Natural Light Is Giving Away $1 Million To Help People Pay Off Their Student Loans

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When you go off to college, two things are pretty much inevitable: You’re going to graduate with student debt, and you’re going to drink your fair share of cheap beer.

Now, Natural Light, affectionately known as “Natty Light” by co-eds on college campuses across the country, is doing its part to repay students for being such reliable customers throughout their college years. The beer brand will be giving away $1,000,000 to 25 customers to help pay off their student loans.

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To advertise their promotion, the company aired a commercial during the Super Bowl in 10 markets.¬†The ad shows college co-eds slipping down what appears to be a homemade Slip ‘N Slide in a dorm hallway (you know you pulled similar shenanigans when you were in college!).

“Keep your epic college stories, not your epic college debts,” reads the message that displays across the screen as Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want To Wait” plays in the background.

The ad then directs people to nattystories.com to learn how they can become one of the 25 people who will receive $40,000 to pay off their student debt. The spot ends with the message, “College debt sucks. Natty’s here to help.”

Check out the cheeky ad below:

The message will likely resonate with consumers, as the national student debt now totals $1.4 trillion, with the average per-graduate rate at $17,126. Although many schools are now taking steps to make a college education more affordable, with some schools even eliminating loans altogether, many people all over the country are still struggling with crippling student debt.

“You hear about these generations that are living at home later and later and there’s a connection,” Natty Light’s celebrity spokesperson, actor Jake Johnson, told CNBC Make It. “When they told me about what they had in mind, I had a strong desire to stand with them. I know what it’s like to live on a college student’s budget, trust me.”

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So, are you wondering how you can get your chance to be one of the lucky 25 people who snags $40,000 to pay off your loans? Visit naturallight.com and follow three easy steps. First, post a video in which you talk about your inspiration for going to college. Print the green tab from the website and show it in your video. Use the hashtags #NattyStories and #Contest when posting your video on social media. No purchase is necessary.

You have until May 6 to enter and you must have attended college in the last 10 years to be eligible to win the cash.

Good luck on winning the $40,000!

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