Drinks You Should Avoid Ordering At A Bar Or Restaurant


Spring is a time to get outside and enjoy the longer days, often with an adult beverage at an outdoor bar or patio.

But a recent report in Money Magazine says there are some bar drinks you should avoid because they are either bad for your waistline or your wallet — or both.

So before you place your order, Money says think twice about the following beverages if you don’t want to overspend or pack on extra pounds.

1. Straight shots of liquor

 Typically a bad deal, because it’s a tiny bit of alcohol for a lot of money. Better to ask for that liquor “neat” in a regular glass, as you tend to get more.

2. White Russians

High in fat and the cream may be expired.

3. Long Island Iced Tea

Expensive and more alcohol than anyone should consume in a hour.

4. Frozen daiquiris and other sweet frozen drinks

They contain lots and lots of sugar.

5. Red Bull and vodka

You won’t notice you’re drunk until it’s too late.

6. Draft beer in dirty bars

Finally, Money Magazine says be careful of draft beer in nasty, uncleaned dive bars. It says if the floors and bathrooms are filthy, the bar may not clean their keg line.

That draft beer could pick up bacteria from a 5-year-old, never-cleaned draft line.

Dive bars are fun and inexpensive, but the report recommends you stick to beer in bottles.

Of course, alcohol in excess is never good for anyone. So if you drink, please drink responsibly, and that way you don’t waste your money.