experience ordering, preparing, cooking, and finally eating what Amazon delivered was enjoyable. The packaging was neat; I didn’t have to go shopping; the food was fresh; it was fun and comforting cooking at home; and each serving came out to about $9 or $10 on average, which is comparable to Blue Apron. The brown boxes were packed neatly. John’s neighbor Meredith, a long-time user of Blue Apron and Sun Basket, liked how the boxes could easily fit into the refrigerator. Each ingredient — from chopped onions to parsley to garlic to parmesan cheese — was in an individual container or bag. Everything seemed fresh.
- Geek Wire

What experts didn't like

For a site that aims to make itself integral to daily life, it’s not always that easy to parse. For example, it’s not clear how many meals Amazon has in its database, but there are usually eight options and based on our observations they change irregularly. Browsing the meals isn’t the easiest because they’re mixed in with groceries and meal kits from other brands the company stocks and ships. And they don’t have helpful at-a-glance tags like “600 calories or less” or “kid-friendly,” as other services do.
- The Spruce Eats
If you’re not already tangled in the web of Amazon and just want some meals delivered to your door, you won’t find a ton of savings here, and other meal kit delivery services may be a better fit.
- Reviewed
There isn’t a huge meal selection, and they don’t seem to rotate in new kits all that often. Amazon also only guarantees freshness for one day after delivery, which seems a little narrow
- The Kitchn
If you prefer whole, fresh food or like doing more of the prep work for your meal, Blue Apron makes sense.
- The Spoon
The recipes are not good. They're boring and they lack key flavors. The portions are satisfying but don't seem to represent a balanced meal. While a Blue Apron or Hello Fresh kit will usually include a green side vegetable or salad, the Amazon Meal Kits often resemble fast food.
- iMore
They like the Amazon meal, but they loved the Blue Apron meal. The Blue Apron meal was also a lot healthier than the Amazon one in terms of nutritional value.
When I tried to place my order Tuesday, Amazon said the only delivery times left that day were for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Before confirming the order, though, those slots were gone.
- Detroit Free Press
The price — $20 per package, with two servings each — seems a bit steep for me to spend on a daily basis. And the excess of packaging, which worries many environmentally-conscious folks
- Geek Wire

Overall Product Rankings

An Overview On Meal Delivery Kits

Takeout can be expensive, but cooking every meal at home quickly gets old. In recent years, a fun alternative to both options has popped up. Meal delivery kits are more expensive than buying the ingredients yourself but less expensive than takeout from your favorite restaurants. Some newer meal delivery kits are even as cheap as fast food.

But there’s no shortage of meal delivery kit services. There are so many, in fact, that it can be tough to choose just one. It’s important to know the different types of meal kit services so that you can narrow it down to those that interest you most.

Meal kits can be very convenient. Some services specialize in easy prep time. Kits with microwavable meals can be perfect for busy families. There are some that arrive with ingredients already chopped, saving you prep time. If you prefer the oven to the microwave, you can even find kits with meals that just have you piling everything into a provided pan and sticking it in the oven.

If you’re on a special diet, there are plenty of meal kits with plans for vegan, keto and calorie-conscious people. Some also offer help with food sensitivities, while others are perfect for the meat lover, even giving you the option of ordering double portions.

The Meal Delivery Kit Buying Guide

  • One thing to look at while you’re pricing plans is the cost of shipping. Some services offer free shipping, while others charge you as much as $9 or $10 per box. You’ll probably find some meal kits that base shipping charges on your location.
  • Meal delivery services typically have limited delivery days. That means you may only be able to choose between a Tuesday or Wednesday, for instance, or maybe a Friday or Saturday. If you opt for a kit with fresh ingredients, keep in mind that you may need to serve those within three days of arrival, which may not fit well with your family schedule.
  • Packaging can be extreme with meal delivery services. Food has to be shipped with ice and plenty of padding, so you’ll have quite a bit to jam into the recycle bin. If you’re environmentally-conscious, some meal delivery kits use both eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.
  • Although meal delivery services typically require a monthly subscription, you can skip multiple weeks at any time. You can even pause your service and pick it up again a few months later.
  • Grocers are getting in on the meal delivery kit trend. You may see a display at your local grocery store. If you use Amazon Fresh, they also have meal kits available for delivery.