6 foods to never cook in an Instant Pot

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The Instant Pot is the hottest kitchen gadget in years, and it turns out was not just a flash in the pan this past holiday season. Many people are now buying another, so they can cook two things at once. And other companies are now making their own version to get in on the excitement.

But it’s not the perfect cooking device, chefs say, as there are some things you should not cook in it.

Anyone who has one knows the Instant Pot makes amazing stews, pasta, chili, ribs and many more foods, cooking them in a fraction of the time of a slow cooker, which can take all day.

Heather Whitton, who demonstrated one to us a few months ago, told us she loves the time savings, explaining that, “one of the first thing I made were ribs, which took an hour or less,” she said.

Foods to avoid cooking

But professional cooks say there are some foods not to cook in it.

Lee Breslourer, writing in the Huffington Post, says you should not use the Instant Pot for:

  • Steak: It will be bland and watery.
  • Burgers: They will be steamed, not seared.
  • Bread: It won’t have a crispy crust, with a soft inside.
  • Cookies: Quicker to make in the oven, and the Instant Pot won’t give those brown edges.
  • Pie: It can end up “a soggy mess.”
  • Fried chicken. You can make a version of “crispy chicken,” but it is not truly fried chicken.

The foodie site Delish says the issue is that the Instant Pot does not get hot enough for true frying, and goes so far as to suggest you don’t use it for “deep fried anything.”

If that chicken breast or those French fries come out soft, not crispy, you might be frustrated.

Bottom line: The Instant Pot is a great kitchen gadget, but not perfect for every meal. So don’t overuse it, so you can enjoy the meals you make in it, and you don’t waste your money.


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