AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive Stainless Steel Terminal Removal Tool, 25-Pieces

Last updated date: June 1, 2020

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AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive Stainless Steel Terminal Removal Tool, 25-Pieces

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With heat-treated stainless steel tips, each of these 25 terminal removal tools work to remove terminals without causing any damage to the wires or the connectors. The tools are compatible with a large number of vehicle makes and models and even come in a handy plastic storage case. In fact, the slim storage case can be kept in the trunk of your car for emergencies or on a shelf in your garage. In our analysis of 2 expert reviews, the AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive Stainless Steel Terminal Removal Tool, 25-Pieces placed 6th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note June 1, 2020:
Checkout The Best Terminal Removal Tool for a detailed review of all the top terminal removal tools.

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From The Manufacturer

When it comes to auto repair, the right tool for the job makes easy work and reliable results. A broken or cheap tool can turn even the easiest task into a roadside nightmare. AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive Brand Wire Terminal and Repair Tool Kit provides 25 heat treated steel tips that makes simple work of the small detailed job of repairing wiring harnesses. Letter coded tools help find the right tool in a crowded toolbox and when you need it most. All auto professionals know the importance of protecting tools from damage, which is why AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive uses high density Blow-Molded packaging to keep your wire terminal repair kit safe and secure for when the unexpected emergency arises or every day heavy use.

An Overview On Terminal Removal Tools

If you’re looking to save money by tackling a few vehicle repairs on your own, you’ll need to be equipped with the proper tools. One of your first purchases should be a terminal removal toolset. These sets come with different features, so it’s best to know what you’re looking for before you buy.

Check what is compatible with the specific terminal removal toolset you’re considering. For example, some smaller toolsets may be designed for use with Ford vehicles or GE appliances. Others, like the Zoizocp Wire Connector Pin Extractors, 39-Pieces, are multipurpose and have plenty of tools included in the set. With this set, you’ll get 12 single pin extractors, 12 double pin extractors, 12 casing tools and a car plug pin removal tool that consists of a single pin extractor and two double pin extractors.

Review the construction materials used to create the terminal removal tools. The MENKEY Wire Connector Pin Release Terminal Removal Tool, 39-Pieces is made from both premium quality steel and plastic. It is not only strong and durable, but also flexible for ease of use. Models made of stainless steel are ideal, as they are able to resist rust.

Look for a terminal replacement toolset that has a handle with a solid grip. The SUPERTOOLS Supercrazy Universal Terminal Release, 23-Pc offers thick ergonomic handles that provide a great deal of comfort and control. The handles are also individually numbered. The numbers correspond with an application chart, so you don’t have to guess as to which tool to use for which purpose.

Consider how accessible you need the terminal replacement toolset to be. The BingSnow Pin Extractor Repair Key, 36-Pieces is lightweight and compact. The tools have an o-shaped handle so that they can be strung around a ring and carried in a pocket. Other models are neatly organized inside a storage case. These cases can be kept in the trunk of a car or on a shelf in your garage.

DWYM Fun Fact

Did you know that every automobile contains hundreds of connectors? Just one of these connectors can have as many as 100 wires running to it. Connectors are necessary, as without them, there would be no way to remove and replace a wire that has become worn or one that is no longer effective.

Connectors are made up of multiple parts. They contain an outer shell to protect the inside components, pins and sockets for conducting electricity, a pin/socket retainer that keeps the wires from coming out and seals that prevent water from entering the connectors. Terminal removal tools work by depressing the retaining pins, so that the wire can be carefully pulled out without any damage to the rest of the parts within the connector.

The Terminal Removal Tool Buying Guide

  • Using a terminal removal tool is quite simple. All you need to do is grab the terminal removal tool that matches the specific prong you’re working with and insert it into the front end of the terminal. Once the tool has successfully depressed the retaining pins, you’ll be able to pull the wire right out.
  • If you are a little unsure about using the terminal removal tool for the first time, you can watch a few online videos that provide a visual demonstration of the process. Once you’ve completed the task a few times, it will begin to feel like second nature.
  • Depending on the type of terminal removal tool you purchase, it may be wise to also pick up a protective rubber terminal remover tool holder. This is a good idea when working with models that have six or more tools protruding from a center wheel. You can place the rubber tool holder over the tool opposite the tool you plan on using. Then you’ll be able to hold on to the rubber end while you use the tool opposite it to remove the designated wire from the connector.
  • Since each of the terminal removal tool sets come with a different number of pieces, you’ll need to take the total cost of the set and divide it by the total number of pieces in the set. This will give you the price per piece that you can then use to accurately compare prices. You’ll find the Zoizocp Wire Connector Pin Extractors, 39-Pieces, the BingSnow Pin Extractor Repair Key, 36-Pieces and the MENKEY Wire Connector Pin Release Terminal Removal Tool, 39-Pieces are all affordably priced. You’ll pay the most for the SUPERTOOLS Supercrazy Universal Terminal Release, 23-Pc, as it also comes with a storage case.