Charmin makes major change to toilet paper, says you’ll ‘enjoy the go’ even more

package of Charmin toilet paper sitting on counter

Some things we buy at the grocery store never change, such as gallons of milk, chicken noodle soup and toilet paper.

But one of those is now making a big change, and betting that shoppers will like it.

Procter and Gamble (P&G) says it has just altered the roll of Charmin bathroom tissue for the first time in a century, calling it Charmin Smooth Tear.

“For the first time in a hundred years something fundamental is changing about toilet paper. Square sheets are no more, because we are introducing a scalloped edge,” spokesman Gregg Weaver said.

The edge between sheets is no longer straight, but rather wavy, which P&G says makes the paper tear cleaner.

Why Charmin Is Making A Change

Weaver says one of the biggest complaints the Charmin customer service line receives (yes, they have a customer service line for toilet paper) is that the tear is often messy, wasting paper.

“Believe it or not,” he said, “uneven tearing, a messy tear, with a tail hanging, the number one consumer complaint to our call centers.”

Sometimes it just doesn’t want to tear, leaving you with an unsightly sheet of paper across the bathroom floor, as if the dog grabbed it and pulled it all out.

Even when it does tear, it often leaves a big “hanging chad,” that unforgettable term from the 2000 Presidential election.

That’s even more frustrating given how expensive TP has become.

“Absolutely,” one shopper told us. “It is concerning because we use an awful lot of it.”

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But Was There  Really A Problem?

Some consumers might say this is a solution where there never was a problem in the first place.

But P&G is betting that shoppers will like the change, and no doubt hoping it gives Charmin a new “edge” over competitors in the TP wars.

Charmin is by no means a budget brand, and its customers are not looking for the cheapest paper around.

But if you are losing less paper with each tear, you may save some money.

Best of all, your bathroom should look cleaner and neater.

And after all, isn’t clean what toilet paper is all about?

“It looks classy,” Weaver said, ” With attention to the details.”

P&G suspects some buyers won’t even notice the change, but those who hate dangling paper and lost sheets will appreciate the new look, and will “enjoy the go” more, as its commercials say.

It should be on store shelves near most shoppers now.

As always, don’t waste your money.

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