McDonald’s Is Partnering With AARP To Hire 250,000 Older Americans

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McDonald’s is looking to bring on more than 250,000 new hires this summer, and it’s not just looking for a bunch of teenagers! In fact, the franchise has partnered with AARP, an organization dedicated to helping adults 50 years of age or older live their best lives, to have older adults fill their open roles.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the 55-and-older age group has been occupying more and more of the work force in recent years, and it’s projected to make up 24.8% of the overall workforce by 2026. And considering 42% of the population doesn’t have enough money saved to support themselves financially throughout retirement, according to a survey from GoBankingRates, it’s important that companies offer those in their 50s and 60s a chance to find work. And that’s exactly what this partnership plans to do.


Now that McDonald’s and AARP have teamed up, McDonald’s job postings will be placed on AARP’s online job board. Interested applicants will be able to apply for roles ranging from morning shifts to management positions, according to a press release.

McDonald’s seemed excited to have taken the AARP Employer Pledge by promising to hire older adults, especially because of what their years of wisdom can bring to the McDonald’s team:

“For the first time ever, five generations are now working together under the Arches. Together with our franchisees we have a responsibility to each generation to provide opportunity, flexibility and resources for wherever they are on their career journey,” said Melissa Kersey, McDonald’s U.S. chief people officer, in a statement. “Thanks, in part, to our new collaboration with AARP and AARP Foundation we’re looking to position McDonald’s as a place where people at every stage of working life can see themselves grow and thrive while bringing stability and a different perspective that everyone can learn from.”

Getty Images | Oli Scarff
Getty Images | Oli Scarff

According to AARP, the social security retirement age increased to 66 in 2018 and will raise to 67 in 2019, so it makes sense that more and more people will be looking to offset costs of living and expect to be working longer.

Thankfully, McDonald’s isn’t the only company who’s taken the pledge to hire older Americans. Companies such as Google, H&R Block and CVS have also promised to not let age play a factor in the hiring process.

According to findings from MyLogIQ, the median employee salary for McDonald’s employees was $7,473, but, of course, salaries differ based on job position and location. While $8,000 a year won’t necessarily take all of the financial burden off of older Americans, but it could help offset costs.

Here’s to hoping this initiative helps more hard-working older adults find the jobs they need.

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