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The Best Coffee Gifts

Last updated on April 8, 2022
Best Coffee Gifts

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Bean Box Artisan Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift

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Bean Box

Artisan Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift

All of the sample blends in this coffee gift set are responsibly sourced, so you can feel good about your purchase. The box includes four 1.8-ounce packages, each of which has a unique flavor. For example, you can try the Mocha Jawa Blend, the Crazy Goat blend or the Peru Cusco Blend.

Overall Take

Four Unique BlendsFreshness and flavor are what you can expect from this prized coffee gift.

 Runner Up

IdylcHomes KONA Gourmet Roasted Coffee Gift Set


KONA Gourmet Roasted Coffee Gift Set

Looking for that perfect coffee gift for the caffeine lover in your life? This set is an excellent choice. Not only does it include a French press and bean grinder, but it also offers three flavorful Hawaiian coffee blend samples for your friend to try.

Overall Take

Three Attractive FinishesThe French press in this coffee gift set comes in a choice of a black, red or stainless steel finish.

 We Also Like

Lavley Novelty “Bring Me Coffee” Socks Coffee Gift


Novelty "Bring Me Coffee" Socks Coffee Gift

Need a not-so-subtle way to express your need for java? Wear these eye-catching socks, made from thin but durable material. The graphics and message on the coffee gift let everyone in the house know where your priorities are.

Overall Take

Comfy and WhimsicalThese cute socks are a great gift for your coffee lover with a sense of humor.

 Strong Contender

Coffee Gator BPA-Free Canister Coffee Gift

Coffee Gator

BPA-Free Canister Coffee Gift

These coffee gifts look great sitting on the counter, but they're more than just conversation pieces. The main container actually vents CO2 away from your beans, preserving the taste for longer. Additional perks include a measuring spoon and filters.

Overall Take

Sleek, Secure StorageThose with a discerning palate will love how these containers preserve that fresh coffee taste.

Buying Guide

For those who drink it, coffee is an all-purpose beverage. It picks us up on weekday mornings and sets us up for lazy Sundays. It has become so much a part of our lives that many of us have entire corners of our kitchen dedicated to the stuff.

If you’re ever stumped on what to get someone for a birthday or holiday, one of the first questions you should ask is, “Do they like coffee?” If the answer is yes, then you’re halfway done with your gift hunt. You know right away that in the worst-case scenario they can always use more coffee — but that’s hardly your only option.

But let’s start with the basics. A simple pack of gourmet coffee is always going to be appreciated, provided they’re not dead set on having the same brand of coffee every morning. If you don’t know much about their preference (or about coffee in general), stick with Arabica beans from Columbia or Guatemala, or maybe Hawaiian Kona if you can afford a little extra. The former has a pleasant taste that any casual coffee drinker will love, and the latter is bold but approachable. In any case, make sure you at least know whether the person you’re buying for drinks regular or decaf.

If you’re buying for a hardcore java nerd, things get even easier. There are many more ways to make coffee these days than the old-school drip method, and chances are their morning routine involves a French press, pour-over or some other hands-on method. These methods all require special equipment and filters, and some of them can get very fancy. If you’re spending a bit extra, you might even personalize their maker. Even if they already have a home setup, travel coffee makers are a great idea. There are some great, single-serve versions of French press makers or filter coffeepots on the market, and they’ll be doubly appreciated if your gift recipient is a camper.

Mind you, your gift doesn’t have to involve actual coffee at all. Get them a shirt, towel or pair of socks with a graphic that expresses their love of the bean. Chances are it will become a staple around the kitchen on those lazy Sundays.

And if all else fails? Don’t forget the old reliable coffee mug. The more they love coffee, the more mugs they have in their cupboard — and chances are they could always use more.

What to Look For

If you’re buying coffee beans, most real coffee lovers will appreciate it no matter what region it’s from. A little variety is great from time to time, after all. Just make sure that they can brew coffee with whatever you buy! If your gift recipient is a more casual drinker, go with ground coffee. Whole bean coffee is a great option for more discerning sippers, but make sure they have a grinder for the beans first. If not, that might be a great gift idea in and of itself…

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