Jeep recalling more than 330K vehicles

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Jeep is recalling two versions of its Grand Cherokee due to an issue with rear coil springs.

Automobile manufacturing company Stellantis reports that 2022-2023 Grand Cherokees and 2021-2023 Grand Cherokee Ls have rear coil springs that may have been installed incorrectly.

“This recall is not related to a part defect but rather an assembly issue where the vehicle may have been built with an out-of-position rear coil spring,” the recall acknowledgment says.

There’s concern that the springs may detach while driving and cause a crash.

The automaker says it has more than 20 reports related to the rear coil springs. Stellantis said they’re not aware of any crashes or injuries.

Owners should expect to receive a letter about the recall after July 28.

They will be able to make an appointment with a dealer to inspect the vehicle. If it’s determined that a repair is needed, the dealer will make the fix at no cost to the customer.

Owners may call the automaker at 800-853-1403 ahead of receiving the letter if they have questions about the recall. They are asked to refer to recall 64A.

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