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The Best Air Mattress

Last updated on June 14, 2023

We looked at the top 18 Air Matresses and dug through the reviews from 47 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Air Matresses.

Best Air Mattresses

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Our Picks For The Top Air Matresses

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Product Overview
Key Takeaway
 Top Pick

SLEEPLUX Travel PVC Inflatable Air Mattress

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Travel PVC Inflatable Air Mattress

Gift your overnight visitors with a peaceful night's sleep on this comfortable air mattress. All you need to do to inflate the mattress is press a button and wait 5 minutes. Additional attractive features that set this model apart from others include a built-in pillow and a USB port.

Overall Take

Economical PickThanks to the affordable price tag on this air mattress, you won't have to break your budget.

 Runner Up

Serta Firm Soft Touch Air Mattress


Firm Soft Touch Air Mattress

Whether you're glamping or welcoming guests, this air mattress has you covered. It's nice and firm, while still feeling soft to the touch. The mattress is made with a built-in air pump, which does all the inflating and deflating for you!

Overall Take

Large Weight CapacityThis heavy-duty air mattress has a high 330-pound weight capacity.

 Strong Contender

EnerPlex Never-Leak Raised Air Mattress


Never-Leak Raised Air Mattress

Never-leak technology keeps this blow up air mattress fully inflated throughout the night. Custom coil technology ensures you'll sleep comfortably, and a high-powered electric pump provides quick inflation. It comes in both twin and queen sizes to fit your preferences.

Overall Take

Speedy InflationYou'll have a fully-inflated air mattress in only 90 seconds with this mattress, which also includes never-leak technology.

" Is indeed waterproof. Inflation and deflation only take 90 seconds, which means that you can get to sleep in no time at all. It shouldn’t deflate either with the never-leak technology, but this isn’t your ordinary air mattress. It inflates..."
 Also Great

EZ INFLATE Quick Inflate Waterproof Air Mattress


Quick Inflate Waterproof Air Mattress

Thanks to the built-in pump, this air mattress inflates and deflates in just 2 minutes. The mattress also features a coil beam construction that keeps your back properly aligned while you sleep. It's safe for use with two adults and has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds.

Overall Take

Soft and ComfortableThis air mattress is waterproof and puncture resistant, which makes it a great choice when camping.

Buying Guide

When looking to buy a new air mattress, the first consideration should be how you plan to use it. Do you plan to use the inflatable mattress for camping or other types of travel?

Will you mostly be using the inflatable bed in your home to accommodate overnight house guests? Some people even use blow-up beds as a long-term substitute for traditional mattresses.

Once you determine how your air mattress will be used, you can consider other elements, including construction, inflation and deflation times, pump types, and the overall quality and durability of the inflatable mattress.

From a construction standpoint, there are two primary types of airbeds: Those made with coil construction and those made with a traditional beam construction. You’ll recognize a coil air mattress by the pockets on the mattress top that look similar to the pockets on a regular mattress whereas a traditional beam construction typically has seams running the length of the mattress. Coil construction is generally more supportive and comfortable.

If you are purchasing a blow-up bed to be used in your home for guests and plan to use it with some regularity, a double-height or double-high airbed would be a good choice. These mattresses generally blow up to be 16 to 22 inches off the ground and more closely resemble the height of a standard bed than a single height mattress.

The top-rated air mattresses on the market today have traded off super-fast inflation times for enhanced durability and comfort. Those extra minutes spent inflating and deflating a mattress seem worth it when you consider you’re buying an air mattress that won’t deflate while you sleep, will last for more than a few uses and offers comfort that’s akin to a regular mattress rather than a pool float.

Most high-quality double-height air mattresses offer a pillow top design for enhanced comfort. Some even come with an attached inflatable headboard, which lends the mattress even more of the feel of a traditional bed.

Single height or single high air mattresses tend to fold up smaller than the double-high beds and are a more compact choice for camping or storage. Single height inflatable mattresses generally come with an external pump while many double-high mattresses have a built-in pump. Some models come with an automatic pump, so you won’t exhaust your lungs or arm muscles trying to fill it manually.

If you plan to buy an air mattress to accommodate two large adults, you’ll want to pay attention to the suggested maximum weight. This is generally included as a standard spec from the manufacturer. There are air mattresses that rely on thick vinyl and strong seams to support up to 750 pounds, but not every air mattress is able to hold that much weight.

Some air mattress pumps plug into a wall outlet while others rely on batteries. Inflation and deflation speeds will vary based on the size of the mattress and the pump.

Be sure to check whether the air mattress fills with an automatic or manual pump. All of our top-rated mattresses will fill up on their own when the pump is activated.

Air mattresses range in size from twin to king. You should be able to find a decent air mattress to fit your needs and your budget.

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Our experts reviewed the top 18 Air Matresses and also dug through the reviews from 47 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Air Matresses.

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What to Look For

  • Don’t be surprised if your new air mattress deflates a bit overnight during the first couple uses as the PVC stretches out. You may also smell a plastic-y odor on your mattress. Most air mattress owners report that the odor lessens with use.
  • Repair kits are there for a reason. Don’t throw your air mattress away because of one small leak. Most airbeds will come with a repair kit, and if not you can buy one for cheap.
  • Don’t rush your repair process. Make sure you let the glue on your air mattress patch dry completely before re-inflating it.
  • Air mattresses with a flocked top (flocked means it has a velvet-like texture) will help to keep sheets from slipping. Some users also report a flocked top helps with temperature control. (Editor’s note: All four of our top-rated air mattresses offer a flocked top.)
  • While many airbeds and air mattresses come with a warranty, claims can be difficult to file.
  • Blow-up beds are not designed for infants due to the risk of suffocation if the mattress deflates.
  • Inflation and deflation times vary widely from under a minute to several minutes.
  • Want to ensure you’re getting a good bang for your buck? When it comes to your budget, consider how often you plan to use your air mattress. If you’ll be using the inflatable mattress for a one-time camping weekend, you may not require the same durability and comfort as someone who purchases an air mattress to accommodate frequent guest visits.
  • If you plan to take an air mattress camping, you should pay close attention to its power source and find one that fits your needs and the electricity sources you’ll have available to you.
  • Most air mattresses today use an automatic pump, but this is something you should double-check before purchasing. A manual pump may be necessary if you are filling your mattress somewhere without electricity. Otherwise, an automatic pump will save you time and energy.

More to Explore

Air mattresses may seem like a 20th-century invention, but the first known air mattress was invented in 1889 by the Pneumatic Mattress & Cushion Company. These rubber mattresses were developed as an alternative to the traditional hair-filled mattresses used at the time, which were cumbersome and not ideal for use on ships. Not only were the pneumatic mattresses more portable, but they could also double as a life raft (please do not test this at home!).

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