The 9 best gifts for teen boys, from $13 to $200

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 LED Color-Changing Strip Lights, Film Camera, Frigidaire Mini Portable Personal Fridge

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If you’re struggling with what to give your teenage son, nephew, or any other teenage boy in your life this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. Teenage boys generally have strong opinions about an item’s cool factor. Add to this the fact that their interests and opinions are often going through as much of a growth spurt as their physical characteristics, and knowing what gift to get adolescent boys can be challenging.

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Here are a few good rules of thumb to consider when choosing a gift for a teenage boy. The first tip is fairly obvious: consider their interests. Are they an athlete who is always training for their next big game? Do they love to play video games to unwind? Once you’ve figured out what they are most passionate about doing in their free time, you’ve got some useful direction to help you start finding the perfect gift. Another helpful guiding principle is to look for durable products. Teen boys are known to be rough on their stuff. Pick a gift that will hold up even if it gets tossed around. Lastly, decide upfront how much you’d like to spend on this gift. A thoughtful, specific gift doesn’t always have to mean the more expensive option! It’s all about finding that special something that will surprise and delight the recipient.

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While all of that can feel like a tall order for teen boys gifts, the best gifts can grow and evolve along with their changing interests. Below are some great gift recommendations for teenage boys across a range of interests and price points.

Our Recommendations for The Best Gifts For Teen Boys

1. Best Overall — Frigidaire Mini Portable Personal Fridge


$34 (was $50) at Amazon $57 at Walmart

Teenage boys can spend hours in their bedroom with the door shut, ascending through the levels of their favorite video games, scrolling on TikTok or reading a favorite fantasy series. Because teenagers tend to like their privacy, a mini fridge is a great addition to their bedroom so they can keep it stocked with their favorite drinks or snacks — and save a trek to the kitchen. The colorful retro design of this Frigidaire personal fridge is a great gift option for any teen boy in your life, because it seems like most teen boys are always hungry, thirsty or both. This can accommodate after-school snack sessions when his friends come over.

2. Best Budget-Friendly Pick — Keepsmile LED Color-Changing Strip Lights


$13 at Amazon $35 at Walmart

These LED lights can be controlled via Bluetooth to customize lighting settings. What makes this such a fun gift for teenage boys is its ability for changing colors to “dance” along to the beat of their music. Teenage boys can personalize their bedroom to create a cool vibe that shifts with their mood — and their playlist.

3. Best Two-in-One Gift — MOBOT 2-in-1 Foam Roller Water Bottle with Straw


$60 at Amazon $68 at MOBOT

The Mobot Big Bertha 2-in-1 Foam Roller Water Bottle combines two essential products for teen boys who are always on the sports field: a foam roller, and a large capacity water bottle. This unique design will be a hit with sporty teens, as they can throw it in their sports bag and use it during practice to stay hydrated, and then use it after practice to massage out sore muscles.Water bottles have become surprisingly trendy among teenagers, and this one will ensure he stands out from the pack. Choose between lots of fun color and pattern options to really personalize this gift.

  • 4. Best Gift for Grooming — Philips Norelco OneBlade First Shave Electric Shaver


    $20 (was $25) at Amazon $20 (was $25) at Walmart

    This waterproof, cordless and rechargeable electric shaver takes the fear factor out of shaving for teenage boys who are ready to start a grooming routine. The design ensures a smooth glide, a close shave and no nicks or cuts. It’s a gift that will empower a teenage boy to look and feel his best.

    5. Best to Enhance Their Hobbies 5— Fanlory 16-Inch Phone Screen MagnifierEnlarger


    $36 at Amazon 

    This screen magnifier easily turns any smartphone into a 16-inch screen for watching movies or gaming. This is a thoughtful gift for teenagers who spend ample time on their phones, likely squinting at the small screen. This screen magnifier projects HD quality video to a much larger surface area, and is more portable than a TV or computer monitor.

    6. Best to Capture Core Memories — Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Film Camera


    $97 at Amazon $121 at Walmart

    Instant cameras are back in a big way. The Instax Mini is a great way for teens to snap fun memories with their friends, and print out the photos to hang on their bedroom wall or inside their locker. While instant cameras are great gifts for everyone, they’re particularly suited to teens, who are eager to capture unfiltered moments away from their phones. This set comes with a starter pack of film so they can start using it right away.

    7. Best Durable Gift — Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3


    $80 at Amazon $83 at Walmart

    The sound quality and durability of this little Bluetooth speaker make it a great choice for teenage boys who like to take their playlist on the go, and crank up the volume. The 14-hour battery life along with the waterproof and floatable features of this Bluetooth speaker make it the perfect audio boost for pretty much any setting a teenage boy may find himself in, from the locker room to the beach.

    8. Best Comfy Pick — Bronax Pillow Slippers


    $20 at Amazon $23 at Walmart

    Slippers are a common gift, but teenage boys will prefer these chunky house slides with a thick EVA sole that hugs tired feet. This budget-friendly gift is great for teens who already have Crocs.With thousands of 5-star reviews for their comfort, these slides are trendy on TikTok and would be perfect for a teen boy to change into after soccer practice, or just to wear around the house.

    9. Best Gamers’ Paradise — Nintendo Switch Lite


    $199 at Amazon $195 at Walmart

    The more portable version of the Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite is a great gift for teen boys who love gaming. This lightweight handheld device is perfect for Mario Kart battles on the go.This lightweight, colorful gaming device is a hit amongst gamers of all ages, and the Switch platform is compatible with favorite games amongst teens, including Fortnite and The Legend of Zelda.

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