7 ways to make some extra cash during the solar eclipse

Rare Partial Solar Eclipse Is Viewed Around The UK
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Don’t get me wrong, witnessing a total solar eclipse is cool. But you know what’s even cooler? Making money.

If you live within the total eclipse’s path, you’re probably well aware that hotels are all booked up and anywhere from hundreds to thousands of visitors are coming to town. But even if you don’t live along the path of totality, you can still cash in—many cities will see an 80 or 90 percent solar eclipse, which is still pretty cool. If eclipse fans waited too long to book a hotel along the path of totality, they may be looking at their next best options.

Here are five ways you can make a little extra cash during the total eclipse.

1. Drive For Uber Or Lyft

On the day of the eclipse, people are going to be out and about—and they’re probably looking for a mode of transportation that doesn’t involve parking. Here’s where you come in as an Uber or Lyft driver. If you’ve been on the fence about signing up as an on-demand driver, this is the perfect excuse to test it out.

2. List Your Home on Airbnb

Yes, it’s last minute, but people may still be looking for lodging. Some homeowners are reportedly getting $1,500 to $2,000 per night when renting their home out to eclipse tourists.

Of course, that also means you’ll need to skip town for a few days.

3. Rent Out Parking Spaces

If the idea of renting out your home isn’t appealing to you, consider renting out your driveway or your yard for parking spots instead.

4. Sell Bottled Water And Snacks

Where there are crowds, there’s money to be made. Consider buying a few flats of bottled water and selling them to thirsty eclipse tourists.

5. Rent Out Camping Spots

If you’ve got a big backyard, consider renting out space on your property for tents. If you don’t mind your grass getting torn up a bit, you could even offer RV spots. Some landowners in Southern Illinois expect to get $500 a night per camping space.

6. Sell Your Eclipse Glasses

If you’ve checked Facebook lately, you’ve probably seen a few frantic posts about people who are still looking for eclipse glasses. If you happened to buy a few pairs before all your local stores sold out, post them on Craigslist or Facebook for a profit.

7. Become A Tour Guide

All those people milling around are going to need something to do after the eclipse is over. Why not show them around town as a tour guide? Sites like Vayable and Rent A Local Friend make it easy to list your areas of expertise.

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