Here’s how you can get free spicy chicken nuggets at Wendy’s

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Fast-food fans, rejoice. Not only did Wendy’s bring back their spicy chicken nuggets this summer, but now they are giving them away free for the second time in less than a month.

Now through Oct. 7, you can get a free six-piece order of spicy nuggets just by placing an online order through the Wendy’s app. You can choose to have your order delivered to your home or picked up — either way, free spicy nuggets will be yours soon.

The deal works with any purchase, so go ahead and add anything you like, from a small order of fries to a baked potato to a Frosty (mmmm, Frosty), and you’ll get the nuggets for free to complete your meal. Just click on the offers tab, then select the “Free 6pc Spicy Nuggs w/ Mobile Order” offer. Just make sure you also add something else to your bag or the deal will not work.

Although you can only use one offer per order, you’ll find several other deals you can use some other time in the app, including $1 for a large order of fries, $2 small peach lemonade and a free small Frosty with a combo purchase.


The story of these spicy little numbers making a comeback proves that one person really can make a difference. The nuggets’ return to Wendy’s menus is mostly thanks to Chance the Rapper, who tweeted about them in May. After Wendy’s noticed his post, they retweeted to their followers that they would bring the nuggets back if their tweet received 2 million likes:

Those likes came in with ease. Wendy’s had more than the required likes in less than 48 hours, ushering in the return of the spicy snack on Aug. 12. To celebrate, Wendy’s then gave away 2 million nuggets free through DoorDash to commemorate the 2 million fans who helped bring them back.

With this new deal lasting all the way through the first week of October, though, odds are good they’ll be handing out way more than 2 million nuggets this time!

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