Burger King: Buy One Get One Settlement Means You Could Be Owed Some Cash

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Who doesn’t love a BOGO deal? Buy one, get one free is a pretty great score—most of the time

Koleta Anderson of Maryland filed a class-action lawsuit against Burger King alleging that the company was purposely inflating prices when customers used a BOGO breakfast sandwich coupon.

Anderson noticed something was amiss when she was charged $3.19 pre-tax for a Croissan’wich when using the BOGO coupon and $2.16 pre-tax when she was not.

She argued that the price should be the same whether or not a customer used a BOGO coupon.

Koleta Anderson

When she noticed this happening at several Burger Kings, she decided to call a lawyer.

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The lawsuit states that Anderson purchased Croissan’wiches in Alexandria, Virginia. Her lawyer’s investigator did the same at a Burger King in Lantana, Florida. In addition, the Miami Herald investigated independently. Again, receipts appear to show that in all cases, the diners paid more per sandwich when they used BOGO coupons.

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However, according to the settlement, customers who purchased the Croissan’wich as advertised received the correct deal.

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Those who changed their sandwich by removing one of the ingredients (eggs, meat and cheese) were charged more.

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The modified sandwiches normally cost less than the regular ones, but when employees added the BOGO coupon, customers were charged for the price of a complete sandwich.

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According to Burger King, roughly 10 percent of all BOGO orders were modified, so the issue shouldn’t have affected too many people.

While Burger King denies intentionally deceiving customers, they have updated their system so that this no longer happens.

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Think you’ve been overcharged? Don’t worry—you can cash in on Anderson’s hard work. If you purchased a Croissan’wich without the egg, meat, or cheese and used a BOGO coupon between October 1, 2015 and May 19, 2017, you may be eligible to file a claim.

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As part of the settlement agreement, Burger King will pay $5 for each eligible receipt and provide a $2 gift card for those without receipts.

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If you don’t have the receipts, keep in mind you can only get one $2 gift card.

If you believe you qualify, submit a claim online or mail in the form. Just make sure to send it in before Jan. 19, 2018.

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