9 gift ideas for active kids

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Regular physical activity is essential to the health of a growing child. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it can help improve their cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and lower the risk of developing many health conditions. In addition, physical play can enhance coordination, balance, fine motor skills, attention and memory.

Some kids are naturally more active than others and to encourage those busy kids in your life, you can give them gifts that are entertaining and promote enjoyable movement. So, if you’re stumped for gift ideas, check out these fun offerings with something every kid will enjoy, from the best laser tag sets to outdoor games to toys designed for use in cold weather.

Badminton Set

Hitting a shuttlecock or “birdie” back and forth with a lightweight racket is entertaining and enjoyable for all ages. In addition, this timeless game promotes the development of limb coordination and physiological functions.


Playing badminton can also build muscle strength, train concentration and create beneficial social connections. Again, no special equipment is required besides rackets and a shuttlecock or two.

Balance Board

When kids are stuck indoors, it can be hard to get their wiggles out. A balance board lets them burn off some energy in limited space. In addition, it can help improve spatial awareness and coordination.


There are several types of balance boards, so you can choose one that suits your recipient. Wobble boards have dome-shaped bottoms with flat tops. Rollerboards are shaped like skateboards and balance on top of a cylinder. Finally, kids can spread out on banana-shaped rocker boards.


Hula-hooping takes practice, time and focus, but even the learning process can be enjoyable for active kids. Doing so will help them learn endurance and build confidence in their abilities.


Children can develop coordination, core strength and flexibility by swinging the hoop around their bodies. They can also use this versatile toy for other activities, like homemade obstacle courses, bean bag toss games or rolling it along as they run down the sidewalk.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is all about running, jumping, climbing, crawling and having fun. It’s also great for building socialization and sportsmanship. The best laser tag sets encourage kids who love video games to get up and get moving.


Consider how many sets are included when shopping for a laser tag set for a gift. The best laser tag sets allow the whole family to get involved.

Pogo Toys

Jumping is fun and burns off loads of energy. Likewise, a pogo stick helps develop coordination and boost confidence. But if you’re concerned about your child falling off the stick, there are other options.


For example, pogo balls are large rubber balls inserted into oblong-shaped boards kids can stand on and bounce. Alternatively, soft foam block pogo jumpers only allow small jumps and are fun for younger kiddos.


Slacklining is also called tightrope walking. This simple item is secured to two upright objects, such as trees or columns.


Kids will spend hours learning how to balance. They’ll also love bouncing, dancing and playing games with the line. You can also provide rope to use as a grip, or they can use walking sticks or small branches as they develop slacklining skills.

Snow Toys

Finding ways to keep kids active during the cold winter months can be challenging. Fortunately, if you have snow, they have something to play with.


Special toys, like snowball makers and molds for snow fort-building blocks make the white stuff even more entertaining. Throw in a good sled, a kid-sized shovel and some warm outerwear, and you’ll have to coax them to come back inside.


A ball, a pole and a rope create an engaging activity for a single child or an entire group. Tetherball doesn’t require much space and can be set up on virtually any exterior surface.


It’s ideal for beginners, as kids can pick up this activity instantly. However, as their skill level advances, they can practice new angles and improve their form.


A backyard trampoline will provide endless hours of fun all year long. Trampolines vary in size, so you can find small ones perfect for toddlers, large ones for the entire family to play on together and everything in between.


Jumping on a trampoline provides a vigorous aerobic workout and can increase bone density without adding stress to the joints. But, of course, safety is a top priority. Trampolines with built-in nets offer added security, and supervision is always advised.

With so many fun gift ideas for active kids, the most challenging part of shopping might be choosing just one. Consider the child’s personality and preferences as well as their age and how much space is available. Then, you’ll be sure to pick something they will enjoy for hours on end.

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