5 gifts new moms will actually use

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The postpartum period for new moms is an overwhelming, exciting, draining whirlwind of life with a newborn. And people like to help by gifting adorable baby clothes, soft baby blankets and other sweet gifts. You definitely want to make sure she gets some things that allow her to make the most of this experience.

Here are some ideas for how to support and pamper someone who just had a baby with things they really will use, either for herself or the new infant in her life.

A Good Soak

Having someone else to hold the baby while she gets a soak in the tub can promote healing and do wonders for a new mom’s mental health. Throw in some scented Epsom salts for extra soothing. Dr. Teal’s Soothe and Comfort Epsom Salts or any of its varieties come from a well-established and loved brand.
If she doesn’t have a tub, you could gift her a foot bath or a sitz bath. Just an Amazon gift card will do, too, if you don’t want to get that personal.


Weighted Blanket

New moms (and dads) don’t get enough sleep. To make the most out of what rest they do get, send them a soothing weighted blanket. These heavier covers can cradle the body like a gentle hug and promote better sleep.
Similar to the highly rated Bearaby weighted blanket is the chunky knit throw from California Design Den Store. Or, choose DWYM’s top-rated weighted blanket. It’s from Quility and comes with a washable cover.


Bottle Service

Whether a new mom formula feeds, breastfeeds and pumps for time away from the baby, exclusively pumps, or some combo in between, bottles will factor in. So getting her the best baby bottle available makes an excellent gift, especially as she may have to experiment to figure out what works for her child.

Topping the DWYM reviews for best baby bottle are the Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle, PopYum’s Formula Funnel BPA Free Baby Bottle, Evenflo’s Feeding Classic Tinted Plastic Baby Bottle, and Comotomo’s Natural Feel Baby Bottle.

Even better than just gifting the best baby bottle? Holding and feeding the baby for her while she gets a little break!


Food She Doesn’t Have To Make

Every woman who just had a baby needs nourishment and usually doesn’t have much energy or time to cook. So if you’re local to her, bring mom a meal.

You can also send a food delivery or gift card if you can’t stop by with meals yourself. Right now Amazon Prime members can get a year of free GrubHub+ delivery.


A Way To Stay Hydrated

Moms of newborns, especially breastfeeding moms, need to stay hydrated for their health. If she hasn’t invested in a large bottle she can take with her wherever she goes (one that’s slightly more visually appealing than the hospital jug she may have gotten while there), this would make a great gift.
Venture Motivational Water Bottle is definitely chic with several attractive color options and includes labeling that encourages you to keep hydrated.


What have you found to be the best gift for a new mom?

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