Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

Last updated: September 21, 2023

Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

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We like how fun meets safety in the Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Light. Shining in a handful of cool colors, the spokes on your bike will be illuminated while you're riding at night so you can be seen more easily by vehicles while simultaneously having a bicycle that looks futuristic and fun.

In our analysis of 58 expert reviews, the Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights placed 12th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Hottest New Trend to Hit Southern California Our famous Activ Life LED Bike Lights are the hottest new trend to hit Southern California and leading American markets. We are so excited they have made the news on all the major networks for bringing extra safety, style, and fun to bikers of all ages. Bike Safety At Its Finest! Unfortunately, standard bike lights are only visible from the front and back, leaving you vulnerable from the sides. Now you can improve the safety of you and your loved ones. Activ Lites allow you to be seen from all angles while pedaling and at rest. Gaining increased visibility from all directions will give you ultimate bike safety in low light conditions when you’re more at risk of not being seen. Our lights fit more bikes than any other model so your whole family can enjoy them. We designed our set to fit anywhere from 12” toddler bikes all the way up to 29” adult bicycles. ​Activ Lites—The Brightest and Longest LED Bike Wheel Lights Light up your wheels with our premium LED Bicycle Lights! Activ Lites are loved by boys and girls, men and women of all ages! Not only do they provide for greater safety in low light conditions, but they show off your own unique style and fun! Choose from six popular color options—blue, green, pink, red, white and rainbow and the American favorite, red, white and blue. Our LED bike wheel lights are the longest and brightest model on the market They fit more bicycles than any other brand. Our set includes 21 LED lights, which allows them to fit all the way around larger 29” wheels, or twice around smaller 12” toddler bicycle wheels. You’ll love cruising around town with the coolest bike around! We Believe in Giving Back Here at Activ Life we believe that everyone deserves to be happy. That’s why we proudly support youth opportunity centers and other empowering organizations. You can feel good knowing that you are supporting a good cause to help others find greater joy and happiness in their lives. Thank you! Bike Safety At Its Finest Personalize Your Bike To Fit Your Style Each box includes enough lights for one bike wheel or frame so you can mix or match colors to suit your style, with six popular colors to choose from—blue, green, pink, red, white and rainbow and patriot red, white and blue. We recommend getting two boxes, to have a set of lights for each bike wheel. No Tools Required for Installation We include everything you need inside our super cool LED bicycle rim lights set—including three AAA batteries, silicone rings and 21 LED ultra-bright bike lights. Our bike lights are so easy to install, you don’t need any tools! Plus, you can install them in 5 minutes or less. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love our LED Bike Lights too! + Fits 12″ toddler bicycles all the way up to 29″ adult bikes + Comes in a full color box that’s perfect for gifting + Includes 21 LED bright lights bulbs + Includes batteries so you’re ready to ride, right out of the box + Waterproof, durable design + Includes easy-to-follow installation video + Provides added safety—especially riding your bike at night + Easy to install in 5 minutes or less + Personalizes your bike to fit your own unique style It’s Easy as 1-2-3 To Install On Your Wheels With Silicone Rings 1) Insert Batteries Unscrew the cap of the waterproof battery container and remove clip. Insert the three batteries included, then return to battery container. Press the on/off button to ensure batteries are properly installed. Next, remove the white backing from the rubber pad and stick to battery container mount. 2) Place On Mount Flip your bicycle upside-down so that your wheels are easy to access. 3) Use Silicone Rings Loop one silicone ring over the battery container and position it on the side with the button. Place the battery container mount against the center hub of the wheel. Hold it in place as you loop the loose end of the silicone ring over the other side of the battery container. 4) Wrap On Tire Wrap the string of lights a few times around the closest spoke out towards the rim. Then, snugly wrap lights around every second spoke once. Some Cool Features Worth Mentioning: With Silicone Rings Fits More Bikes Our extra-long, 21-bulb string of LED bike lights is long enough to fit a large adult 29” bike wheel all the way around, or can be strung twice around a smaller toddler bike wheel. It’s just the right size to be used by the whole family! Includes 3 AAA Batteries Our LED bike light set was created with a compact battery compartment, so that it fits wheels as small as 12″ toddler bikes, as well as larger adult bikes. You’ll have everything you need right inside our kit to start using fast. Brightest LED Lights on Market Our patent pending Activ Lites are the longest and brightest LED bike lights on the market. We include 21 bright, durable and waterproof LED lights. You can choose from six popular color choices. Enjoy!

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

“Cool” is a word that comes up in a lot of reviews, like this one, from a customer who attests, “These cool lights were very easy to install and looks awesome at night and can be seen from a distance from any angle.”
The light which we are speaking about now is available in 7 different colors. It is better as compared to some of the other options on this list. The design of the light is such that it is visible from all angles.
Made using tough and waterproof materials to ensure durability. Bright LED lights with the batteries included, you simply need to fix them and enjoy the cool lights. Affordable, bright, easy to assemble and visible from all angles for ultimate style and safety.
Fit more bikes than any other model – fits 12″ toddler up to 29″ adult bikes. Provides greater safety – in your own style. Waterproof. Three settings: constant on, flashing and off.

What experts didn't like

Have to buy 2 – one for each wheel.


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