This high-pressure showerhead is on sale for $43.99 (regularly $89.99)

5-setting high-pressure showerhead

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If you’re in need of a new shower head — or perhaps just wanting to upgrade — Walmart is offering a deal on a 5-Setting High Pressure Shower Head that will turn your shower into a relaxing oasis.

The 12-inch shower head is marked down to $43.99 from the original price of $89.99, a savings of $46.

The shower head has three spray modes when it’s attached to the base — rainfall, handheld and rainfall with handheld — and five other spray modes when you detach it and just use the handheld portion.

Once detached, you can choose from Power Massage, Rain + Massage, Rain, Rain + Mist or just Mist. While massage mode would be great after a long day, mist mode could work for just rinsing off or gently cleaning children or pets.

The 180-degree adjustable extension arm also means you can adjust the height, so it works for every member of your family. The hose is also more than five feet long, so you can move it around quite a bit without it getting tangled or bunched.


$43.99 (was $89.99) at Walmart

You can install the shower head yourself, so there is no need to call a plumber. It comes with a wall bracket, tool kit that includes washers, a flow restrictor and Teflon tape, and, of course, an installation manual.

There are no memberships or coupon codes required to get the deal, but Walmart does not say when the sale ends, so the price may change at any time. At more than 50% off, there’s also a chance the shower head may sell out, so you’ll want to order it soon.

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