Getting essentials from Costco just got easier, thanks to two new delivery options

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In a world where shopping online is so much easier than schlepping to the store, traditional grocers and big-box stores are facing some pretty serious competition. In an effort to compete with online retailers like Amazon, Costco has announced two new grocery delivery services—a two-day service for nonperishable items and a same-day delivery for all online items, including fresh food.

Yup, that means you no longer have to get out of your pajamas or wash you hair to shop for massive boxes of toilet paper and gallon-size jars of mayonnaise. Thanks, internet!

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The two-day delivery service applies to nonperishable items, with free delivery on orders of more than $75—which, if you’ve ever shopped at Costco, you know is easy to spend there. If you somehow manage to not spend $75, delivery is only $3 for smaller orders. Nonperishable items include canned and packaged goods and even cleaning supplies.

If you really neglected grocery shopping and are in desperate need of some essentials, Costco has you covered there, too. The retailer recently expanded its partnership with Instacart for same-day delivery of all online grocery items, including fresh foods. Out of their 514 U.S. locations, 376 stores currently off the same-day service. If your store is one of them, you could have your super-sized groceries delivered in about an hour. There are also plans to expand the same-day service to other locations in the future.

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Costco delivery is currently not available in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, and two-day delivery is only available in the continental U.S. on weekdays. And, as you probably guessed, products delivered to your door will cost you more.

According to the FAQ page on Costco’s website, added delivery and other fulfillment costs will be included in the purchase price and in other service fees, meaning a trip to your computer will be more expensive than a trip to the store. Prices on items delivered the same day are about 15 to 17 percent higher, not including an additional 10 percent service fee.


To place an order with the new service, just go to Costco’s website and browse through the grocery categories listed under the CostcoGrocery tab. You’ll find everything from food to cleaning supplies and more, and the website even keeps track of how much more you need to spend before you get free shipping. You do not need a membership to participate like you do in-store, but the price is lower if you are a member.

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It’s up to you to decide if convenience is worth the extra money, but keep this huge factor in mind: You won’t be able to fill up on free samples if you have your food delivered. And for me, that is seriously the best part of shopping at Costco. Just sayin’.

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