This Family Bought A 22-Pound Bag Of Chocolate At T.J. Maxx

Shopping at T.J. Maxx is a little like hunting for buried treasure. You can stumble upon some seriously great finds, but it just might take some digging.

After a shopping trip at the retailer, you might find yourself the proud owner of some items that you never knew you needed.

That certainly seems to be the case for one family that recently scored a 22-pound bag of chocolate at T.J. Maxx.

Reddit user joycieejuice shared a photo of the amazing find alongside her father to give an idea of the size of this bag that contains 2,000 pieces of chocolate:

A large bag of dark chocolates my parents bought at TJ Maxx that has 2000 chocolates inside. (Next to my 5’7″ dad).
by inmildlyinteresting

Woah! That certainly seems like a chocolate lover’s dream.

Cocxo, the manufacturer responsible for this super-sized bag of chocolate, says that the bag is more than 40 inches tall and is available in two flavors: organic 56 percent dark chocolate or 37 percent milk chocolate.

It looks like this family went with the dark chocolate. According to the gift guide, their giant chocolate bags go for $325 each.

The whole point of shopping at T.J. Maxx is to get a great deal, and Reddit user joycieejuice says her parents bought the bag for just $120.

People on Reddit were pretty impressed by the oversized purchase.

“I want to sit inside that bag and eat around myself,” said one user.

Another user pointed out that such a large bag of chocolates might be practical purchase for businesses such as bakeries: “Bakery shops probably buy bulk chocolate like that.”

Another had a great idea for how to repurpose the candy for another holiday: “Now save it til Halloween and freak out the first kid that knocks on your door.”

Those all sound like great ideas to me! Cocxo also suggests that the chocolates could be a great way to shake up the candy dish at reception at your office, as a way to “make a splash” at a holiday party, a gift from a landlord to their tenants, for use at conference showrooms or as a client gift. Even if you just keep the bag for yourself, no judgment!

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