10 Lego sets that are on sale 30% off or more for Cyber Monday

LEGO Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell 

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Is anyone in your life asking for a pricey Lego set? Cyber Monday is an excellent time to grab one for 30% off or more. Given the wide variety of play sets available, Lego is clearly aware that people of all ages, genders and interests are keen to build cool stuff!

The following 10 Lego sets are on sale right now. Why not take a look? But hurry — the sale’s over at the end of the day.

Lego City Stuntz Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge


$37.99 (was $59.99) at Amazon

Gone are the days when you build a Lego structure and that’s that. Now building enthusiasts can assemble a toy they can play with again and again. Once this set is complete, you can play with three mini figures, who launch a stunt bike off of a  ramp and jump through rings of “fire.” Buy it today, and you’ll get it for over $20 off.

Lego BTS Disco


$64.99 (was $99.99) at Amazon

If you love the K-pop group BTS, then you know their hit single “Dynamite.” Here, Lego builders construct a set for that song’s music video — recreating it detail for detail by building the disco, the ice-cream truck, the basketball hoop, two palm trees, the record store and the donut store. Once you’ve place the figures on the stage, you can turn a wheel to make them “dance” together.

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Lego Marvel Hulkbuster


$325 (was $549.99) at Walmart

In Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Bruce Banner temporarily forgets himself — and becomes an evil version of The Hulk. Luckily, Tony Stark comes to the rescue, building a Hulkbuster Iron Man suit. And now Lego builders can make one, too. And you can buy the set for $225 off the original price.

Lego D-O Droid


$70.19 (was $111.95) at Walmart

For the “Star Wars” Lego fan who has already constructed R2-D2 and BB-8, here’s another lovable droid from Lego: the squeaky-wheeled D-O.  This data storage and retrieval droid was treated badly by his Sith assassin owner, but BB-8 reactivated him, and Rey repaired him and gave him a more loving home. You can give this Lego D-O a loving home, too — and for less than $40 off the original price.

Lego Avatar: The Way of Water Metkayina Reef


$54.59 (was $77.99) at Target

After building this set, fans of the movie “Avatar” can explore Pandora along with the mini figures of Neytiri, Kiri, Ronal and Tonowari. They can paddle around in a toy canoe, explore with a torch and prepare dinner with kitchen utensils. And when they get tired they can nap under the tarp. This set is 30% off.

Lego City Lunar Roving Vehicle


$19.19 (was $31.99) at Target

Once you’ve built this lunar roving vehicle, use the three included astronaut mini figures to explore the moon! Maybe you’ll find water! Or … moon men? The set is currently 40% off.

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Lego Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell 


$111.99 (was $159.99) at Amazon

This complex set of 1808 pieces is for a fan of “The Little Mermaid” who is also an advanced builder — with the skill and patience to build King Triton’s throne rock, Ursula’s mysterious lair and Ariel’s treasure hideout. And the price is much more affordable than usual at 30% off.

Lego Marvel Nano Gauntlet 


$48.99 (was $69.99) at Amazon

In Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame,” the evil Thanos needed all six Infinity Stones to carry out his dastardly plan for population control. But you can build the Iron Man Nano Gauntlet (along with a stand and a tablet) in your own home. It’s up to you what you choose to do with those stones.

Lego Friends Roller Rink, Bowling Alley and Arcade


$35.99 (was $55.99) at Kohl’s

There are all kinds of role play options once you finish this Lego Friends set. With three mini figures you can buy food from a vending machine, go roller skating, go bowling, sing karaoke, play an arcade game or play air-hockey, among other activities. You get all of that for $20 less than the original price.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express


$349.99 (was $499.99) at Amazon

This collectors edition replica of the Hogwarts Express train comes with 20 Harry Potter mini figures that can ride the train or cast spells on the platform. Movie fans might want to play out the four scenes from the “Harry Potter” movies that took place at Track 9 3/4. If you’ve got a kid who loves “Harry Potter,” it makes a great gift. But if you want this expensive set for 30% off, buy it today before the Cyber Monday spell wears off.

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