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Are you ready to spend more time outdoors? We can’t think of a more relaxing way to do that than by soaking away the day’s worries in a hot tub.

Aside from the sheer luxury of having your own personal hot tub right outside your back door, using one offers some serious health benefits, including pain relief, better sleep, improved cardiovascular health and more. Taking a hot soak can even burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk.


Right now, there’s a 5-person AquaRest Spa that ships straight to your door for $2.868. This hot tub is “plug and play,” which means that you can simply plug it into an existing 120-volt outlet. Traditionally, hot tubs have required a 240-volt electrical hookup, which often meant calling an electrician for help. But with this tub, all you do is fill it, let it warm up, pour in a few hop tub chemicals and hop in. The cover is included, but the steps are not.

Available in Brownstone, Gravestone or Keystone shades, this AquaRest hot tub features a waterfall and nine LED light settings that will work for any mood. It also has four cup holders and an AquaPure Ozone water purification system, designed to help you reduce the number of chemicals needed. The 28.4-inch deep interior measures 78 by 78 inches.


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This AquaRest Spas, Powered By Jacuzzi hot tub comes highly rated with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Users like that it’s easy to use and easy to fill. They say it is just the right size for families.

This hot tub ships for free, but be sure to check the expected door-to-door time based on your location — it may take several months to get to you. You can add on a 5-Year Protection Plan for an additional fee.

Before you can go for a dip, you need to use a hot tub chemical starter kit. Hot tubs can use either chlorine or bromine chemicals to keep them germ-free. As a hot tub owner, you get to decide which type. The AquaRest store on Wayfair sells an EZ Care Startup Kit for $70. Or, you can purchase this $76 chlorine starter kit from The Hot Tub Things Store. It has everything you need to prepare your tub for use, featuring tubes of the following:

  • Chlorinating Granules
  • pH and Alkalinity Down
  • pH and Alkalinity Up
  • Oxidizing Spa Shock
  • Spa Clarifier
  • Stain and Scale Control



It even comes with 50 test strips so you can check your levels as you get started and then continue to monitor as you use it.

While steps for most hot tubs are optional, they make it easier to get in and out safely. Go with AquaRest’s simplest option to match this hot tub, the Spa Step for $80, or upgrade to a version that has storage.

You could also pick up a pair of high-quality, universal-fit steps that will work with tubs of all shapes and sizes. These Puri Tech Outdoor Steps feature a no-slip tread; they repel water and can help prevent falls. Available on Amazon for $99.99, they currently come in three colors — black, espresso with black and light gray. With an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, they are a popular option. Users found them to be sturdy, and easy to assemble and install.


If you have ever dreamt of being a hot tub owner, now is your chance to snag a good deal.

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