Best Planters for Railings and Fences


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Even if you enjoy the cold weather, you can probably admit that seeing springtime flowers in bloom is a wonderful sight. If you have a deck, porch or fence you’d like to decorate with colorful blossoms this year, now is the time to find the best planters.

Things to Consider

There are many different styles to choose from, so choosing the best planter will depend on your personal style and your home’s aesthetic. From traditional terra cotta to wood and even baskets, you can find these planters in all shapes and sizes — including horizontal boxes that hook right onto railings and small, hanging planters that can go anywhere on a fence or railing.

If this is your first time searching for planters, you’ll want to make sure you measure the area you’ll be putting them in to see if they will fit. Be sure to figure out what you’ll be putting in the planters before buying them, too, as certain plants and flowers will look best in planters that are shaped in certain ways. It’s also important to know how much the flowers you’re putting in the planters will grow, as you don’t want them to outgrow the container.

Our Recommendations

Best Overall

Get ready for planting season with these Amazon Aware Acacia Wood Hanging Garden Planters. The pair of planters measures 18 inches wide, has pre-drilled drainage holes and is made of environmentally sustainable, water-resistant materials.

Best Adjustable Planters

This 24-inch Apollo Exports Adjustable Planter is made of rattan and has arms that extend to fit railings up to 4 inches wide. A hidden tray separates the plants from the reservoir, with slits to allow only the roots to reach the water. No tools are required to assemble the planter.

Best Wood Planters

The Amazon Basics Recycled Wood Deck Hanging Planters that come in this two-pack are made of wood, recycled pine panels, alloy steel and plastic. The durable powder-coated steel hooks hang over a railing or sill for stability, though the planter can be used with or without hooks. The recycled pine wood has natural knocks, dents and nail holes for a rustic look.

Best on a Budget

These three HowRU Iron Art Hanging Baskets are made of metal and steel. They fit over a railing or on a fence and can be hung side-by-side or separated. They can only be used with a potted plant, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when deciding what kind of plant you want to put in them.

Best Terra Cotta Planters

This Terra Cotta Hanging Garden Planter System is made of plastic and can be used for select herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers. You can hang the three planters vertically or horizontally, and they each have a self-watering grid that creates water reservoirs.

Which one of these planters would you add to your outdoor space this spring?

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