Obsessed With Hobby Lobby? Here’s How To Save Even More Money At The Store

Hobby Lobby

4. Always Use A 40% Off Coupon

Before you ever set foot in the Hobby Lobby, always go to their website to get a 40 percent off coupon. It can be used on any regularly priced item, one per customer per day. If you have the Hobby Lobby app on your phone, you can also pull up the coupon that way and show it directly to the cashier.


5. Shop Holiday Goods Now

This is the best time to stock on holiday goods. “Anything left hanging around after a holiday is marked down to 66%, then 80%, and finally 90% off,” The Krazy Coupon Lady writes on her site.

There you have it, folks! The best ways to save at Hobby Lobby. What are your favorite tips for saving at Hobby Lobby?

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[h/t: Krazy Coupon Lady]

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