Italy’s Doling Out Castles For Free, But There’s A Catch

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Honestly, it seems like a pretty brilliant plan, and it’s a great deal for those people who will get handed an entire building or castle for free.

According to the official announcement, this is open to “all citizens” and especially young entrepreneurs under the age of 40. Don’t Waste Your Money has reached out to the tourism board to confirm, but open to “all citizens” likely means U.S. citizens are not in the running.

Getty Images | Giuseppe Cacace

According to Fortune, the buildings being given away include old school buildings, farm houses, towers and former convents.

No down payment, no mortgage and nine years to make these incredible buildings worth traveling to? Sounds like a challenge I’d definitely be up for.

If you’re actually eligible to apply for this opportunity, you have until June 26 to fill out the online survey to be considered.

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Here’s to hoping I’ll be able to visit your renovated castle in about, oh, nine years from now!

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