Your old Polly Pocket toys could be worth hundreds on eBay

Polly Pockets!
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Were you a fan of Polly Pocket as a kid? I sure was. My sister and I both owned a few of the tiny plastic doll sets, which were sort of like a combination of a dollhouse and carry-all. The name, of course, came from the idea that the toys were small enough to fit in your pocket. Although my days of playing with those beloved ’90s toys are long past, that doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. In fact, Polly Pockets are a hugely popular collector’s item—some are even fetching prices in the hundreds of dollars on eBay and other resale sites.

Yes, you read that correctly. Your tiny old plastic plaything could be worth hundreds of dollars! A look through recently sold eBay listings of Polly Pockets shows an unopened 1989 set went for a whopping $499.99. An Alice in Wonderland set from 1996 sold for $267.65.

Lots (groups of more than one item, including more than one full set of Polly Pockets or a large group of dolls/accessories without the cases) seem to go for the most money. One recent lot sold on eBay for a truly mind-blowing $895.

Listings usually start in the $30 to $50 range, but can quickly get bid up as collectors make their bids. EBay actually has a written guide on how to buy the toys, so you should take a look at it if you’re interested in selling, too. According to Complex, the most valuable sets are the ones made before 1998 (when production went to Mattel from smaller toy company Bluebird).

Flickr | HerryLawford

If you’re interested in selling your Polly Pockets, they’d better be in pristine condition, with all accessories included and intact. For help deciding if your old Polly Pockets can snag you some serious cash, the site Only Polly Pocket has an exhaustive guide to the toys and sets.

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