This chart helps you check your family’s grocery budget

Food Prices Continue To Rise At Alarming Rate
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Do you ever feel like you go to the grocery store too often? Is your grocery budget out of control?

You’re certainly not alone. But before you drastically change your habits you might want to check out what other family’s grocery budgets are like.

What is a family’s average grocery budget?

Every year, the United States Department of Agriculture puts out a list of Official USDA Food Plans, breaking down the cost of food at home into four levels based on averages.

The USDA updated the list in January 2017. It allows you to look up averages based on family size and the age of the children in the household. If you’re a mom of teenage boys, then your grocery bill is likely to be higher. They can eat anyone out of house and home, right?

Also if you have a family that is larger than four, you can check where your budget falls thanks to a savings blogger who created a similar chart. The chart by the budgeting blog Growing Slower breaks down the average of what you should expect to spend on groceries each month based on the size of your family.

Growing Slower


When this chart was recently posted to The Real Deal of Parenting Facebook page, a lot of people weighed in with their opinions. The consensus was families spend much less than what this chart budgets for food. However, cost varies on if you’re including older children in the family size versus babies. Then again, families with babies have other expensive items, such as diapers, to add to their budget.

Of course, the cost of groceries also depends on where you live and where you shop. So while this chart is super helpful, it’s also important to remember that grocery shopping budgets will be different for everyone.

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