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The Best Apple Watch Screen Protector

Last updated on October 13, 2023
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Our Picks For The Top Apple Watch Screen Protectors

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Pzoz PET Material Waterproof Apple Watch Screen Protector

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PET Material Waterproof Apple Watch Screen Protector

Sleek and stylish is the best way to describe this high-class Apple Watch screen protector. It's constructed from a durable PET material and designed not to interfere with your smart controls. The protector is also available in seven fun colors, including blue, pink, red and rose gold.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly Price TagYou'll spend less and save more when you opt for this affordable Apple Watch screen protector.

 We Also Like

L K Case-Friendly Apple Watch Screen Protector, 6-Pack


Case-Friendly Apple Watch Screen Protector, 6-Pack

With this set, you get six screen protectors that fit the large Apple Watches and are super thin to keep touch sensitivity high. The protectors are flexible to work with cases and have self-repair capabilities.

Overall Take

Super Thin and FlexibleThe basic Apple Watch screen protectors in this kit provide comprehensive protection to your watch's screen while providing a high level of thinness.

 Strong Contender

TAURI Clear Ultra-Thin Apple Watch Screen Protector, 2-Pack


Clear Ultra-Thin Apple Watch Screen Protector, 2-Pack

If you want a simple Apple Watch screen protector that can withstand harsh conditions, this scratch-resistant option offers military-grade protection. Each of the six protectors is very thin and has self-healing capabilities to last.

Overall Take

Self-Healing and StrongWith this pack of six screen protectors for large Apple Watches, you get basic screen coverage with a high level of protection and durability.

GEAK Military-Grade Apple Watch Screen Protector, 2-Pack


Military-Grade Apple Watch Screen Protector, 2-Pack

If you're looking to both protect your Apple Watch and give it a fun look, you can choose from plenty of color combinations when you opt for this pack of two hard cases. The cases feature a built-in screen protector and other military-grade protection.

Overall Take

Good for Color SelectionThese hard cases with a built-in screen protector can handle everyday shocks and scratches and provide a fun look at the same time.

Buying Guide

Since you likely wear your Apple Watch throughout the day as you work and do everyday tasks, this comes with the downside that you could bump your wrist into something and scratch or crack the watch’s display. While the Apple Watch screen can withstand much daily wear, installing a screen protector can offer peace of mind and even save you money when you can avoid damage that leads to repairs.

A very common type of Apple Watch screen protector that you’ll find simply looks like a small rectangular piece of plastic or tempered glass with an adhesive on the back. This type will stick to your screen until it either gets loose from everyday wear or you remove it. You might opt for this style of protector when you want something minimalistic and don’t mind having the watch’s case stay exposed.

If you’re wanting to protect both the screen and case without needing to buy separate items, you can find all-in-one Apple Watch covers. These often have a hard or soft shell for the case and a built-in tempered glass screen or plastic screen protector. You’ll find that the screen protector doesn’t adhere to your watch like the standalone version does. So, this is a great option when you want something easily removable and reusable.

When shopping for either kind of screen protector for your Apple Watch, you’ll want to consider factors like the material, thinness, clarity and durability. Tempered glass offers higher durability than plastic, feels more like your watch’s display and usually allows for very high clarity. You often get features such as self-healing capabilities and fingerprint-resistance too. Plastic screen protectors may seem thinner but have a different feel and look than the tempered glass alternative does.

What to Look For

  • Before buying any Apple Watch screen protector, check that you’ve found one that specifies and fits your watch’s screen size.
  • If you have trouble with bubbles when you try to install an adhesive screen protector, make sure that you’ve followed the manufacturer’s instructions and used the wipes and stickers included with the kit. You’ll usually find a small squeegee that can help get rid of the remaining bubbles, or you can just try the process again with a new protector.
  • For the best experience, avoid installing an Apple Watch screen protector in a dusty place.
  • Some manufacturers of adhesive screen protectors recommend leaving the watch alone for up to 24 hours to give the protector time to get a strong attachment to the screen.
  • While many all-in-one Apple Watch screen and case protectors don’t require you to remove the bands, check with the manufacturer first to avoid frustrations trying to get the protector on.
  • You’ll find that many protectors come in sets of two to six so that you have a replacement handy in case you damage your screen protector. This also works great if you have multiple Apple Watches used in your family.
  • When buying an all-in-one protector, you’ll want to make sure that the case part doesn’t interfere with your Apple Watch’s buttons and digital crown. Some cases leave these exposed for easier access, while others cover some buttons in the plastic where it can be harder to press them when you need to.

More to Explore

When you check your Apple Watch’s specifications, you’ll find that the screen is either made of Ion-X glass or sapphire crystal depending on the version you bought. Both of these materials offer high durability for everyday use. However, they utilize different manufacturing methods and have unique strengths and weaknesses.

Ion-X glass is made from a special technique to make regular glass stronger, while sapphire crystal isn’t glass but rather a strengthened arrangement of crystals. While sapphire crystal has an edge in terms of scratch resistance due to its increased hardness, Ion-X glass wins when it comes to flexibility and lightness.

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