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The Best Shower Faucets

Last updated on August 18, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Shower Faucets

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 Top Pick

GABRYLLY 3-Setting Rain & Handheld Shower Faucet, 8-Inch

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


3-Setting Rain & Handheld Shower Faucet, 8-Inch

This shower offers flexibility with a handheld head and rain head. The shower comes with a pressure balancing valve cartridge. With a brushed nickel finish, the shower has a sleek look.

Overall Take

Multiple FunctionsThis product has a handheld shower head and rain shower head.

 Runner Up

EMBATHER 6-Setting Shower Faucet


6-Setting Shower Faucet

With an elegant design, this shower faucet has a luxurious feel. It is made from high-quality brushed nickel. The shower offers good coverage with a six-inch round head.

Overall Take

Luxury FeelThis shower faucet has an elegant design.

 Strong Contender

Kingston Brass KB235AX 3-Cross Handle Shower Faucet, 5-Inch

Kingston Brass

KB235AX 3-Cross Handle Shower Faucet, 5-Inch

This shower faucet is made with solid brass and has a corrosion-resistant finish. The shower has a five-inch tub spout and a standard half-inch IPS connection. It comes with a Duraseal washerless cartridge.

Overall Take

Solid Brass OptionThis shower faucet has a corrosion-resistant finish.

 Also Great

Esnbia Square Rain Shower Faucet, 6-Inch


Square Rain Shower Faucet, 6-Inch

You’ll get a high-pressure rainfall-like experience with this shower head. It is made with anti-corrosion material and has a multi-layer matte-black finish. The shower comes with a pressure balance valve.

Overall Take

High PressureThis shower faucet offers a rainfall-like experience.

Buying Guide

A shower does a lot more than keep you clean. It can help you feel alert and awake in the morning or relax before bed. The shower is a great place to test out your singing voice or just spend a few extra minutes breathing in the moist air. Regardless of what you use your shower for, it’s important to get a great shower faucet to enhance your shower experience.

There are many different types of shower faucet heads available. A common variety that has been popular for decades is the single-head spray showerhead. They typically have around four individual nozzles that distribute water in patterns, and can be adjusted to change the flow and stream. Increasing in popularity is the rain shower, which consists of a large flat head that is hung directly above the user. The water sprays down, creating the natural effect of a rain fall.

Dual showerheads are great if you want to have more flexibility and coverage. Typically, one showerhead is fixed to the wall while the other is handheld. This way, you can operate both heads simultaneously or separately, depending on what you need. You can also get hand-held showerheads on their own, which are perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach places. They are also ideal for showering kids and pets as well those who have mobility issues. Another option is the body spray shower faucet, which are built into the shower wall. While it is a pricey option, it can be configured to your exact needs.

What to Look For

  • What kind of finish would you like for your shower faucet? You have many options, including polished chrome, brushed chrome, stainless steel, bronze, polished brass, brushed nickel and more. Some people prefer to keep all their bathroom finishes consistent while others don’t mind a little bit of variety. Keep in mind that if you like an elegant style, polished finishes are best. However, they require frequent cleaning and wiping. Matte and brushed finishes are easier to upkeep because you can’t see water spots as well, but they have a more casual and modern look.
  • Being able to regulate water pressure and temperature in your shower faucet is key for many shoppers. There are a couple of valve options to keep in mind. Mixing valves are a basic option that combine hot and cold water and you just choose what you want by twisting the temperature control handle. A pressure-balance valve enables you to control the pressure and temperature of the water – which is ideal if someone flushes the toilet or runs the washing machine at the same time as your shower. A thermostatic valve is like a pressure-balance value but it is designed to specifically maintain water temperature. Anti-scald valves are a type of pressure-balance value that is actually required in many areas – and does as its name suggests: ensures you are not scaled by hot water.
  • Want to conserve water and energy? You can start by having cold showers. Another suggestion is to look for a shower faucet that allows you to control the water flow so that you can use less water at a time when having your shower.

More to Explore

What was the first shower like? Well, ancient peoples used nature’s shower: the waterfall. All they had to do was stand under it and wash themselves off. However, the first modern shower wasn’t actually patented until 1767, and was powered by a hand pump. It used much less water than a bath. In the 19th century was when the first hot water shower was created, though it still used a hand pump for power. Showering didn’t become popular with the masses until around 1960 to 1980. Before then, the bath was the main way for people to wash themselves.

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