This AAA Work-From-Home Job Pays Up To $23 Per Hour (Plus Full Benefits!)

Research shows that work-from-home job offerings have increased 52 percent in the last two years. And no wonder. People love the ability to create their own schedules, not to mention the freedom of avoiding long commutes and awkward small talk with coworkers in the break room.

Yep, working from home is pretty desirable, but finding a reliable remote position with a trustworthy employer isn’t always easy.

Luckily, there are new offerings that pop up every day, and we at Don’t Waste Your Money always stay on top of these options so you never have to miss out an opportunity.

And here is one of those awesome work-from-home opportunities: AAA is looking for international travel agents to help customers book their vacations. Whether it’s figuring out a car rental or dealing with a hotel reservation snafu, AAA needs capable, reliable people to join their customer service team.

The job requirements are simple: You need to have strong telephone skills, multi-tasking abilities, and a professional, impeccable demeanor, as you will be representing the AAA brand to their customers.

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